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Dear fellow Democrats and allies,

The General Election is in just 2 days - Tuesday, November 2, 2021.
These odd-numbered year elections are critical to all our daily lives since it will determine who will lead our local schools, Radnor Township, and Delaware County. In addition, we will be electing judges up and down the ballot, from the crucial PA Supreme Court, to our statewide appellate, county, and local courts. As we have learned all too well, judges some of our most important elected positions, as they are often the ultimate backstop in preserving not only our Constitutional rights, but also our democracy, as well as maintaining the progress we have made within our communities and our country.  


We are asking that you take the time to vote. Your Democratic vote is needed to make ensure your values are represented in our schools, local government, and our crucial judiciary. 

Voting is your opportunity to have your voice heard.  We ask you to vote straight Democratic; your vote will make a difference in Radnor, where just four years ago a commissioner election was decided by just three votes.  


In addition, please support the Democratic County candidates who have an opportunity to continue the revitalization and elimination of political corruption within Delaware County after nearly 150 years of a Republican Majority rule. Just this month, the Delaware County bond rating was increased to a higher rating because of the fiscal responsibility of our Democratic leadership that took office in January 2020.  This will save the county substantial amounts in future interest payments and it’s indicative of our good government, guided by Democratic leadership.


We have a fantastic and amazingly well qualified treasurer candidate, Ken Frohlich, running Township-wide. Please check out his website below. I don’t think Radnor has ever had as well qualified a treasurer as Ken will be. Also, we have excellent commissioner candidates running in wards two, three, four, and six. The candidate websites appear below. These elections are often decided buy a very narrow margin which makes it all the more important that you take a few minutes and vote. Also, please talk to your friends and neighbors in your community and have them vote Democratic also.


Please vote for all four endorsed Democratic School Board candidates. Quite simply, our incumbent candidates want to sustain and build on Radnor’s strong momentum. Just this year, Newsweek Magazine and Niche both rated Radnor as the #1 school district out of 500 districts across all of PA. This doesn’t happen by accident. Our school board has worked tirelessly with our District administration to set a vision for and deliver cutting-edge, future-ready educational experiences for allour students while cultivating an inclusive environment that prioritizes every student’s sense of belonging and wellbeing. It’s the kind of work that has earned our students, teachers, and schools’ top honors. We’ve also blazed these trails with sound fiscal management and the lowest school tax increase (1.9%) in years.


Don’t be fooled by the unprecedented disinformation campaign being hoisted upon our community by the Radnor Republicans and their "political advocacy group," Reimagine Radnor. Knowing that Donald Trump was deeply unpopular here, the Republican candidates and their supporters have been hiding from the "Republican” label since he was elected. Note that despite this being by state law a political election, there is not one sign anywhere in Radnor Township urging people to "Vote Republican.” Radnor voters deserve transparency and it starts with being honest about your identity.


As we know from the national headlines, school boards are under attack across America, even here in Radnor.  As we learned from a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article, dated 10/15/21, these right-wing attacks, done for the sole benefit of electing only the Radnor GOP School Board candidates, are being financed through Reimagine Radnor by self-described “hard-core Republican” Paul Martino, a resident of Bucks County. Mr. Martino has “invested” in over 40 other school board campaigns in PA with the idea of getting more Republicans elected to school board that will promote his non-mainstream conservative agenda. Don’t allow the national right-wing chaos to invade and destabilize our school system.  Among its many accomplishments, our Democratic School Board members just renewed our superintendent’s contract at the June 2021 business meeting, ending the recent revolving door of Radnor superintendencies. Securing this stability for Radnor is a crucial testament to the quality of their leadership and commitment to Radnor’s ongoing success.




Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Voting


Voting in Person?

Polls in Radnor are open from 7 AM to 8 PM. Here is the list of polling locations. []


Voting by Mail?

If you have not yet submitted your Mail-in ballot, please do NOT mail it now. Instead, please place it in the Ballot Drop Box before the 8 p.m. deadline at the Radnor Township Municipal Building on Iven Avenue.


What if I request a mail-in/absentee ballot and then decide I want to vote in-person at my polling location?

If you receive a mail-in/absentee ballot but decide you would prefer to vote in person at your polling place, you can do so. You must bring your ballot in its declaration envelope with you on Election Day, inform the poll workers that you would like to spoil your ballot and vote in-person instead, and surrender it to your precinct Judge of Elections. You can then cast a regular in-person ballot.

If you do not have your mail-in/absentee ballot to surrender at your polling place, you may cast a provisional ballot. This will be counted only if the Bureau of Elections does not receive the mail-in/absentee ballot that was sent to you.


What to Do If Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot Has Not Arrived?


Delaware County voters who applied for—but still haven’t received—a vote-by-mail ballot (either an absentee or no-excuse mail-in ballot) have the following options:

 Voter Service Center. Voters can visit the Voter Service Center at the County Government Center, 201 W. Front Street, in Media to obtain a replacement ballot.

Voter Service Center hours tomorrow, Monday November 1 are: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


- Tuesday, November 2, Election Day: 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.


Voters who previously applied for a vote-by-mail ballot will be able to receive a replacement, ballot, mark it, and submit it at the Voter Service Center—or take the replacement ballot home and return it to the voter drop box at the Radnor Township building before 8 PM on 11/2/21 (Election Day). 

Provisional Ballot. Under Pennsylvania law, voters who have not received their vote-by-mail ballot by Election Day may cast a provisional ballot at the voter’s home precinct polling place on Election Day (May 18) between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. If the vote-by-mail ballot has not been received by the County and the voter’s registration is valid, that provisional ballot can be counted.


Please note that all vote-by-mail ballots must be received by Delaware County by close of polls on 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 2nd—regardless of postmark date—in order to be counted.

Delaware County sample ballots are available at [].

Questions? Call our Election Hotline at (610) 891-VOTE (8683), Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.



November 2, 2021  Please VOTE!!!
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