Would you like a great workshop for your people?

Summer is a great time for workshops!

Are you interested in having a fun and helpful workshop with your group?
Maybe you would like to learn more about yourself and your family through an interactive coaching session?
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3 basic options that easily fit into your schedule:

Live on Purpose:
You can purchase these sessions for your own use, or you can click the contact button and bring me in to lead you through it. 4 interactive steps to learning more about your purpose and how to live with it!
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Everyone's favourite personality type assessment! I am a certified practitioner so I can lead you, your family, your team, your group...anyone around you...through the process. It is a great way to start and continue the conversation about understanding yourself and the people in your life.
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Living Better Together!
This workshop was designed to be used by families and couples, but I also ended up putting it to use as a community resource tool! It combines some of the above elements, and helps people learn from each other as they work and live together. It can be adapted to work with you in your home, a work group, or in a community setting.
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Can I help you or someone you know in another way not listed? I would love to hear from you.
Let me make your summer even better than it already is!
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