Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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YouTube Testing In-App Shopping In Shorts

By Brian Frederick

YouTube is adding new shopping features to its short-form video platform, according to a story first reported by the Financial Times. Adopting a model similar to that of social media rivals TikTok and Instagram, Shorts will allow users to make purchases as they scroll through their feeds.

Expected to roll out sometime next year for users in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Brazil, and India, creators will receive a 45% share of ad revenue once the program launches. YouTube has said it has plans to extend the program to other countries in the future.

This is the latest move from the video-sharing platform to become an ecommerce destination, following the 2020 release of shoppable ads and livestream shopping, which began in 2021.

In addition to the new shopping features, YouTube plans to implement an affiliate marketing program to pay select content creators a commission on sales generated by product promotion.

"It is very much an endorsement model, versus a more traditional advertising model or a paid-placement model," Michael Martin, YouTube's Shopping General Manager, told the Financial Times. "Our goal is to focus on the best monetization opportunities for creators in the market."


Top Freelancers for Every Business

By Fiverr

Fiverr gives your team the flexibility to expand in-house capabilities and execute every project by connecting with freelancers for every skill set you need.

Meta is kicking off a campaign to encourage users to support small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) during the holiday shopping season.

While the tool doesn't give us access to every detail about what is going on behind the scenes, it certainly shares a great deal of information on how to help Google crawl and index our pages better.

In addition, the performance reports show you what queries your website displays, your average search positions for those queries, and how many people clicked through to the website from Google Search. 

Google hasn’t explicitly addressed whether or not Search Console is a ranking factor, so we will take a look at a few features that may seem, at first glance, to be a factor.

SEJ Webinar

How To Analyze Your Content & Craft A Winning Strategy In 2023

By Search Engine Journal

In this webinar, you’ll gain insights, practical knowledge, and hands-on techniques to give your content strategy a head start for 2023. Webinar begins Wednesday, November 16 at 2 p.m. ET.

Digital Strategy, SEO

What Is A Target Audience And How Do You Find It

By Lemuel Park

Your marketing efforts must be directed at prospects instead of guessing who might like a product or service.

Understanding their pain points, behavior, and motivations for buying means you can produce content that draws these people into your purchase funnel.

Below are three essential practices to help you connect with your target audience and segment your target audience strategies.

Understand before you communicate.

The more you know about your target audience, the better your chance of meeting your objectives.

Think before you engage and utilize key lead magnets, do not over-target, over-communicate, or over-optimize.

Personalize when you communicate with personas but find that balance between engaging and personal privacy.

Content Strategy, SEO

SEO For News: Complete Top Stories Keyword Research Guide

By Daniel Smullen

News sites traditionally rank for thousands if not millions of keywords – there is no point doing keyword research for news using traditional methods when topics haven't been searched before.

Instead – focus on the 5 W.s and teach journalists how to use these in headlines and on-page to maximize the S.E.O. for news websites in the top stories carousel.

The beauty about this workflow is that, not only will this serve the purpose of the audience for the daily news agenda as well as subscriber intent - but it is evergreen and can be updated as well as re-linked to when another hurricane or similar heavy weather topic enters the news agenda.

Now, apply this logic to seasonal events, such as Christmas, Easter, and Summer – there are topics that will be published every year. The key is timing and providing evergreen keyword topics when the subject is happening in the news agenda.


Global SEO: 4 Efficient SEO Frameworks To Manage Clients Without Losing Control

By SEOmonitor

Learn how to tackle campaign management at scale with these global SEO strategies.

Senior engineers with over ten years experience fired from Twitter for privately sharing their opinions. Elon Musk mock-apologizes for firing "these geniuses"

Local Search, News

Google Is Restoring Missing Reviews In Business Profiles

By Matt G. Southern

Google is fixing a bug that caused reviews to go missing from Google Business Profiles. Google confirms reviews are getting restored.

News, Video Advertising

Microsoft Video Ads Are Now Broadly Available

By Matt G. Southern

Video ads on the Microsoft Audience Network are now broadly available to augment existing search and image advertising campaigns.

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