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Janne Laurila: 3 Words

Curious, compassionate, incomplete

~ Janne Laurila

Three words to describe your practice?

Oh, I wrote down: Curious, compassionate and incomplete. There’s obviously… you’ve probably talked with anyone that there’s a lot of interpretation on these words, but… well… curiosity, that’s kind of… you need that to explore any moment.

And compassionate that’s what I like to explain a bit because you need to be compassionate to understand others, but you have to be compassionate to yourself as well. Like, my, schedules and stuff like that. I’ve been very hard on myself because I wasn’t making some deadlines or whatever. I was very hard on myself. And then I just realized that everybody makes mistakes. It’s part of you… just the best you can do… you kind of try to control the mistakes… that mistakes happen on stuff that doesn’t matter as much. So that the most important stuff gets done and you don’t do the mistakes there.

And incomplete, we’re all always incomplete. I think we should think, that were incomplete, so we can use our curiosity and compassion to improve.

~ Janne Laurila ~18:27

From episode, Incomplete – with Janne Laurila

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