26 Days Until Election Day!
Chair George Badey, Vice Chair Tsiwen Law, Treasurer Rob Armstrong, Secretary Danielle Kleinman

Note from the Chair:

Dear fellow Democrats, friends, neighbors, allies and others,
I write to you today in a Special Edition.  I have been Chair of the Radnor Democrats for twelve years.  While all elections are battlegrounds to a certain extent, I have never experienced the outrageousness of the one facing our profoundly courageous, accomplished and dedicated incumbent Democratic School Board members.  They are facing Radnor Republican candidates and their Reimagine Radnor political and partisan advocacy group - equipped with national Republican funding and a GOP disinformation playbook - who are wholly untethered to the truth.  Their disinformation campaign gets worse by the day and they know better.  Reimagine Radnor and the GOP school board candidates are members of the school community who have easy and direct access to school board meetings, school district correspondence, school district personnel and school district documents where the facts and truth are readily and publicly available.  Yet they disregard these official resources and promote disinformation for their political gain.
It should alarm every Radnor resident who expects honesty, integrity and transparency from its elected officials that these candidates could possibly be elected to a public office, especially one that is responsible for the educational stewardship of our Radnor children.  If, at a minimum, these candidates and their supporters can’t uphold truth and facts, they certainly shouldn’t be anywhere near the governance of our top rated school district let alone role models for our children.

Please read the communication below that the Radnor Democrats for School Board sent to their supporters recently.  I hope it mobilizes every one of us, in the ways that they ask for below and beyond, to ensure that on November 2, we insist that in Radnor, honesty, integrity, and adhering to TRUTH AND FACTS are non-negotiable and essential requirements for holding all public offices, especially school board.

Democratically yours,

George Badey
Chair,  Radnor Democratic Committee
Radnor School Board!
Dear fellow Radnor Democrats, friends and neighbors,
There is an important election taking place on November 2nd. The Radnor School Board is one of the races on the ballot and we are asking for your support in our bid for re-election.
There is a new phenomenon we’re encountering in this race and it is troubling. It is a reckless disregard for transparency and truth. While we are trying to stay laser-focused on our own efforts, some things are too wrong to ignore. We’d like to share with you the following gross misinformation repeatedly published in the monthly Radnor GOP newsletter's excerpt below. 
These lies below are also being propagated continuously by the Radnor Republican School Board candidates’ dedicated political advocacy group, Reimagine Radnor. Despite what they say, Reimagine Radnor is both political AND partisan - Republican.
    HERE'S THE TRUTH               
   TAKE A LOOK                     
  • ·     Our school buildings opened for in person learning FIRST among all 27 Delaware and Chester county school districts in September 2020 and have remained open ever since.
  • ·     Our school tax increase this year (1.9%) was the lowest in the past six years. The school tax increase this year for the average home in Radnor was $173.
  • ·     Our school board has heard more than 1,000 public comments and responded to hundreds of emails and phone calls over the past two school years.
  • ·     Our budget has funded trailblazing student-centric initiatives big and small even with this modest school tax increase.
  • ·     Our school district does NOT teach Critical Race Theory - full stop.
  • ·     Our school board members have been models of patience and professionalism in their nearly 200 public school board meetings over the past two school years.
Combatting this ongoing flood of disinformation is time consuming and expensive, and long overdue to be called out. We need your active engagement and support to ensure that honest, principled governance remains firmly in place for Radnor students and the community.
                     Here is how you can help              

Please share the TRUTH with others.
Please fill out this form to phone bank, canvass, host a yard sign, etc. Any effort helps our re-election and a member of our team will reach out to engage you in this important work. 
Please consider donating to the campaign. Getting our messages out to all is vital to victory.
Please urge any young adults in your household who are at college or away from home to register to vote AND apply as soon as possible for their absentee ballots here.
Volunteer             Donate 
We will always remain laser-focused on doing what we must to provide a wholly fulfilling and fiscally responsible Radnor educational experience for each and every one of our students.
Much appreciation,
Sarah, Lydia, Andrew and Susan


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