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Chair George Badey, Vice Chair Tsiwen Law, Treasurer Rob Armstrong, Secretary Danielle Kleinman

June 2, 2018


Democrats Regain Majority on Township Board After Impressive Victories by Farhy, Larkin
For Radnor voters in Wards 1 and 7, May 15th was not only Primary Day but also a chance to pick a Commissioner to represent their ward until the 2019 general election. Our Democratic candidates, Jack Larkin (Ward 1) and Sean Farhy (Ward 7), each won their Special Election by huge margins of well over 60% of the vote. Jack bested his Ward 1 Republican opponent, Bill Morrissey, with 500 votes to Morrissey's 294 votes; Sean garnered 528 votes in Ward 7 while Republican Jane Galli drew 264 votes. Since taking control of Radnor's township government in 2009 after over a century of continuous Republican domination, Radnor Democrats have ushered in an unprecedented level of transparency, smart fiscal control, and good government. However, early this year, the Republican who actually lost the Ward 1 Commissioner election in 2015 was installed as the interim Ward 1 Commissioner, thereby temporarily flipping Radnor to Republican control. The voters took care of this on May 15th in no uncertain terms, restoring an elected Democratic 4-3 majority. Congratulations to Sean, Jack, and all of their volunteers and supporters on these hard earned and well deserved victories! Read more about these races here.
Ward 4 Commissioner and President Lisa Borowski, Sean Farhy, Jack Larkin, and Ward 5 Commissioner John Nagle

Lame Duck Republican Board of Commissioners Takes Parting Shot
Since 2009, Radnor voters have elected Democratic majorities to our Board of Commissioners (BOC), which governs Radnor Township. From 2009 to 2011, there was a 4-3 Democratic majority. From 2011 to 2015, there was a 5-2 Democratic majority, and, since 2015, a 4-3 Democratic majority. However, Ward 1 Democratic Commissioner Jim Higgins' retirement in January 2018 left the BOC deadlocked at 3-3. Thereafter, the Vacancy Board was called upon to break the tie and appoint a temporary replacement for Ward 1, to serve only until the May 2018 Special Election results are certified. Matt Marshall, the Republican whom Jim Higgins trounced by a wide margin in the 2015 election, asked to be appointed to serve. Surprisingly, Republican Marshall was appointed instead of one of the Democratic applicants, even though Ward 1 had elected a Democratic commissioner for two consecutive terms. This resulted in the BOC reverting to an unelected 4-3 Republican majority, but only for a very short time. Last Tuesday, Ward 1 overwhelmingly elected Democrat Jack Larkin to fill Mr. Higgins' unexpired term through 2019, so everyone knew that by the end of May 2018, the BOC would be back to its 4-3 duly elected Democratic balance. There was only one last BOC meeting scheduled--on May 21st--where Mr. Marshall and his unelected, lame duck Republican majority would still serve. In a shocking, eleventh hour 4-3 party line vote at the May 21st BOC meeting, the four Republicans (Luke Clark, Rich Booker, Jake Abel, and the unelected Marshall) voted to fire the non-political Bucks County law firm that has represented Radnor Township for almost 10 years (since before Democratic majorities were elected in 2009) and replace it with a Delaware County (DelCo) firm with strong and deep ties to the DelCo Republican political machine. Democratic Commissioner-elect Jack Larkin publicly implored these four Republicans to table this vote to give the duly elected Board a chance to vote on this issue later this month. Jack pointed out that this law firm has donated thousands of dollars to Delaware County Republicans and has been hired by other Republican-controlled BOCs in DelCo. Literally minutes before the meeting was adjourned and the temporary unelected Republican control of Radnor relegated to the dustbin of history, Clark, Booker, Abel, and Marshall obediently followed through with a vote to commit hundreds of thousands of Radnor taxpayers' dollars to this politically connected Republican law firm.

Mary Gay Scanlon Prevails in Crowded PA-5 Primary
With approximately 28% of the vote, Mary Gay Scanlon won the Democratic primary race for Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional District (PA-5). Scanlon finished atop a massive field of 10 candidates, which included 6 women. Ashley Lunkenheimer and Rich Lazer finished second and third, respectively, with approximately 15% of the vote each. Scanlon was endorsed by the Radnor Democrats and garnered about 45% of the vote in our township. In the general election this fall, Scanlon will face fellow lawyer Pearl Kim, who ran unopposed in the Republican primary.

John Fetterman Joins Governor Tom Wolf on Democratic Gubernatorial Ticket
With approximately 38% of the vote, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman won the 5-way Democratic primary race for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. He joins Governor Tom Wolf, who ran unopposed in his primary, on the Democratic gubernatorial ticket. With Fetterman's victory, incumbent Michael Stack became our Commonwealth's first lieutenant govenor to lose a primary election. The Radnor Democrats' endorsed candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Nina Ahmad, finished second with approximately 24% of the statewide vote, but she won over 54% of the vote in Radnor Township (which was more than all four of her competitors combined, with the second-place finisher in Radnor pulling less than 17%). Wolf and Fetterman will face Republican nominees Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos, respectively, in the general election.

New Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee Elected
On May 15th, Democrats in Pennsylvania also elected to four-year terms the members of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee (PADSC), which is the governing body of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Twenty-five candidates vied for 11 spots to represent Delaware County on the PADSC, with nine of the 11 candidates endorsed by the Radnor Democrats winning election. (Note that, in accordance with party rules designed to promote gender balance, the 11 spots go to the top five women, the top five men, and then the next highest vote-getter overall. In another sign that this is the Year of the Woman, the top 5 vote-getters overall were all women.) The members of the PADSC representing Delaware County until 2022 are:

Top 5 women (# of votes): Sharon Booker (20,829); Mary Ellen Balchunis (20,692); Monica Taylor (20,068); Bonnee Bentum (17,619); and Melissa Carden (16,148)
Top 5 men (# of votes): Bob Stump (15,864); Raymond Santarelli (13,481); Bill Clinton (12,272); Malcolm Yates (12,268); and Brett Burman (9,992)
Next highest vote-getter (# of votes): Jean Davidson (15,851)

General Election Match-ups Set for U.S. Senate, Governor and State Representative Races
U.S. Senator Bob Casey and Governor Tom Wolf each ran unopposed in their primary in their reelection bids. Casey will face former Congressman and staunch Trump supporter Lou Barletta, while Wolf will take on businessman and State Senator Scott Wagner, another Trump acolyte. Jennifer O'Mara and State Representative Greg Vitali each ran unopposed in their State House primary races for the 165th and 166th Legislative Districts, respectively. O'Mara is seeking to unseat incumbent Republican Alex Charlton, while Vitali will defend his seat against Republican Baltazar Rubio. Vitali also ran for U.S. Congress in the PA-5 primary, where he finished fifth.

Primary Election Results in Radnor Township
Here are the precinct-by-precinct machine totals in Radnor Township for the Primary Elections.

Help Staff Our Tent at the Wayne Music Festival 
The Radnor Dems will again have a presence at the Wayne Music Festival this year, from 2pm to 6pm. Please help us staff our big blue tent with lots of volunteers by signing up for a slot or two here. We will be enlisting volunteers for the fall campaigns, soliciting subscribers to this newsletter, and generating excitement for the midterm elections among our fellow Democrats.
Volunteer for RHS Voter Engagement Initiative
The Radnor High School (RHS) Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) and the Radnor League of Women Voters (RLWV) will launch a voter engagement initiative for all RHS Seniors. Dr. Roberta Winters will present a tutorial on how to register to vote, confirm or change status, and how to fill out an absentee ballot. The PTSA and RLWV are seeking volunteers on June 11th at 8:30am to assist with the event. For more information, please email Roberta Winters.

Contribute to the RDC General Election Fund
The voters have chosen an incredible slate of candidates for this fall's general election, but our work is not done. Any "Blue Wave" will not be a weather event; we must work hard to make it happen! Please contribute to the Radnor Democratic Committee so that we can help elect Democratic candidates up and down the ticket, from the State House to the Governor's mansion. Every dollar you contribute helps; please help by clicking here!


Delaware County Young Democrats June Fundraiser
Saturday, June 2nd, 7:30pm
Home of Elaine Paul Schaefer
817 Hunt Road, Newtown Square, PA
The DelCo Young Dems are delighted to announce the opening fundraiser for their summer series. Come enjoy snacks, meet and mingle with other Young Democrats, and enjoy our program. RSVP here. Tickets will be sold at the door: 
Young Democrat (ages 18-42) - $10
Friend of the Young Democrats - $25
Mentor - $50 
Sponsor - $75

Delaware County Democratic Committee Quadrennial Reorganization
Sunday, June 3rd, 4pm (credentialing starts at 3pm)
Strath Haven High School
200 South Providence Road, Wallingford, PA
Every four years, all elected Democratic committeemembers in Delaware County convene to elect a County Chair. All are welcome and encouraged to attend, whether or not you are a committeeperson.

Wayne Music Festival
Saturday, June 9th, 2-10pm
Downtown Wayne, PA
Mark your calendars for one of the biggest events in Radnor, the annual music party hosted by the Wayne Business Association. Come by in the afternoon to say hi to the Radnor Democrats and some of our local elected officials under our big blue tent as we turn our attention to the General Election!

Radnor Democrats Monthly Meeting and Quadrennial Reorganization
Tuesday, June 12th, 7pm
Radnorshire Room, Radnor Township Municipal Building
301 Iven Avenue, Radnor, PA
Every four years, all elected Democratic committeemembers in Delaware County convene to elect a County Chair and Township Committee officers. We will conduct the quadrennial reorganization and officer election for the Radnor Democratic Committee during this meeting. All are welcome and encouraged to attend, whether or not you are a committeeperson.

Radnor Democrats Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, July 17th, 7pm
Radnorshire Room, Radnor Township Municipal Building
301 Iven Avenue, Radnor, PA
All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Radnor Democrats Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, August 14th, 7pm
Radnorshire Room, Radnor Township Municipal Building
301 Iven Avenue, Radnor, PA
All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Radnor Democrats Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, September 11th, 7pm
Radnorshire Room, Radnor Township Municipal Building
301 Iven Avenue, Radnor, PA
All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Radnor Democrats Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, October 9th, 7pm
Radnorshire Room, Radnor Township Municipal Building
301 Iven Avenue, Radnor, PA
All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Radnor Democrats Present: A Special Evening of Humor with Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers
Thursday, October 18th, 7-9pm
Join the Radnor Democrats for a special evening of humor with Lucy Bell W. Jarka-Sellers, author of the political satire "Meet John Dough, Superhero: A Political Fantasy." Details to come.

The Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee (PADSC) is the governing body of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party (PDP). Founded in 1792, the PADSC is responsible for directing and promoting the guiding principles and core values of the PDP.

The PADSC, whose members are elected to four-year terms, meets three times each year. They elect a Chair, members of the Executive Board, hold nominating conventions for statewide candidates, pass and promote a platform, pass resolutions, and perform other party business. Under Chairman Jack Hanna, the professional staff raises money and coordinates strategies to elect Democrats up and down the ballot across the Commonwealth.

The PADSC currently has approximately 370 members, with 11 members representing Delaware County.


John Fetterman
Candidate, Lieutenant Governor

Pennsylvania born and raised, John was born to teenage parents who were just starting out on their own. At the time, his father worked nights to put himself through college. John grew up in York, and later followed in his father’s footsteps to Albright College, where he played offensive tackle for the Lions.

At 23, John joined up with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and threw himself into the program, mentoring his ‘little’ - an 8-year-old boy who had recently lost his father to AIDS and whose mother was also battling the disease. Before she passed away, John promised that he would continue to look out for her son and make sure that he would graduate college. Fifteen years later, John and his ‘little’ had both held up their ends of the bargain, with his little’s graduation from Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, PA.

The disparity between his own life and that of his ‘little’ motivated John to quit his job and join AmeriCorps, where for two years he served in Pittsburgh’s historic Hill District, helping to set up the first computer labs in the neighborhood and teaching GED classes to young mothers and fathers.

He went on to earn a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where he focused on finding solutions in social work, business, and public policy to confront urban challenges and economic inequality.

John then returned to Pennsylvania to start a GED program in the town of Braddock. John saw the beauty, grit, and determination that had been in the community’s roots for generations, and focused on turning Braddock, a town facing many obstacles, into a thriving and growing community.

In 2005, encouraged by his students and motivated to do more to address the inequality that was plaguing his community, John ran for mayor. He managed to win the crowded primary by a single vote, and he’s been hard at work ever since.

During the last 12 years as mayor, John has worked to build Braddock back from the verge of extinction. He’s applied a hands-on approach from AmeriCorps and his service experience to take steps to rebuild his community, bringing creative urban policy solutions to Braddock. He has worked with young people and artists to transform creative spaces downtown, and turned abandoned properties into urban gardens.

John has worked to attract new residents and new jobs, as more than a dozen businesses have relocated into Braddock and the population has stabilized for the first time in decades. He is most gratified, though, by breaking the cycle of violence in his community that culminated with nearly 5 ½ years without the taking of a life.

When Pennsylvania lawmakers continued to push outdated discriminatory policies banning marriage equality, Mayor John stood up and officiated one of the first same-sex marriages in the commonwealth.

John is proud of what they’ve achieved in Braddock, but wanted to do more not only for his community, but for his commonwealth. In 2016, John decided to run for U.S. Senate to be a champion for the struggling towns all over Pennsylvania, places like Braddock that have gotten a raw deal.

Facing off against a former Member of Congress and a candidate with the full backing of the Democratic Party, John entered the race as an outsider and an underdog. Despite being outspent more than 15 to 1, he shocked the establishment by earning 20% of the vote in a 4-way race and winning Allegheny County, the 2nd-largest county in the state.

John emerged as one of Pennsylvania’s leading progressive voices for working people, running on issues like inequality, racial justice, and ending the failed war on drugs – issues that the Democratic Party would only later recognize as key to winning over and turning out voters.

John, his wife Gisele, and their three children Karl, 8, Gracie 6, and August, 3 years, live in a restored car dealership in Braddock.

Congratulations to ALL Radnor Democrats, especially our newly elected Commissioners, Jack Larkin and Sean Farhy, and our Radnor Democratic Committee members! Last Tuesday's Election Day saw big wins across the board for Radnor's endorsed Democrats in both local Special Elections and in the Primary Elections. Every candidate our committee endorsed won substantial victories in Radnor Township, and almost all won their respective elections! That sends a clear message that the Radnor Democratic Committee is an effective political force for good in Delaware County. At least for now (and since 2009), Radnor remains the largest Democratically controlled municipality in Delaware County! We all hope that this finally changes next year with the larger Upper Darby and Haverford Townships turning from Red to Blue.

There were no contested primaries on our ballots for U.S. Senate, Governor, and State Representative. In the three contested primary races--U.S. Congress, Lieutenant Governor, and Democratic State Committee--40 candidates vied for 13 spots (resulting in one Lieutenant Governor nominee, one Congressional nominee, and 11 State Committee members). All of Radnor's endorsed candidates won Radnor Township itself, and our endorsed candidates ultimately won 10 of the 13 races (12 of 15 if we count the Specials). For our own Democratic Committee, we have elected many returning committee members and several newcomers--invigorated, energetic Democratic activists who care deeply for our community.

Mary Gay Scanlon, Radnor's endorsed Congressional candidate, won by a sizable margin in a ten-way race. Mary Gay credits Radnor for providing her essential momentum during the homestretch. Whether you personally supported her or not, now is the time for all of us to come together to make sure we send this Delaware County Democrat to Washington.

We should all be proud of the hard work we poured into this election. It paid off. With your help this November, we hope to take back the U.S. House and Senate, roll back or at least stall the Trump agenda, and also elect many new Democrats to the state legislature, including Jen O'Mara in the 165th.

--George Badey
All Politics Is Local, and positive change starts at home. Help us to build our party from the ground up, because today's local officials could become tomorrow's state and national leaders. Volunteer and/or donate today.
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