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Black Lives Matter

As the Black community continues to fight for basic rights that would allow us to walk, run, drive, shop, birdwatch, and just live in this world as the amazingly talented and beautiful people we are, one thing remains clear. Through all the pain, hurt, anger, and sadness, we are undoubtedly stronger together.

Community has always been at the core of The Boom List. Now, more than ever, it's important to provide our community with the strength, support, and spaces to not only process but move forward. The Boom List's vision is to create a network that relies on no other. We will never stop working towards this ideal. This we promise. 

Advice from diverse coaches delivered to your inbox. 

During this unprecedented time, The Boom List wants to help our community by providing advice from diverse coaches.

We've asked them a few questions and will be sharing the answers over the next few newsletters. 

Our third question: "What should people expect once we are cleared to go back to our offices?”

Pam Yang

Career & Executive Coach
Pam Yang
New York

"There will be an adjustment period and concerns around safety, but again, humans are adaptable. We'll adapt to that new normal once it comes.  

Companies will need to lead responsibly and proactively to ensure the health and safety of its employees as they ask them to come back into a dense social space.

Some things will go back to the old normal, but I think there will be more virtual connecting. A combination of us getting used to it and using it so frequently in the coming months, but also us using it to connect on a more substantial level than before. More virtual conferences, events, etc.

I think people will want more flexible work from home policies and for that to become the standard. It already has been for some time at more progressive companies, but this has forced companies to "allow" it and figure out how to get what they need from their employees. There will be less apprehension around it now that employers see firsthand how people can still be productive and connect virtually."

Ty Moore

Leadership Coach and Co-Founder
Cincinnati, OH

"Differing Perspectives: There are going to be as many different interpretations of what’s happening as there are people. Be patient and do your best to empathize with others, even when they express opinions and thoughts about the situation that are completely different from your own.

Change: This global crisis will cause a fundamental shift in the modern workforce on a multitude of levels. Be prepared for massive change, aside from just more people working from home going forward. There is no telling what life will look like or what our society will even value once everything “returns to normal.” Those who have a flexible mindset will have a better chance of adapting quickly to the new reality.

Learning: Most companies will learn a great deal from this experience, which will certainly inform their future direction. Be ready to discuss what you’ve learned and heard what others take away from this situation. Organizations may continue to process all of this for six or more months. Transforming these insights into action will give companies, teams, and individuals the best shot of positioning themselves for success in the future."

Eric Prado


"As we spend more time at home, we have more space to reflect on what is truly important to us. My hope is that this shared experience will allow us the ability to give each other the space and support needed to grow as individuals rather than feel the need to work 60 hours a week."
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Thanks to our friends at ThoughtMatter, we have a whole new strategy and design branding on the way.  We'll be shutting down the website to make major updates over the next few months. Stay tuned...
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