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The kids dressed up before visiting friends on a religious holiday. The boys are wearing panjabis, popular attire for men and young boys.

Cricket World Cup!

The Cricket World Cup is held every 4 years and is currently taking place in England and Wales. Though not well known in America, cricket is immensely popular in this part of the world, and the World Cup is its premier event. Scott got to watch part of a match with the children at Home of Love and enjoyed learning the rules and hearing the cheers and chants!
England vs. South Africa. Photo credit: The Sun, A News UK Company.
Language Learning Observations

Because so much of our work right now centers on learning the language, we thought we would share some of our observations about language learning:
  1. Some foreigners who have been here for more than 20 years have told us that they don't understand everything nationals say. 
  2. Are there some parts of the States where you might not understand everything someone says even though he or she is speaking in English? The same applies here. Differences in pronunciation, enunciation, and word choice abound. 
  3. It's helpful to know Bible passages. That way we can learn from sermons, Sunday school lessons, and spiritual conversations. Speaking about topics we're familiar with is much easier than about topics we know little about.
  4. It's funny to observe the way different nationals interact with us. You can definitely tell which ones are accustomed to being around foreigners who are in the process of learning the language and those who are not used to that. During lunch recently, an older sister laughed and gently reminded her sister that she needed to speak much more slowly.
  5. Watching movies or cartoons and reading the newspaper or Bible in the national language can help. 
Homeschool Year One Complete!

Praise the Lord for a great year of kindergarten for Silas and for all of Jess' hard work. We are also thankful for a weekly homeschool co-op group for fellowship and group activities. Please pray for Silas to enjoy reading on his own this summer and for preparations for 1st grade for Silas and preschool for Calvin in the Fall. 
Silas and some of his reading books. 
Jess teaching during a homeschool co-op morning. 
Praises & Prayer Requests
  • Visas Renewed - a long and difficult process to transition our preliminary visas into fully verified and approved NGO visas is finally complete!
  • Promising Option for Housing - Thank you for all who have prayed regarding our future housing needs at the orphanage and clinic site. While nothing is finalized yet, the logistics of permission and availability appear to be lining up! Keep praying!
  • Clinic Coverage - Scott began two months of clinic coverage on May 30. It has been neat to see the gains in language since covering the clinic last February. Please pray for wisdom in patient care and clinic management.
  • Language - that we could both thrive amidst the unique challenges and benefits that come while Scott is covering the clinic.
  • Scott's National Medical License - We recently applied for Scott's medical license and have been warned that it could be a long process (see visas above), so please pray that it goes smoothly. Thankfully, no additional medical testing is required. Some nations require licensing examinations in the national language, so we can rejoice that isn’t the case!
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