AMSA Update—August 2021

AMSA Update

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Advice to the Australian domestic commercial vessel industry during COVID-19

If you work in the Australian Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) industry this page features some useful links and information about support services available during this time. It is also important you keep up to date with your local state and territory restrictions, as the situation is changing quickly.

AMSA National Compliance Plan 2021-22

The new compliance plan provides industry with a clear view of what AMSA will be looking for over the coming year to make it easier to comply with the national law.

Make sure you have your float-free EPIRB

The effectiveness of your float-free EPIRB is dependent on where the unit is mounted. Some important considerations for installation include:

  • on the outside of the vessel
  • in a clear open space away from any obstructions
  • where it is easy to access in an emergency and manual activation is required
  • where it is protected from damage.

For more advice on installation, see the manufacturer’s instructions.

To find out more about the mandatory float-free EPIRB requirements for certain domestic commercial vessels visit our website.

Overloading – don’t rock the boat!

Excessive loading of your tender vessel is dangerous and could cause you to capsize. Overloading a tender has a detrimental effect on the vessel’s stability, affects the vessel’s normal handling characteristics and makes the tender more susceptible to swamping and capsize.

Find out more about operating your tender safely. 

Australia-Indonesia Search and Rescue exercise continues to build closer international relationships

A search and rescue exercise (SAREX) between Australia and Indonesia was held on 4 August 2021 to further strengthen relationships between the two nations and improve overall transport safety and assistance in Indonesia.

The annual SAREX, involving the AMSA’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) as well as Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue body (BASARNAS) and the Kupang SAR Office (RSC), was held via video teleconference due to current COVID restrictions. Read more.

Digital@Sea Asia-Pacific 2021 Conference

Leading the digitalization of the maritime industry

Online from the Sejong Convention Center in Seoul, South Korea

September 8–9 2021, 16:00–18:55 (Korea Standard Time) / 17:00–19:55 (AEST)

Attend the Digital@Sea Asia Pacific Conference at no cost to find out what technologies are poised to transform the global maritime sector. Along with stakeholders from around the world, consider how these emerging technologies will disrupt business models, regulation, new competencies, how we work and collaborate. Learn more and register.

July 2021 incidents

There were 55 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels in July 2021. Of these, 15 were serious. Read the full report

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