Real Estate Asset Management – how institutional investors act
With the support of the Swiss Pension Fund Association ASIP, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences has examined how pension funds, foundations and life insurances in Switzerland and Liechtenstein invest in real estate and how they manage their real estate portfolio.
Real estate investment in Switzerland – for sure!
In recent years the real estate market in Switzerland has increasingly become the focus of investors. The legal certainty in Switzerland, as well as the stable currency, ensure that high-quality properties continue to gain in value and thus yield good returns.
Hybrid Concepts for City and Countryside
With new business models such as Airbnb and rapidly changing needs of the guests, the established hotel universe is increasingly out of tune. Traditional hotels come to their limits, and for new developments “more of the same” rarely is an alternative. At this point, interesting niches between a hotel and Serviced Living are still unoccupied over here.
The Accommodation as an Experience
With Le Bijou, Madeleine Fallegger is revolutionizing the hotel industry. With her company, she rents private, luxurious accommodation. She relies on centrality, individually tailored comfort and high service standards.
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