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Hi Wonderful Directors (or reps of wonderful directors)
Thank you very much for submitting your fantastic video to SHINY.
Your video has now been reviewed by at least SIX VIPs from the jury network and has been selected to screen at the SHINY Showcase in London next Tuesday.
It's also being added to the prestigious #SHINYlist, which is sent to a further TWO HUNDRED brands, ad agencies and production companies just ahead of the Tuesday event. Congratulations!
(If you submitted more than one video, see below for which one was selected)
This means we need some things doing quickly please!
1/ Confirm you really are eligible
It’s really important for our credibility that we’re promoting truly emerging directors. I’ve pasted the info from our FAQs below.
If there’s any kind of problem, please let me know asap. We’ll work out some other way to help you if there is a problem (we know LOADS of people), so please be truthful!
2/ Showcase
Please can you get a master over to Neli our editor ASAP. 
Her email address is, please send We Transfer etc direct to her - or switch your Vimeo download facility on and let her know. 
She’s editing on Adobe Premiere, so most video formats are supported, but the best ones are MOV, MP4 and MPEG.
3/ SHINYlist
As well as screening at the Showcase, your work will be included on the #SHINYlist. 
This is our curated list of the best directors submitting to SHINY, and we need you to fill out this form, and follow the instructions there ASAP, thanks
4/ Promo on our socials
If you’d like us to promo you as a SHINYlist director, please could add the SHINY laurel to your thumbnail and send it to us. This is less urgent - we spread the socials over the weeks after the event.
If you're coming to the event let me know yet, please drop me a line. We'll send out an email shortly to attendees with more info about the event - or you can check out event details on the website

Very best, you're great


ps - some of you got  version of this email last night - if that was you, please can you fill out the form again - there's some new info we need from you in there, thanks :)
#SHINYlist & Showcase selections Oct 19

Thessa Meijer Cineville Heat
Balan Evans self commissioned Balan Evans
Ethan + Tom Barrett + Gullam Flohio WAY2
Red Filgate self-comissioned Redrum UNIT 22
Giles Smith Baylis & Harding Jenson Button (Directors Cut)
Otis Dominique Kojey Radical x 1800 Tequila Pearly
Alexandra Green Mulberry Reflections
Shona Hamilton Plan International I say it's not OK
Valentin Petit Roméo Elvis Normal
GRANDMAS N/A Pearl City / Sunday Best Pearl City - Down by the Tree
Lucas Hrubizna Sam Tudor Joseph in the Bathroom


Eligible directors

  • Unsigned/ freelance directors are eligible as long as they have worked commercially as directors (of any genre of filmmaking) for less than five years.

  • To clarify: if you received your first payment/ fee/ financial recognition as a director (of any genre of filmmaking) LESS than 5 years ago, you ARE eligible as an emerging director. If you received your first payment/ fee/ financial recognition as a director (of any genre of filmmaking) MORE than 5 years ago, you ARE NOT eligible as an emerging director. If you break these rules, you hurt Shiny's reputation. Please be honest.

  • If you have had a parenting break, or break due to illness of any length, which would make you eligible as working for fewer than 5 years, please contact us to confirm.

  • If you think an exception to this rule should made for a particular director, just contact us.
  • Directors signed to small production companies (4 or fewer people) can submit work as freelancers, if the director has been working commercially for less than 5 years.

  • Recently signed directors are eligible if they signed with the 18 months prior to submission, and were not signed to a rep or an APA registered (or global equivalent) production company in that territory prior to that. Plus these directors must have worked for less than 5 years as per the definition above.

  • Directors can be based anywhere in the world, be any age and from any background. 
  • It's the responsibility of the submitter to check eligibility, no refunds!​ (because they take up time and cost us money)

Eligible work

  • Any video under 5 minutes runtime, including: music video; fashion film; brand content; narrative; documentary; game-based content.

  • For events & the awards - any work of under 5 minutes’ runtime, except trailers for longer work, excerpts and showreels.

  • For reviews only - any work of under 5 minutes’ runtime, including trailers for longer work and showreels

  • Work must have been delivered to the client or published online within 3 years prior to the date you enter the work. It's a long eligibility period to allow for entries which are little-known to the industry. The more unfamiliar the work, the more likely it is to do well in SHINY.
  • It's fine to submit unpublished, password-protected videos as long we're OK to screen them live at an event if they're selected (we don't need to show online).
  • Entries can be spec work or self-initiated briefs.
  • It's the responsibility of the submitter to check eligibility, no refunds! (because they take up time and cost us money)
SHINY Laurels
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