24th June 2022

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Next week at a glance... 

Monday -
- All children - Brathay Stay Away - Kit list has been sent via email (link below)
Tuesday -
- All children - Normal collection time at school, in case of traffic or delay we will update via Remind.

- Year 2 Boys - Football at Carnforth High school, children should be collected from CHS sports building at 4pm

- Year 6 - Parents and children transition meeting at QES 6pm
- Puffins - PE - children can come in uniform and bring their PE kit back after sports day, this can now live in school until the end of term.

- Puffins/Nursery - PE Kit
- Robins - PE Kit

Spread The Happiness calendar...

Wednesday - Yellow Day
Friday - Travel the world day

You don't need to do or send anything for our STH days unless we let you know in advance, there will be things going on in class and your children may tell you all about it!
Brathay Kit List

Contact us...

The quickest and easiest way to contact your child's teacher is to email Mrs Waddington and mark it for the attention of your child's teacher.
Please contact the school office via email or phone 015242 21418
Please do not message via Remind as these messages often get missed.
Click here to email Mrs Waddington in the school office
Click here to email Mrs Ingram

School Meal Bills and Out of School Club - All parents

Please ensure all outstanding amounts are brought up to date on ParentPay asap. To close the end of year off (and to enable Mrs Waddington to get things as straight as she can before she leaves!) I need all accounts to be at £0.
If you have any problems paying your bills, please come and speak to us.
This is particularly important for Year 6 parents as once children leave the school your account becomes inactive and you will no longer be able to pay online, we will need to bill you manually and if that can be avoided that would be very much appreciated!

Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies

Rehearsals for our Key Stage 2 summer production are well under way and we can't wait for you to come and watch.
There will be three performances so plenty of chance for everyone to come and watch.
The dates are
Tuesday 12th July 2pm and 6pm
Wednesday13th July 2pm

Tickets can be purchased via ParentPay at £2 each.

Music lessons

Mr Warriner has sent out this term's bills, please make sure you have received it and any problems, his email is below.
Email Mr Warriner - Music lessons

In the classroom this week!

This week we have been looking at the book "commotion in the ocean" we've started to make our own under the sea books based on the creatures in this book. We've created lots of amazing independent writing - Mrs Muckalt and Mrs Harrison are very proud of you all Reception! 
We will continue this next week.
In Math's we've been using positional language to describe where things are.
We've been on an underwater adventure which was lots of fun and have enjoyed getting ready for sports day!
We hope you all enjoyed sports day as much as we did. Have an amazing weekend and lots of sleep ready for our Brathay adventure on Monday for Reception.
Happy Friday all ! 
What a busy week! The Robins had a fantastic time at Half Moon Bay on Tuesday. We began by exploring microhabitats, looking for living things in the rock pools. We found all sorts of animals; crabs, shrimps, sea anemones, jellyfish! Then we headed up to Heysham Head, and looked at the landscape of the area. On Monday we had learnt different words to describe the human and physical features of landscapes, so we were able to put this into practice and use the vocabulary to describe the area. The view was spectacular. After lunch we hopped on the bus and went to Morecambe. We enjoyed a delicious ice cream from Miogelato! Thank you Mr Waddington :) Finally we built sandcastles on the beach. It was a really lovely day! Thank you to Mrs Donald, Mrs Hamer, Miss Wilson, Kelsey and Ann Whitaker for coming on our trip!

On Monday we started to write our story map for ‘Lost and Found’ and have continued with it - great work Year 1 our story maps help us to orally tell and remember the story. We still need to finish this next week! 
On Tuesday we had a fabulous trip to Half Moon Bay to look at the rock pools to find living things, and then walk along the coast to look at the different features of our landscape. My favourite part was eating our delicious ice cream and playing on the beach! Thank you, Year 1, I really enjoyed our day out and can't wait now for our residential on Monday! We are going to have so much fun! 
On Thursday we had another class yoga session and we all listened and managed to do all the moves to match the story. Well done lots of calm and kind actions. 
In Maths we have been making equal groups and then using repeated addition to add the equal groups! 
We are so busy that we must remember to do our Maths and English for just a few more weeks! Have a great weekend Year 1 and I will see you ready for our trip on Monday.

On Wednesday we carried on our microhabitat exploration, but this time we built our bug hotels for the school grounds. The children worked in groups to collaborate on their hotels and did a fantastic job! 
Year 2 have worked hard to finish their Flotsam stories this week and I am very proud of how hard they have worked! We also enjoyed sharing our worship with you and telling the story of Norman! Thank you for joining us!
Robins trip to Half Moon Bay and the Clock Tower beach - Tuesday 21st June
This week in Kingfisher Class we have worked hard at practising our play. Mrs Harrison helped us to choreograph a fantastic dance routine to one of the songs and some of us are beginning to practise without our scripts! Mrs Ingram says that there will be NO SCRIPTS in rehearsals when we get back from Brathay!
In maths, we have continued our learning about Time. The PTFA have generously provided us with a set of 10 fabulous watches and we have appointed our first official class timekeepers! If your child is a timekeeper this week, please help them to use their watch at home to practise. Timekeepers will need to bring their watches safely back into school on Monday for swapping!
We have been learning about Buddhist temples and how they are similar and different to Christian churches, and we have nearly finished reading our class novel - Danny Champion of the World. We have also enjoyed following the activities of a beautiful barn owl in it's nest in Yorkshire and we have prepared our pots of vegetables for sale at the June Fayre! Yesterday we enjoyed a relaxing Yoga lesson and a long playtime in the shade because it was so hot!
Thank-you for a wonderful week Kingfisher Class. 
We'll see you on Monday - ready for our Brathay adventure!
Mrs Burgess and Mr Mackinnon.
We've had a brilliant week in Owls class this week. We've spent a lot of time on rehearsals for the summer play which is coming on amazingly. I'm sure I can't be the only one in Owls who is singing the songs on repeat at home (sorry!).
In English, we've continued with researching London landmarks ready for our non-chronological report writing, now that we've finished writing all our entries for the fiction competition. The children have enjoyed sharing presentations about various London landmarks with the class.
In Maths, we completed our module on statistics by looking at calculating the mean of different sets of numbers. We then moved onto geometry, and have looked at measuring angles as well as identifying acute, obtuse and reflex angles. The children enjoyed playing an alien rescue game where they had to accurately estimate the size of different angles. 
In Science, we learnt the names of the different areas of the heart and the different vessels that carry blood around the body. The children persevered well with this as there was a lot of scientific vocabulary for them to deal with!
On Thursday, we were very fortunate to have a lady in to take the children for a yoga session which the children found very relaxing.
On Friday, we had sports day and the summer fair which was lots of fun. Unfortunately for me the children's idea for our stall involved terrorising me! I hope you had lots of fun watching! 
Mr P
Every Friday we hold a whole school WOW worship. We celebrate good work in school each week. There are three categories...
Golden Book - This is to reward children who have worked hard, produced some great work or improved a great deal.
Christian Values - This celebrates, kindness, friendship, perseverance, respect, love or any one of our Christian Values.
Golden Book 
Puffins - Wiiliam O for super independent writing.
Robins - 
Year 1 -
Harriet for her fantastic writing about our trip to the beach on Tuesday.
Year 2 -  Thomas for working so hard on his writing.
Kingfishers -  Sophie, for being an excellent time keeper this week.
Owls - Oscar for working hard all week, especially in science! Well done!
Christian Values 
Puffins - William H for playing really well with other children and joining in really well with all our learning.
Robins - 
Year 1 - 
All of year 1 for being caring to each other on our trip to the beach and for showing respect to our surroundings.
Year 2 - Isabelle W for showing respect for our school grounds and doing a great job wombling!
Kingfishers - Kayleigh for modeling our Christian value of respect.
Owls - Abi for always being kind and caring and being fantastic with the younger ones.
Happiness Amabassador 
Puffins - Archie for his book sharing this week, it made us laugh!
Robins - 
Year 1 -
Freddie for having an amazing week, we are very proud of you!
Year 2 - Ella was a great 'Norman' in our class worship even though she didn't get to perform on the day!
Kingfishers - Matilda, for spreading the happiness in the natural world by caring for our seedlings so well.
Owls - Leo has made me smile with his hard work this week and also his excellent performance in the rehearsals.
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