Chair George Badey, Vice Chair Tsiwen Law, Treasurer Rob Armstrong, Secretary Danielle Kleinman

Dear Radnor Democrats and allies,
Tuesday’s Primary Election Day was locally uneventful, with no incidents or controversies. I am pleased to report that our Radnor Democratic Committee successfully brought in huge pluralities for all our endorsed candidates. Congrats to Radnor’s own Lisa Borowski, running for the newly drawn 168th State Legislative seat. Lisa unofficially received over 800 more votes than her Republican counterpart. Radnor Township was responsible for that entire margin since the rest of the 168th is in Republican-controlled areas. We in Radnor need to do even better in November.
For Democratic State Committee, a county-wide race which elected 13 members on Tuesday, Radnor’s own Lisa Goldstein handily won a seat, placing second of 13, and receiving over 41,000 votes. Our entire Radnor-endorsed slate of 13 also won in Radnor, and 12 of those 13 also won county-wide. 
Tuesday’s Primary was a testament to the excellence and effectiveness of our Radnor Democratic Committee. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who helped, whether you’ve been a committeeperson for decades, or whether you are a Radnor High School student – and we had several - staffing your very first poll greeter position. Seeing so many young volunteers across Radnor on Tuesday bodes well for a promising future for our great party.
The link to the unofficial precinct level of results follows this sentence, but before clicking, please read on for important, time sensitive information.
We all know that the General Election coming up in November, in Radnor, in Delco and across Pennsylvania will be transformational. We must win! With the likelihood of continued GOP control of our state house and senate, we must elect Democrat Josh Shapiro in November. Otherwise, if Republican Doug Mastriano wins, Pennsylvania will become “Texas of the East Coast.” Mastriano - in his own words - is promising to enact immediately by executive order “on Day One” - the most extreme of right- wing politics - so extreme that even the GOP establishment (unsuccessfully) tried to stop him from winning the Republican Primary. First and foremost, he is promising to appoint a new Secretary of State who will do his bidding in shaping how he wants elections and outcomes to go in the future.  “I could decertify every machine in the state with the stroke of a pen.”  And that’s just the beginning of his stated frightening agenda.  School curriculum will go the way of Florida’s new laws, abortion will become illegal and punishable by prison, our environment will be ravaged for the short-term profits of fossil fuel company GOP donors, and voting rights will be trampled, as he and his GOP allies pave the way to install Donald Trump as the “winner” in Pennsylvania in 2024, even after he loses again.
We must also elect John Fetterman too. It is quite likely that Fetterman is all that stands between a functioning federal government able to pass legislation and confirm judges, and a Republican / Mitch McConnell controlled U.S. Senate which would stop everything coming out of the U.S. House and Biden administration in its tracks.
We will have the rest of the Spring, the Summer and some of the Fall to organize, strategize, and deploy our forces to generate maximum Democratic turnout for November, but this will all begin this coming Monday, May 23, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. at the Radnor Township Municipal Building. We ask all of you to come out in person to support our Radnor Democratic commissioners as they introduce and hear public comment on a new proposed township ordinance being introduced by Democratic Commissioner Jack Larkin. This legislation is in response to the likelihood that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade. Commissioner Larkin’s legislation would prohibit any Radnor municipal resources, including Radnor police, from being used to enforce any state or federal law which would prohibit abortion before 24 weeks or when it is medically necessary to protect the life of the mother. The goal of Commissioner Larkin’s proposed legislation is to codify the currently existing protections contained in Roe v. Wade. It is not seeking to change the existing balance, but instead is intended to send a clear message: We will not tolerate the GOP using Radnor taxpayer funded local enforcement resources to take away the currently existing rights that Pennsylvania women have had for almost 50 years!
Commissioner Jack Larkin, who has a history of standing up for our rights, has taken a bold, decisive, and courageous step by crafting and introducing this legislation. Expect Jack’s brilliant approach to take hold all over the nation. Republicans, cheering over the imminent demise of Roe v. Wade tell us that we need to address women’s rights politically, instead of through the courts. Jack Larkin has answered the call. This story is already in the news and, as always, Radnor Democrats are leading the way to protect the health, safety, and rights of our citizens. Check out the story on NBC 10 news today.
Please come in person to the Radnor Township Municipal Building this coming Monday, May 23, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.  We need a strong showing of support !
Democratically yours,
George Badey
Chair, Radnor Democratic Committee





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