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Children of college-educated parents are 90% more likely to earn a college degree. Multiple parent and child duos are KC Scholars and are going to college … together (as well as siblings, twins, and quadruplets).

We are featuring interview responses from two parent and child duos! Pictured right above, Natalie Moyer (daughter) received a Traditional scholarship in 2017 and Adra Moyer (mother) received an Adult Learner scholarship in 2018. Pictured left above, Maegen Huffman (mother) is a 2018 Adult Learner scholarship recipient and Micala Huffman (daughter) is a 2018 Traditional scholarship recipient.

Why is KC Scholars so important to you?

Natalie: KC Scholars is so important to me because it brings opportunities. It allows students like me – whose parents did not have this opportunity - to go to college. The cost of college was much more than what my mother could afford, so I naturally grew fearful of the college price tag. However, all of that changed on May 1st, 2017 when I became a KC Scholar.

KC Scholars is so much more than just a program to help students. KC Scholars is a family—a family that's got your back.

Adra: KC Scholars is giving me the opportunity to go back to school and fulfill my long-time dream of becoming a RN. KC Scholars is a huge support for families and individuals who cannot afford to go back to college and better their future. Without this scholarship, I would have never been able to go back to college.

What does it mean to be members of the same family going to college at the same time?

Natalie: It is so, so, so exciting! My mom always wanted to go back to school, but life and financial problems got in the way so she never had the opportunity to finish. It feels bittersweet knowing that we will both be attending college this fall, but so gratifying to have my mom experience this journey with me!

Adra: I never thought that this would happen! I am very proud and honored to go to college at the same time as my daughter. I always want to be a role model for my children and this will show them that it is never too late to attend college, work towards your dreams, and make them a reality. Now, I just need to work hard to keep up with good grades so that I don't put my daughter to shame!

Micala: I think it’s exciting that my mom and I can further our education together and bond more over it.

Maegan: I want to show my children that you should finish what you start. No one in my family has gotten a degree, so it’s important for me to do that. I have three kids and it’s always in the back of my mind that I’m going to have to pay for their college someday. My husband was the breadwinner, but he had a stroke last July; we’ve gotten to the point where I’m the primary breadwinner. I’m excited that Micala and I will be in college at the same time. Micala is super smart; if I need help, she’s always there to help me. I hope she’ll be able to use me as study buddy or someone who can relate to the stress she’s going through. It’s a different way for us to connect to each other.

What are your future plans?

Natalie: I am going to study business and marketing with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Adra: I plan on earning my bachelor's degree in nursing and continuing my education as an advanced nurse practitioner. I am currently a Spanish Medical Interpreter and can't wait to work as a nurse.

Maegan: I’m currently a medical assistant and I’m planning to finish a degree in healthcare management.

Micala: My need to help is a big part of my personality and has influenced me to go into psychology so I can offer a system of support for those who do not have it.

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5th Graders Raised Funds for KC Scholars

KC Scholars thanks the 5th grade class at Leawood Elementary in Leawood, KS for raising $612.38 for KC Scholars. It is awesome to have 5th graders helping older students go to college!

As a community asset, KC Scholars provides the opportunity for community members to donate and 100% of donations go to awarding even more scholarships.

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KC Scholars Receives Leadership Award from Mid-America Regional Council

KC Scholars is honored to receive a leadership award from MARC.

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College Advising Corps Supports Scholars

College Advising Corps Hybrid College Advisers provide wrap-around support to KC Scholars. Of the four pictured, Elizabeth Mounteer (left) transitioned to KU GearUp and Vincente Perez (second from left) will be working on his PhD at UC-Berkeley. JoMarie Infranca and Juneall Lane (third and fourth from left) will return, with two new advisers joining the team.

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The Victor and Helen Regnier Fund is an Inaugural Donor to KC Scholars. Bob Regnier, who participated in a May 1 surprise scholarship award ceremony, shared why his family gives to KC Scholars – read below. Pictured, left to right, are Bob Regnier, five scholarship recipients, and Tammy Edwards, KC Scholars Board Member.

What about KC Scholars is compelling to you? Why did you choose to invest in KC Scholars?

It carries forward the vision of Mr. Kauffman which is important in KC. I also feel the organization is well structured to find promising students to assist.

What did it mean to help present scholarships on May 1 at the surprise scholarship award ceremony?

You could see in each recipient the confidence that this scholarship imparted to them. With this confidence, it was evident the appreciation that they felt with the award.

What would you say to a potential donor to encourage them to also invest in KC Scholars?

It will always be important to invest in our future generations. A KC Scholars gift gives you confidence that a promising student will be found to benefit from your investment.

How will KC Scholars create positive impact in our region?

Young people who benefit from local support will have a higher motivation to stay in the KC metro for their careers. We need all of the bright young graduates we can find to attract and maintain in the best companies in the KC metro.

KC Scholars are participating in college-ready activities at higher rates than their cohort students in the same high schools in the KC Scholars 6-county service region.
of 2017 traditional awardees applied to 3+ and were admitted to 3+ colleges during their senior year
of participants in the College Savings Match program have made 1 contribution and 37% have made 2+ contributions to their 529 College Savings Account while in 10th grade
of adult learner scholarship recipients have remained in the program, with 7 earning degrees during the 2017-18 academic year


KC Scholars will provide the diverse workforce that Kansas City needs. Terry Bassham, CEO of KCP&L, talks about how KC Scholars will positively impact our workforce and then donate so we can prepare even more future workers. Watch the live link.

There are many ways to support future college graduates:

You can also donate directly by clicking the button below.


KC Scholars is a Kansas City Metro college scholarship and student support program that will increase college-going and completion by low- and modest- income individuals in a six-county Metro area. KC Scholars will infuse our local economy and workforce with over 8,000 college graduates by 2027.

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