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Yemen Data Project Air Raids Summary for August 2018 

Air raids on civilian vehicles and buses

The month of August was marked by reported mass civilian casualty events in air strikes on civilian vehicles and buses amid a significant change in Saudi coalition non-military to military targeting
In our May 2018 data summary Yemen Data Project highlighted the increased targeting of civilian vehicles. In August air raids* resulted in two reported mass civilian casualty events in Sa'ada and Al-Hudaydah on civilian vehicles and buses, reportedly killing at least 60 civilians including 51 children and injuring dozens more. 

YDP data shows a coalition air raid on a bus carrying school children on the morning of 9 August in Dhahyan market, Majz district, Sa'ada and on a civilian vehicle on the morning of 23 August in Al-Kawei village, Ad Durayhimi district of Al-Hudaydh. Three further air raids on civilian vehicles and buses were recorded by YDP in August, bringing the total number of air raids targeting civilian vehicles and buses to 61 so far this year.

In August the number of air raids targeting non-military sites (39%) was more than double that of military (18%) targeting. In 43% of air raids in August the target was recorded as unknown.**  Similar figures were recorded in July with 43% targeting non-military versus 19% military. This marks a significant change to the overall pattern of air raids since the start of the air campaign where almost one third of all targets (31%) have been non-military, 36% military with 33% classified as unknown. 
The number of air raids on civilian vehicles and buses has risen every year since the coalition bombing campaign began in 2015, reaching 91 last year after 25 air raids targeted civilian vehicles and buses in a single month in December 2017. January also saw a high number with 13 air raids recorded.
Saudi Coalition Air Raids on Civilian Vehicles & Buses
March 2015 - August 2018

August 2018

 249 air raids

   ↓10% on July 2018
↓ 43% below monthly average

39% targeted non-military sites** ↓ 4% on July 2018
18% targeted military sites 
↓ 1% on July 2018

Total air raids* 26 March 2015 to 31 August 2018: 18,326
The number of coalition air raids fell in August to 249 from 277 in July.

The number of air raids in August was 43% below the monthly average of air raids since the air campaign began in March 2015.

While the number of monthly strikes remains well below average (441) for the 3.5 year-long air campaign, Sa'ada and Al-Hudaydah governorates have become the focus of the bombing with more than 66% of strikes in August targeting these two governorates.

Air raids targeted 10 of Yemen's 22 governorates in July. 

The highest number of  air raids recorded in a single month was September 2015, at 920.
Breakdown of districts targeted

Sa'ada has been the most heavily bombed governorate in Yemen since the Saudi-led air campaign began in March 2015. In August, 101 air raids targeted the governorate, seven less than the previous month. The north-western border district of Baqim was the most heavily hit with 27 air raids.
Breakdown of districts targeted

Air raids in Al-Hudaydah have intensified since the June launch of Operation Golden Arrow by Saudi/UAE- backed anti-Houthi forces. 63 air raids targeted the governorate in August compared to 101 in July. The contested district of Ad Durayhimi remained the most heavily targeted in August with 19 air raids.
Of the 141 air raids where the targets** were identified in August 2018 
  • 47 targeted residential areas 
  • 19 targeted farms 
  • 16 targeted non-military vehicles and transport - including 5 air raids on boats
  • 4 targeted schools and institutes
  • 2 targeted water and electricity sites 
  • 2 targeted INGOs
  • 1 targeted food storage facilities
  • 1 targeted healthcare facilities
Sub-categories of Air Raid Targets

 August 2018

*Vehicle&Buses sub-category also includes air raids on boats. Five air raids targeted boats in August 2018.

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The full dataset collated by the Yemen Data Project of air raids carried out from 26th March 2015 to 25th March 2018 is available to download here. An overview of that data is available here.

The Yemen Data Project's dataset is licenced under creative commons. You are therefore free to reuse the data but we ask that you please cite the Yemen Data Project and link back to the dataset. 

*Air raid refers to a single incident or air raid, which in turn may comprise multiple airstrikes. It is not possible to generate an average number of airstrikes per air raid as these vary greatly, from a couple of airstrikes up to several dozen per air raid. For example, in the case of a so-called 'double-tap' strike where first responders appear to be targeted by at least one follow up bombing this would be counted as one incident or, as calculated here, one air  raid.

**The dataset lists target category and subcategory for each incident, where information on the target is available. The target category refers to the original use of the target, e.g. a school hit by an air raid is referred to as a school building with no further assessment made on its use at the time of the air raid, or any possible change of use over the course of the conflict.

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