Niamh produces stand-out performance at Northern Road Champs!

We are sure all our juniors will be delighted that its now Easter holidays. A chance to relax,have fun, as well as train and compete! Catching up on recent news, and Lauren Creaby was part of an England Athletics Endurance masterclass last weekend. With expert advice from the likes of legend Steve Cram amongst others, Lauren got the opportunity to train with her peers and learn about what it takes to progress to the next level. A great opportunity! Its been a quiet weekend of racing action, however Niamh raced at Redcar on Saturday in the Northern Athletics Road Race championships, finishing 15th in the U15 race.

A quiet weekend of Parkrun, with two of our juniors racing at Whitley Bay. Liliana Meikle-Lopez was 8th in 8:41, whilst Alex Fielding was 14th in 9:23. Fantastic running from all this weekend!

Looking ahead, there are a number of events and compeitions coming up for ALL ages. Check out the details further down this newsletter and just ask any of the coaches if you have any questions.

South Beach Results

Whitley Bay Results

Blyth Links Parkrun Results


We are just 3 weeks away from the start of the NEYDL season! The season kicks off at Monkton Stadium, Jarrow, and is open to athletes in the U13,U15 and U17 age groups. We would love to have as many of you there as possible, as its a fantastic team event. Please let your coach know if you intend to compete, or feel free to ask any questions. We don’t need to finalise events etc just yet, but it would be great to have an idea on numbers. We also need volunteers and officials, otherwise we cannot take part in the league. Contact Dan for more details, or check out


Diane Creaby has very kindly taken on the role of managing club vests and crop tops. If you wish to order/purchase one, please get in touch with her!

Diane’s contact number is 0772 8983541

Remember, we also have our very own range of Team Blyth Nike training kit, available via our Kitlocker store (details further down newsletter)

This weeks reporters:

Parkrun & Northern 5k - Claire.

Other news - Dan

A reminder that membership fees for 2023 are now due, details further down the newsletter.

We would love to have new contributors to the newsletter - this can be things like sourcing event info, more detailed race/event reports, and any other content that may be great to go in the newsletter. As it stands the newsletter rarely goes out on time, and is in danger of finishing entirely without new contributors. Contact Dan if you can help!

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England Athletics have replaced the AAA Grades system with the new PB Awards system, which is far more inclusive for all abilities. Details on this link

I wish I knew about this new system before ordering hundreds of AAA badges last year - so if anyone would like to purchase the brilliant and iconic old AAA badge (grades 1-4), then please let me know, they are £3 each.

For the new PB awards system, athletes can earn certificates based on their peformances, check the link for all details. Many of our juniors will already have earned gradings on this new system, so will be due certificates. It would be great to have a volunteer to take on the role of managing PB awards for Team Blyth juniors, and ordering and distributing certificates. Please note there is a cost for the certificates.


The North East has some of the leading officials in England but we will always need more officials to help all the events run smoothly. Three courses have been arranged, oone for Photo Finish, one for Track officials and one for Field officials

Details here;


Location: Sunnydale Leisure Centre, Shildon, County Durham, DL4 2EP,

Date & Time:23-04-2023 09:30 - 12:00

Who should go on this course?

Anyone who is interested in officiating the track events, including sprints, relays and distance events.

What will I learn?

· To work as part of a team of track officials at an athletics meeting and carry out the basic duties of a track judge/umpire.

· To know the equipment you need to have with you at an athletics meeting to enable you to carry out your duties throughout the meeting.

· To understand that a track judge/umpire should record what is seen without being influenced by anyone else.

· To have a basic knowledge of track markings particularly the finishing line (how to judge the finish) and lane lines.

· To carry out the basic duties such as; judging, lap board and bell, break line, take over judge, hurdle observation, umpiring for observing running out of lane or impeding other athletes and what these involve.


Location: Sunnydale Leisure Centre, Shildon, County Durham, DL4 2EP,

Date & Time:21-05-2023 09:30 - 13:30

Who should go on this course?

Anyone who is interested in officiating the field events:

· Shot (including seated throws for disabled athletes)

· Discus (including seated throws for disabled athletes)

· Hammer

· Javelin (including seated throws for disabled athletes)

· Club Throw

· High Jump

· Long Jump

· Triple Jump

· Pole Vault

What will I learn?

· Follow a duty sheet

· Be able to list field events and the various roles covered

· Understand and describe Health and Safety issues in Field Officiating

· Application of the rules surrounding field officiating


Location: Middlesbrough Sports Village, Alan Peackock Way, Middlesbrough, TS4 3AE

Date & Time:16-04-2023 09:00 - 13:00

This course is on the morning of the Kieran Maxwell Memorial Open and candidates will be able to work at the event in the afternoon after the course.

The level 1 Photofinish Official course is an entry level qualification on the UK Athletics Track & Field Officials pathway.

This 4 hour, practical course will introduce candidates to the roles, responsibilities and duties of a Photo-Finish Judge, how a photo finish picture is created, and how to interpret the picture to produce a correct race result.

Entries for the NECAA T&F Championships in May are now open follow THIS LINK. Check with Coaches prior to entering.

The Kieran Maxwell event is a great early season track and field event for a fantastic cause. Its brilliant for U11’s, but entries likely to fill up soon for U11’s so don’t delay! For older age groups, please check with your coach to discuss. Entry details

Entries for the North East Grand Prix are now open follow THIS LINK. Check with Coaches prior to entering.

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