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I hope this newsletter finds you well and healthy.  Please read on for info on the two imminent bank holidays in May (hurray!), bank holiday news and some more reflections.  

As always, please do make sure you always check online before coming to class, just in case there are changes to times / venues - thank you. 
Before I get down to business with class information, I  would love to share some personal reflections with you...

Many of you responded so kindly to my reflections a couple of months ago when I talked about our son leaving home, and how hard that was, and how the classes (and all of you!) have provided such a crucial lifeline for me.  

This continues to be true by the way (THANK YOU), and it has got easier as time has passed, as these things usually do. In fact, we are being reunited with Joe next week which we are really looking forward to!  

The fact remains of course that my sons are getting older and flying the nest, and the adjustment is a work in process.  

This transition, together with my yoga journey over the last year, has uncovered all kinds of emotions, realisations and shifts.  In fact, to be totally honest, I feel like a lot of things are being revealed, exposed and uncovered in a way which feels vital and necessary, but at times feels overwhelming and uncomfortable too.  

In fact these all the things that life makes us feel aren't they? It happens to all of us, all the time, to varying degrees.

We can't choose the things that are thrown at us in life, but what we can do is look it in the eye, and make a decision  to face it head on.  To feel the things which challenge us, and not to run away or deny them.  Even if it's difficult.  

With this in mind I want to share a funny story with you about what happened to me this week. I have been blessed enough to meet a woman (yoga teacher, mentor, coach) who I relate to very much, and I decided to invest in some one-to-ones with her, to assist me unravel and process some of the things I'm dealing with, with life itself, and as a new yoga teacher too.  

I had my first session with her this week, and before the session, I found myself completely clearing out the awful horrendous mess under our bed, which I have been aware needs doing so badly for absolutely ages, but I've never done it.  Don't ask me why, I don't really know!   But each time I went to bed, I knew there was clutter and heaps of dust underneath me.  But each morning I made the bed, placed the scatter cushions neatly in place, and walked away.  

As I was doing the clearing out under the bed,, it suddenly struck me that what I was doing was symbolic - I knew that I was going to be digging around deeper in to myself, in to previously unexplored places, to discover what is really there.  

I stopped the cleaning half way through and laughed at myself, and then finished the job.  And wow it felt good.  I hoovered and then put things back neatly, and only the things which are meant to be there.  

And guess what else happened? I found all kinds of things I things I'd lost, and things I'd forgotten about - half read books, odd socks, nice pens.  So it wasn't all bad as I discovered some pleasant things as well as the dirt.  

In yoga there is often reference to the lotus flower, which is a beautiful flower which grows out of dark murky water.  I actually believe that exercise of any type helps us to access our true self - although yoga aims to address this more overtly sometimes, but I don't think you necessarily have to practice yoga to appreciate this point at all.  

Our true beauty lies in our strengths when we are under challenge and stress, our resilience when things are difficult, our ability to admit when we need help, or our ability to stop or change things which need to be changed or stopped. Or by simply admitting that we can't do something - sometimes that is the ultimate act of strength. Admitting it, and then moving forwards somehow from there is real strength. 

So to relate this to class, when we find something easy, do we get complacent?  Do we need to show everyone we can do it? Do we tend to err towards the type of exercise that we know we can do easily because that makes us feel good?  

When we find something difficult and challenging, do we shy away from it? Do we lose faith and give up trying? Do we avoid it altogether?  Do we feel intimidated by people around us who can do it?  

The answer to all of these questions is yes, of course we do - sometimes.  It's human nature.  But if we allow that feeling to truly conciously surface and to exist, and then to process it and ask where it comes from, then we plant the seed for the lotus to grow.  

Perhaps we need more self belief, more self confidence.  Perhaps we need more discipline to keep trying.  Perhaps we need to quieten down our ego and look at what we can't do, not just what we can do.  Or perhaps we need to allow ourselves to celebrate our strengths more and sing our own praises sometimes a bit more.  

It's not right or wrong, good or bad, it's just us, and our truth.  And right there, that is where our beauty lies.   

What's under your bed?  Clear it out, come to class and we will help you process it.  
Flow & Glow Retreat With Louise - This Bank Holiday Week end!

In need of some Me-time? Louise has arranged an extra space for 1 lucky person on her ‘Flow & Glow’ Yoga Retreat THIS weekend!

Friday 3rd-Monday 6th May 2019

Celebrate the May Day Bank Holiday weekend with 4 days and 3 nights of Yoga and delicious vegan food in an idyllic location. Morning Vinyasa Flow, restful afternoon Yin, and blissful bedtime Yoga Nidra. Take a dip in the indoor heated pool, walk to the beach, or sit by the campfire (or wood burner) and relish every moment ... 

10% discount to JCW members £422

Text Louise on 07970 577750
I am really pleased to introduce lovely Bethan Glass to the JCW instructor team, as she takes over Matt's Thursday evening class this week. 

Bethan worked in business consulting until settling down to have a family, and after years of committed practice to Pilates, she qualified as a certified instructor in 2015. She is a keen cyclist, has competed in several triathlons and is excited to be joining the JCW family, and we are absolutely thrilled to have her with us too!
Bank Holiday Week End Schedules  

Please do make sure you check online as always for class changes on the bank holiday Mondays in May.

Please note that we have moved the Family Yoga to the second bank holiday plus the Thursday of half term (see below for more info).  

This bank holiday Monday 6th May we have got three lovely classes for you at St Andrews:

9.15-10.15am Restorative Yoga with Vikki

10.25 - 11.25 Pilates with Ayr

11.30 - 12.30 Fit Toned & Fab with Dionne. 


These classes are for all of you with kids going through exams, and also to any of you who may be suffering from anxiety / stress yourself right now. There are techniques and strategies that really do work - from simple things like breathing techniques and mindfulness, to yoga poses and meditation. 

These feelings of stress and anxiety are so prevalent in our society these days, and it’s so important to know that we CAN do something to ease it, and in easing it we feel a sense of control, which in turn reduces feelings of anxiety. There might not be a magic cure, but percentages of calm and a sense of control make a huge difference. 

Vikki Poole will be teaching two classes at the end of May, which we have timed to coincide with half term to help all our kids who are going through exams. 

But this class is open to anyone interested in exploring and learning methods which we can take away from class to use to help bring calm to our bodies and minds. 

This class is included in JCW members’ subscriptions, but we welcome non-JCW members (£15) and kids only £5 each. 

We are aware that not all teenagers want to attend class with parents, so you don’t have to attend with them if they are old enough to be left on their own (Vikki is fully qualified and insured to work with children). But we welcome you to come and roll out your mat with your family if that works for you. 

Please share with anyone you think might benefit from this class. 

Yoga is so much more than making shapes with our bodies.

So many of you loved Clare's beautiful restorative yoga class last Friday, we have had lots of lovely feedback.  The class is very slow and mindful, and is ideal for anyone who prefers a slow paced class, with lots of lovely relaxation and slow progression through the poses.  Clare has such a n amazing calming meditative soothing voice too.

I'm really pleased to say that Clare will be also teaching these two classes on Fridays in May - non JCW members welcome too.  

Please keep your eye on the online timetable for venue / class changes throughout May. 


See you rolling out your mat / in your trainers soon.  


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