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Air raids in Yemen have intensified following calls on 30 October by the U.S. Secretary of Defense and U.S. State Department for a cessation of hostilities in Yemen and a resumption of political talks within 30 days

In the 10 days from 31 October to 9 November the Yemen Data Project recorded 86 Saudi/UAE-led coalition air raids* in Yemen, representing a rate of bombing nearly double that seen in the month of October

Escalation in Al-Hudaydah

Over 42% of air raids in the 10 days targeted Al-Hudaydah governorate, with more than 25% of bombings hitting Al-Hali district on the eastern side of Al-Hudaydah city. In parallel, the Saudi/UAE-led coalition's anti-Houthi ground offensive in Al-Hudaydah has intensified in the last 10 days, resulting in heavy fighting in Al-Hali, which has become one of the main frontlines in the conflict. Al-Hali was also the most heavily bombed district in Yemen in October, but this targeting has escalated with more air raids (22) hitting the residential district of Al-Hali in the first nine days of November than in the whole month of October (15), including strikes on the Red Sea flour mill, a dairy factory and a refrigeration facility as well as an 8 November air raid recorded by YDP on the May 22 hospital in Al-Hali where pro-Houthi fighters had reportedly taken up fighting positions on the roof. 

Conservative numbers

*An air raid refers to one incident. One air raid incident includes all airstrikes on a single location within approximately one hour and therefore may comprise multiple airstrikes. The number of airstrikes per air raid can vary greatly from a couple of airstrikes to several dozen per air raid. Due to variations in the quality of information on airstrike counts and the challenges of verifying each individual strike on a single target or location one air raid in the YDP data presents the most conservative figure and does not represent multiple bombings of a single target in a short time frame.

Of the 42 air raids across Yemen from 31 October to 9 November where the target could be identified 62% hit civilian targets, 38% hit military targets.

In Al-Hudaydah 42% of all air raids over the 10 days hit non-military targets, 9% military targets. In 49% of air raids in Al-Hudaydah the target could not be identified. Among the locations bombed were 6 residential areas, 3 private businesses, 2 factories, 1 farm, 1 hospital and Al-Hudaydah airport.

This is in contrast to the overall pattern of air raids since the start of the air campaign where almost one third (32%) of all targets have been non-military, 35% military with 33% classified as unknown.  

NOTE: a rise in non-military targeting may be an indication of increased fighting in urban areas resulting in the possible change of use of buildings and/or escalated targeting of civilian sites. YDP's dataset lists target category and subcategory for each incident where information on the target is available. When listing permanent structures the target category refers to the original use of the target e.g. a school hit by an air raid is referred to as a school building and classified as a non-military target with no further assessment made on its use at the time of the air raid, or any possible change of use over the course of the conflict.


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