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During this unprecedented time, The Boom List wants to help our community by providing advice from diverse coaches.

We've asked them a few questions and will be sharing the answers over the next few weeks. 

Our first question: "What advice would you give people to help deal with the stress of our current situation?"

Ty Moore

Leadership Coach and Co-Founder
Cincinnati, OH

"Acknowledge: This is a very turbulent, chaotic time. It’s healthy for people to acknowledge their thoughts and feelings about the current state of affairs, as well as for them to keep it real and actually process what’s happening. Whether they experience fear, confusion, anger, or even apathy, it’s critical for people to honor their true feelings.

Release: The stress of this situation can be overwhelming, so it behooves people to figure out a productive way to release it. This may take the form of journaling, exercising, doing deep breathing exercises, listening to music, taking a bath, etc. Regardless of the precise form, it’s good to release the pent up, heavy energy and stress in the most healthy way possible.

Replace: Swap negative thoughts and stress for positive habits. This one is somewhat tricky, given how much change is happening every day, but people should consider eliminating or severely limiting the amount of time they spend consuming the news. It’s clear things are only going to get worse before they get better. Rather than staying glued to CNN or Reddit for the latest dose of bad news, think about spending that time doing things that boost your energy, such as reading, engaging in a hobby, cooking, exercising, pursuing your goals, connecting with positive friends and family, etc. It’s cool to check in to make sure you know what’s going on, but acknowledge and reduce the toll these negative stories have on your day-to-day life, health, and well-being.

Express: The Ancient Roman orator Cicero wisely said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” It’s easy to focus on what you can’t do and what you don’t have right now. Nevertheless, by reflecting on the people and things that you’re really thankful for, you can boost your mood and cultivate a greater sense of appreciation for all that you do have. Sometimes, it’s simply the smallest aspects, such as the sun beaming through the window, that deserve special attention and have the greatest impact on your attitude.

Focus: Closed doors are simply invitations for innovation elsewhere. At this moment in history, those who make forward progress, continue to develop themselves, see opportunity within the chaos, and set & achieve goals are going to be in a great position once the world returns to a renewed state of normalcy. Focus on what you can do going forward. Focus on the solutions you can create for yourself and your community. You can play a significant role in crafting our new future.

Eric Prado


"Start or deepen your meditation practice. Meditation does not have to mean sitting with your eyes closed chanting a mantra. It can be, if that is what you need. But your meditation can take the form that you need. It could be a guided meditation. It could be a moving meditation, like yoga. It could be a meditation where you take 15 minutes to drink your coffee without a device in hand. Start getting comfortable with focusing on your breath and allowing your thoughts to be, without taking any action against them."

Pam Yang

Career & Executive Coach
Pam Yang
New York

"We all have different sources and reasons for our stress and anxiety so, I'd start with figuring out what your sources and your reasons are and address those rather than just dealing with stress at large. 

I would encourage people to consider what they want to accomplish in a time where they don't HAVE to be anywhere except home. It's going to be at least another month so, set some goals around what you want to achieve and what you want to feel when you look back on this time.

In general, I'd advise preparing for a future state that may be much worse than the present, but handle the day to day based on current realities, use the prescribed preventative measures, and look for little wins/things that bring you joy. 

Meaning, overreact so we've planned ahead, but once we've done that, the sooner we adapt to the new normal, the sooner we can get back to living life regardless of the circumstances outside our control. 

There have ALWAYS been and will continue to be events outside our control. But most of us have never faced that at the volume and scale we're currently experiencing. There's a sadness and grief to acknowledge around losing our lives as we know it for an indefinite period. We'll each need to sort that in our own way and time, but don't wait to face that if you haven't already started. Accepting that loss is what will allow us to move forward and thrive despite the devastation around us. 

It's a huge opportunity for us to practice our adaptability to unforeseen experiences and gratitude for the things we say "truly" matter. There's no better time for us to put our money where our mouths are and appreciate our health, our loved ones, our fortune at having roofs over our heads and food to eat, and the option to work from home; to do all the things that we "wish we had time for" before; to work on those relationships that need attention, etc.

So, broken down into more concise statements:

Prepare - Prepare what you need to face these current circumstances. Get the cleaning supplies, face masks/coverings, food, etc. 

Acknowledge - Acknowledge that this sucks. That it's sad. That it's scary. That it's stressful. That it's whatever you're feeling about it. 

Adapt - Adapt your old routines, habits, schedules, etc. to your current circumstances. 

Explore - Explore new ways of connecting with the people you love, new ideas through books or courses, new hobbies that you've wanted to try, new/old movies you want to watch, new home improvement projects, etc. Make a list, add it to your calendar, etc. and start crossing them off.

Enjoy & Have Fun - Find ways to continue to enjoy life and have fun. Do things that energize you and make you happy. Indulge in some creature comforts that make you feel good. Find joy where you can."
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