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A official appointed by Trump said during a closed-door meeting at the UN that the United States is a "pro-life country." 

Legally, it's not.

The official also tried to negotiate the removal of any references to "sexual and reproductive health" in a UN document. Every day, the Trump Administration shows its willingness to take even more radical anti-choice positions than past Republican administrations. 

GJC continues to raise our voice in opposition and fight back against these misguided and dangerous policies.

US Official says US is a "Pro-Life Country"
Bethany Kozma, a senior adviser in the office of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment at USAID, made the statement while negotiating the final document of the UN's annual women's rights conference. Read GJC's President (Acting)'s response in The Independent.  Read here.
US Violates the Right to Free Speech 
Read GJC's legal brief on how US abortion restrictions on foreign aid impact free speech and free association. The brief explains how restrictions like Helms, Siljander and the Global Gag Rule work and how they violate US obligations under international law.  Read here.
GJC & The Freedom of Information Act
In GJC's latest podcast we sit down with Merrite Johnson, GJC's staff member who handles all of our FOIA requests on topics such as US abortion restrictions. She explains to us the history of FOIA, how it is used and shares tips she has learned from her experience.  Read here.
GJC Attends National Feminist Conference
GJC's President (Acting) attended and spoke at the Feminist Majority Foundation's 2018 National Young Leadership Conference. Read her speech at the plenary session on the Global Gag Rule and how it impacts abortion advocacy efforts around the world. Read here.
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