A Message from Joseph D'Eugenio
Artistic Director, GMChorale
A Message from Pat Holloway
President, GMChorale Board of Directors

Dear Friends,
The GMChorale is a unique community held together by a love of music and singing, and by bonds of friendship and caring.
During these past several weeks, we have experienced change as quickly as all of you have, from lives marked by dates and times, to a much less certain landscape.
The GMChorale community has dealt with COVID 19 and its effects on our members and families, and we have been able to support each other through this difficult time.
We had to postpone our April concert, but we have not stopped being a thriving organization! With some insightful luck, in February we hired Robert O’Brien as Acting General Manager, to assist our Artistic/Executive Director Joseph D’Eugenio with the administration of the Chorale. Robert’s skills and knowledge have been invaluable during this period, especially in moving the rehearsals to an online environment where Joe’s teaching skills can be shared with everyone in weekly sessions. As he leads these explorations into “Canons from Around the World,” Joe is helping the members of the GMChorale in exploring new ways of learning that will make our rehearsals in the future much richer for all. (Read more about the “Canons” project below, and look for a future issue of this newsletter with a behind-the-scenes look at this exciting endeavor.)
Supporting the GMChorale’s mission “to promote choral music as a vital, enriching and accessible aspect of community culture through performances and educational experiences,” we are preparing for a time when we can again bring music to you in person. Later this year, we plan to perform the postponed April concert and share some of the music we are learning this spring in our Canons project — that is, by bringing you more of the wonderful performances you have to come to expect from the GMChorale!
The Chorale Board is working with the staff to research possibilities of emergency funding to help carry us through this difficult time until we can resume “business as (the new) usual.” We have been moved by the donations that some of you have provided in these difficult times; your support will enable the GMChorale to continue to thrive despite the current challenges.
Pat Holloway
President, GMChorale Board of Directors
About Canons From Around the World

The members of the GMChorale have been singing together for years; for many in the ensemble, it has been a decades-long relationship built on a shared love for, and a shared desire to perform, choral music.

When the GMChorale was forced to discontinue rehearsals and cancel its scheduled April 26 concert of choral classics, the disappointment was (and remains) devastating, not only to lose the opportunity to sing Bach, Mozart, and Schubert for our music-loving audience, but to forego weekly rehearsals, those treasured times of singing and companionship that create an ensemble from a diverse group of individuals.

Within a week after the last in-person rehearsal in early March, plans were in place to resume the Tuesday evening sessions via Zoom, a popular web-conferencing program that many ensembles are using to support connections, creativity, and community. You may have seen some of the “virtual choir” videos that other choral ensembles have produced using Zoom. Though these are inspiring and often beautiful, they are not really choral experiences; rather, they are individual recordings that are merged in to a single video, using a painstaking, time-consuming editing process.

The GMChorale has elected to use the Tuesday night Zoom sessions not for producing “virtual choir” videos, but as a way to explore some specific musical skills in ways not possible during “normal” choral rehearsals. Artistic Director Joseph D’Eugenio conceived a project – Canons From Around the World – that combines a choral singer’s guide to music notation, theory, and ear-training with a selection of canons (rounds) from different times and cultures, including those by well-known composers, by which the singers can practice their new skills.

The next issue of this newsletter will feature an article with a behind-the-scenes look at the Canons project, including commentary from Joseph D’Eugenio and some of the GMChorale’s singers.
We look forward to singing for you again soon!
The GMChorale is partially funded by generous grants from the following: the Middletown Commission On The Arts; The Marjorie Jolidon Fund of the Greater Hartford Chapter, American Guild of Organists; and Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Arts which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.
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