Generations & Gender Programme Newsletter
No. 68 | May 2021

GGS Fieldwork update

We are pleased to announce the launch of the GGS pilot study in Hong Kong. It is one of the largest surveys conducted fully online in East Asia. It will be interesting to see how family life in Hong Kong compares to other GGS countries. Fieldwork of the GGS Pilot in the Czech Republic has been completed and the data is currently being processed by the GGP Central Hub. Data collection in Denmark will soon be completed. Estonia has started its fieldwork and is planning to complete it by the end of June. The GGS in Estonia is also fully online and offers a choice of two languages – Estonian and Russian.  

GGS in Norway:
Summary of the 3rd GGP-Connect webinar

In the 3rd GGP Connect webinar, Lars Dommermuth (Statistics Norway) and Trude Lappegard (University of Oslo) presented the Norwegian GGS. It is the first GGS that has been conducted completely online. Although register data is available in Norway, a web-only GGS makes it possible to collect more in-depth data on families and fertility while keeping costs relatively low. In total, a gross-sample of 15,000 received invitations to the survey. Over the course of five weeks, 30% of this gross-sample completed interviews (~4,500 respondents).  

Overall, the web-only design worked well, especially if a direct individual link to the survey was provided which makes it easier for participants to access the survey. Lower response rates were found among men and lower educated respondents. Reasons for the generally lower response in a web-only context, such as higher break-offs and survey fatigue, were discussed in the seminar. The Norwegian team is currently working on an additional data set which will contain partially completed interviews.   

One aim of the GGS in Norway was to investigate drivers of the dramatic drop in fertility levels since 2010. Specifically, two research questions can now be analyzed: How is fertility influenced by 1) uncertainty and 2) positive and negative motives connected to childbearing? The Norwegian GGS can soon be downloaded on our homepage.   

The forth GGP Connect webinar on the GGS in Hong Kong will be held on 29 June. Information on the registration will follow via E-Mail as well as on Twitter. Recordings of our GGP Connect webinars can be found here

Book Launch
Social Background and the Demographic Life Course: Cross-National Comparisons

Population Europe invites you to the book launch of Social Background and the Demographic Life Course: Cross-National Comparisons. This open-access book examines how childhood social disadvantage influences young-adult demographic decision-making and later-life economic and well-being outcomes. In chapter 3, Judith Koops analyses the relation between parental and own SES and nonmarital fertility using GGP data.
The book will be presented by the editors Aart Liefbroer and Mioara Zoutewelle-Terovan (NIDI) alongside Francesco Billari (Bocconi University). Register for the event here (25 June 2021 at 1:00 – 1:30 PM CET). 

Upcoming Events

  • BSPS Virtual Annual Conference,14-15 September 2021 (Call for papers closed)
  • SLLS 2020 10th Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies Conference, 20-22 September 2021 (Call for papers closed)
  • 6th GGP User Conference, 4-8 October 2021, via Zoom (Call for papers closed)
  • 19th Divorce Network Conference, 13-15 October 2021, via Zoom (Call for papers closed)

Latest Publications

Groepler, N., Huinink, J., & Peter, T. (2021). Does the birth of a child still prompt a marriage? A comparison of Austria, France, Germany and Hungary. European Societies, 1-27. DOI: 10.1080/14616696.2021.1922930

Koops, J. (2021). Nonmarital Fertility in Europe and North-America: What Is the Role of Parental SES and Own SES? In A. C. Liefbroer & M. Zoutewelle-Terovan (Ed). Social Background and the Demographic Life Course: Cross-National Comparisons (pp. 35-60). Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-67345-1

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