August 12, 2017
This issue of the newsletter includes:
  • Community Yard Sale
  • Vallejo St./Arizona Ave. Park Update
  • Annual Elections
  • Parking & Vehicular Restrictions
  • Upcoming Gate Directory Update
  • HOA Monthly Assessment Update
  • Richmond American Update - Elkwood Cir.
  • Pool Monitoring
  • Reporting HOA Issues to the Management Company
Successful Community Yard Sale
Thanks to all those that helped our 1st Community Yard Sale be a successful event by helping with promoting it and participating in it.  Please note this will be an annual event so we will make sure it is included in the event calendar for next year.  As we prepare for the Social Committee to be in place, we will collaborate to notify you of community events in the near future. 
Vallejo St/Arizona Ave. Park Area

The Board has been in discussion with the City in regards to the park located outside the HOA fence that provides pedestrian access from Vallejo St. to Arizona Ave.  While the park will remain an area that the HOA is responsible for maintaining, the City has agreed to post a warning sign discouraging illegal activity in that area. 
Our Annual Meeting of HOA Membership is scheduled for Monday, August 28, 2017, at the Pool Pavilion. You should be in receipt of a Ballot and instructions that were sent via regular mail to all homeowners.
IT IS IMPORTANT that you either attend the Annual Meeting or return your Ballot since a quorum (25% of the voting power of the members - 96 members) must be present either in person or represented by secret ballot to conduct the annual meeting. (Bylaws, Article IV, Section 4.2.3)
If quorum is not achieved the HOA will incur additional costs, so help us avoid this by participating in the voting process

AT: 5:45 P.M.
6:00 P.M.

1) To elect new Directors: Three (3) Directors will be elected for terms of three (3) years;
2) To determine the allocation of any excess operating funds at the end of the current fiscal year;
If a quorum is achieved and Directors are elected, there will be an Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors immediately following the Annual Meeting to appoint officers.

The voting is accomplished by secret ballot, as mandated by California Civil Code. If you cannot attend, you may vote by completing and returning the enclosed Secret Ballot. If you do not wish to cast a vote, please check the “Quorum Purposes Only” box as this will help establish a quorum for the meeting and save the Association added costs if a quorum is not met.
The Ballot may be sent or hand delivered to the Inspectors of Election, Riverwalk Vista Community Association, c/o Action Property Management, Inc. at 1250 Corona Pointe Court, Suite 404, Corona, CA 92879.
All ballots must be received by August 25, 2017, otherwise, ballots may be hand delivered to the meeting, or any adjournment thereof, prior to the close of balloting.

Each unit has a total of three (3) votes to cast. A member of the Association has announced his/her intention to vote cumulatively; this means, you may cast all of your three (3) votes for one candidate, or you may distribute your three (3) votes among the candidates in any way, provided you do not vote with fractions and the total number of votes does not exceed three (3). Members and Candidates may witness the review, counting, and tabulation of the secret ballots by the Inspectors of Election once the balloting has been closed.

The known candidates are Andre K. Pamon, Matthew Ritzi, Craig Thomas and Bryan Vig.  At the Annual Meeting, additional nominations will be taken from the floor for candidates to serve on the Board. Each nominee will be given a chance to present a brief speech on his/her qualifications for consideration.

1) The Membership is electing three (3) Directors for terms of three (3) years. If you cast more than three (3) votes, your ballot will not be valid and your votes will not be counted. Please vote by placing the number of votes (1, 2, 3…) by the candidate’s name. Do not use an “X” or check mark to cast your votes. The actual Ballot is enclosed with this information and marked “Irrevocable Secret Ballot.” For the purpose of electing the Board of Directors, you have three (3) votes which all may be cast for one candidate, or cast among several candidates as desired.
Fractional voting is not allowed and the total number of votes cast may not exceed three (3). Ballots marked otherwise may be deemed invalid.
2) After you have finished voting, place your completed Ballot into the white envelope which states, “Irrevocable Secret Ballot Enclosed.”
3) Place the white envelope (containing the completed Ballot) into the green “Address Envelope.” Seal the green envelope and print your name and property address in the upper left-hand corner of the front of the envelope, then sign the green envelope in the space provided.
4) Place your Green Address Envelope into the United States mail, private overnight mail service; OR deliver your envelope to the Inspectors of Election, c/o Action Property Management, Inc., 1250 Corona Pointe Court, Suite 404, Corona CA 92879. The last date absentee Ballots can be accepted (either by U.S. Mail, overnight delivery service or hand delivery) is 5:00 P.M. on August 25, 2017.
5) All votes received prior to the close of balloting will be counted and tabulated by the Inspector of Election in public at the annual meeting on August 28, 2017, after the close of balloting.
Parking & Vehicular Restrictions - Avoid Getting Cited or Towed!

Neighbors, please be courteous to others. Street parking can be very difficult in some areas, especially in the Promenade sub-community. Please be mindful and do not block your neighbors' driveways. Whenever possible, park near your home instead of outside your neighbor's because they may need the space for their own use. 

Our Community Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions has 5 pages dedicated to various relevant regulations.  In case you are not familiar with them, we have provided them below (Article II, 2.8, pages 18-22)

2.8 PARKING AND VEHICULAR RESTRICTIONS. The following definitions and restrictions shall apply to vehicles that are parked or used in the Master Community:

2.8. l Authorized Vehicles. The following vehicles are "Authorized Vehicles:" (a) standard passenger vehicles, including automobiles, vehicles designed to accommodate ten (10) or fewer people, (b) motorcycles and (c) pickup trucks having a manufacturer's rating or payload capacity of one and a half (1 1/2) ton or less. Authorized Vehicles that belong to Residents may be parked in any portion of the Master Community intended for parking of motorized vehicles, subject to the restrictions in the other portions of the Master Association Governing Documents; provided however, no Owner may park a vehicle in a manner which the Master Association determines either restricts the passage of pedestrians or vehicles over driveways, streets or sidewalks in the Master Community. The Master Association has the power to identify additional vehicles as Authorized Vehicles in the Rules and Regulations to adapt this restriction to new types of vehicles produced by manufacturers.

2.8.2 Prohibited Vehicles. The following vehicles are "Prohibited Vehicles": (a) recreational vehicles (including motorhomes, travel trailers, camper vans, jet skis, motor boats and other motorized vehicles designed for travel over water), except as may be permitted in the yard area of certain Lots described in the Specific Plan (and subject to the screening required by the Specific Plan), (b) commercial-type vehicles (including pickup trucks having a payload capacity in excess of one (1) ton, stake bed trucks, tank trucks, dump trucks, step vans, concrete trucks, limousines, vehicles with commercial signage and other commercial purpose vehicles) or vehicles with advertisements, placards or other writing on the vehicle or any equipment on a vehicle used for any commercial purpose, (c) vehicles designed to accommodate more than ten (10) people, (d) vehicles having more than two (2) axles, (e) trailers, inoperable vehicles or parts of vehicles, (f) other similar vehicles, or (g) any vehicle or vehicular equipment deemed a nuisance by the Board. Prohibited Vehicles may not be parked, stored or kept on any public or Private Street in, adjacent to or visible from the Master Community or any other Master Common Area parking area unless (i) they are owned and used by the Master Association in connection with management or maintenance of a part of the Master Community, (ii) they are parked for brief periods as may be defined in the Rules and Regulations (such as loading, unloading, making deliveries or emergency repairs), or (iii) they are parked in an Owner's fully enclosed garage with the door closed. Prohibited Vehicles may be parked in an Owner's garage only if, and to the extent that, an Owner has fewer Authorized Vehicles than the number of vehicles the garage was originally designed to hold. If a vehicle qualifies as both an Authorized Vehicle and a Prohibited Vehicle, then the vehicle is presumed to be a Prohibited Vehicle, unless the vehicle is expressly classified as an Authorized Vehicle in writing by the Board. The Master Association has the power, but not the duty, to identify additional vehicles as Prohibited Vehicles in the Rules and Regulations to adapt this restriction to new types of vehicles produced by

2.8.3 Garage and Parking Restrictions.
(a) Garage Restrictions.
(i) Residential garages shall be solely used for parking and storage purposes. A two-car garage shall be used to park at least one vehicle and a three-car garage shall be used to park at least two vehicles (if Owner has more than one vehicle); (ii) Owners may not use any space within the garage for temporary or permanent living purposes, regardless of the number of vehicles the Owner possesses; (iii) Owners may not, under any circumstances, use the garage as a temporary or permanent living space for animals of any kind, including dogs, cats, rodents (e.g., rats, mice, and hamsters), rabbits and reptiles (e.g., snakes and lizards); (iv) Garage doors shall be kept closed except when in use for entering or exiting, or when necessary to clean or organize the garage or as permitted by the Rules and Regulations. Vehicles may be parked in the Owner's driveway, if applicable, provided that no part of the vehicle encroaches into the sidewalk area of said Owner's private driveway; (v) Each Owner shall be responsible for ensuring that their family members, guests, invitees and contractors comply with the restrictions and requirements set forth in this Master Declaration, and any additional Rules and Regulations; (vi) Owner and Owner's family members, guests, invitees, and contractors may be prohibited from parking on certain portions of a Private Street in the Master Community that are marked by signage or painted curbs; (vii) Any Owner whose vehicle (including vehicles belonging to any members of the Owner's family, guests, invitees and contractors) is found to be in violation of this Section 2.8 shall be subject to towing, fines as permitted by law, and any other disciplinary action the Board may promulgate, including the subsequent verification of adherence to this Section 2.8 which may include the right to visually inspect the interior of the violating Owner's garage; (viii) The Master Association shall have the right to impose additional reasonable restrictions on one or more Neighborhoods based on expected or actual parking problems in that Neighborhood or which significantly impact other portions of the Master Community; and (ix) The Master Association shall have the right, but not the obligation, to establish procedures in the Rules and Regulations to enforce and verify adherence to the parking and garage restrictions and requirements in this Section in the event a violation is discovered. 

(b) Alleys.
No vehicle of any kind may be parked in an alley, except for brief periods during loading or unloading (not to exceed two (2) hours in any twenty-four (24) hour period). When present in the alley, vehicles must be parked or moved so that they do not interfere with normal use of the alley by other Owners or visitors.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any fire lanes are located in an alley, parking is strictly prohibited within these areas.

(c) Shared Driveways. If there are any Shared Driveways in the Master Community, vehicles must not interfere with the normal use of the Shared Driveways by other Owners or visitors. No parking of any kind is allowed on Shared Driveways, except in spaces that are marked specifically for parking.

(d) No Parking Zones and Fire Lanes. Vehicles may not be parked in "no parking zones." Such no parking zones may be identified by signs, with red-painted curbs, or in the Supplemental Master Declarations. Further, vehicles may not be parked in fire lanes. The fire lanes in the Master Community shall be marked and signed as a fire lane.  Vehicles parked in these no parking zones and fire lanes may be towed immediately without advance notice to vehicle owners.

( e) Roving Patrols. Roving patrols or security personnel may be retained by Declarant or the Master Association. They are not intended to provide security for persons, personal property, Lots within the Master Community. Declarant and the Master Association do not undertake to provide security for the Master Community nor do they make any representations or warranties whatsoever concerning the privacy and safety of the Master Community. If roving patrols or security personnel are retained by Declarant or the Master Association, their sole purpose is to protect the Master Common Property and Improvements, whether annexed or not, which are owned in fee simple by the Master Association or for which the Master Association has rights or obligations by easement, lease, encroachment permit, license or other agreement.

2.8.4 Repair, Maintenance and Restoration. No Person may repair, maintain or restore any vehicle in the Master Community unless the work is conducted in the garage with the garage door closed. Such an activity may be prohibited entirely by the Board if the Board determines that it constitutes a nuisance. However, no Person may carry on in any portion of the Master Community any vehicle repair or maintenance ( except in an emergency) or restoration business.

2.8.5 Enforcement. The Board has the power, but not the duty, to enforce all parking and vehicle use regulations applicable to the Master Community, including the removal of violating vehicles from alleys, motor courts, streets and other portions of the Master Community in accordance with California Vehicle Code Section 22658.2 or other applicable laws. The City may, but is not required to, enforce such restrictions, rules, and regulations, in addition to applicable laws and ordinances.

2.8.6 Regulation and Restriction by Board. The Board has the power to:
(a) establish additional rules and regulations concerning parking in the Master Common Area,
including designating "parking," "guest parking," and "no parking" areas; (b) prohibit any
vehicle parking, operation, repair, maintenance or restoration activity in the Master Community
if it determines in its sole discretion that the activity is a nuisance; and (c) promulgate rules and
regulations concerning vehicles and parking, including the creation of permitted parking areas
and restricting hours of parking, in the Master Community as it deems necessary and desirable.

2.8. 7 Guest Parking. Guest parking spaces may be designated by the Declarant, a Neighborhood Builder or the Board. All guest parking spaces are for temporary use, not to exceed, in the aggregate, seventy-two (72) hours in one (l) week, by invitees of Owners only. No Owner of the Master Community may park any vehicle or leave any other property in any guest space. Guest parking spaces are unreserved and unassigned, and they are available on a first-come-first-served basis. The Board has the right, but not the obligation, to establish additional restrictions and parking policies (which may include towing vehicles from the Master Community) in the Rules and Regulations.

Gate Directory Update
Homeowners, we are in the midst of upgrading our gate entry systems to a more secure system. We need all homeowner to comply in providing your contact information by the deadline below. 
The new system is needed because the current one is obsolete and does not have the capacity to hold the data for the number of homes in our community.  Prior to installation, we need to have an updated listing of names, phone numbers, and remote numbers to be programmed into the directory system.

Please be on the look out for a mailer that will contain more details about this system upgrade, along with the form that homeowners will need to fill out and return to Action Property Management by August 31, 2017

If you don't provide your info in a timely manner, your friends/guests won't be able to contact you to open the gate. They'll be stuck outside.
HOA Monthly Assessment Update
Effective October 1, 2017 our monthly HOA fee will increase to $200 per month. This increase is largely due to the HOA coming off the Bureau of Real Estate budget that we have been on. The main factor in the increase is an increase in our reserve funding. We spent an extensive amount of time trying to limit the increase as it was originally projected to increase to $225 per month. We will continue to evaluate spending and look for ways to lower cost. 

Richmond American Update
As some of you might be aware, Elkwood Cir. has been an issue of concern since the street is showing signs of sub surface deterioration and is already in need of repairs.  Richmond American had their soils engineer along with their contractor on site to excavate some test pits. The test pits were necessary in order to finalize the investigation of the status of the streets. There is potential that water intrusion has occurred. Richmond American is waiting to get a final determination so that they can go in and make the necessary street repairs. Richmond American will notify the HOA and any affected homeowners.
Pool Monitoring
We are all tired of the trespassers and those who vandalize our pool area, so we hired a pool monitor to make sure that only residents who belong are enjoying our pool facilities. The Pool Monitor is there every day from 12 noon to 8 p.m.  You are required to sign-in with the pool monitor by providing your name and your address for verification every time you enter the pool area.  The Pool Monitor is not expected to remember your name or face from previous sign-ins.  So please do not give the Pool Monitor a hard time.  The Pool Monitor has been authorized to call the police for trespassing if he is not able to obtain the required information from the individuals entering the pool.
Reporting HOA Issues to the Management Company
Fellow residents, while some of you resort to venting on issues on the Riverwalk Vista Neighborhood Facebook page, the page is NOT an HOA communication forum.  The page was created by fellow neighbors with the sole purpose of building community and is intended for networking within the Riverwalk Vista neighborhood.  Board members are welcome to post information.  

When things in the common are broken and need repair, posting on the Facebook page will not get them fixed.  
To report an issue you can use the Report an Issue button provided below.  Log in to your homeowner account and click on the Work Orders tab across the top.  If it appears that no one has reported the issue, click on Submit a New Work Order and fill out the info on the new screen that pops up.  The same screen can be used to report issues affecting your property by selecting My Property instead of Common Area at the top of the new work order screen

If you have not set up your Homeowner account yet click on Sign up for a Vivo account button provided below.
Report an Issue
Sign up for a Vivo account!
Directory of Important Numbers
RPD Non-Emergency: (951) 354-2007
Homeless Outreach Team: (951) 826-2200
Animal Control: (951) 358-7387
Code Enforcement: (951) 826-5633
Action Property Management: (800) 400-2284
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