Chair George Badey, Vice Chair Tsiwen Law, Treasurer Rob Armstrong, Secretary Danielle Kleinman
Dear Radnor Community,
Unfortunately, tonight’s Radnor League of Women Voters Candidate Forum has been canceled because EVERY Radnor Republican candidate has refused to participate. Our cherished fall tradition in Radnor where our local candidates debate the issues under the non-partisan guidance of the universally respected League of Women Voters has always given all candidates the opportunity to share their views and defend their positions. It provided voters with crucial information and insight to help them choose wisely.
This obstruction appears to be a widespread tactic, since Republicans this year have refused to debate in neighboring Haverford Township and elsewhere, around Pennsylvania and around the country. The League has not yet issued a statement containing the reasons given by the Republicans on why they are ALL refusing to show up, but the email from the League last night stated:
“I regret to inform you that the Republican candidates will not participate in the school board candidate and commissioner candidate forums scheduled tomorrow evening.   Per League policy, we are unable to hold an “empty chair” forum and thus will not be holding the forums as planned.”
I’ve been involved in local politics for decades, and this is the first time I can ever remember that EVERY candidate of one party refused to debate. In the past I sometimes had to negotiate the debate format and scheduling with the Republicans, but this year there was express agreement on the date/time, and I was never approached by the League or by the Republicans to discuss changing the standard debate format.
Make no mistake; this is a very ominous sign from the Radnor Republicans. It is following in lockstep the New/Trump Republican Party playbook of blowing up long-standing (little-‘d’) democratic norms to undermine our trust in democracy. Indeed the very existence of our nation depends upon the survival of our democratic norms. By having vigorous, open, robust debate, meticulously honest vote-counting, and laws which implement the will of the people expressed through their votes, the people support and respect the result. Whether you are conservative or liberal, these essential American democratic norms all combine to create, support and sustain the legitimacy of our democratic institutions. Trump Republicans, now sadly including our local Radnor Republican Party, have been systematically attacking and trying to dismantle these essential democratic norms. 
After the 2020 election Trump and his followers started the Big Lie, falsely claiming the election was rigged and stolen. This was not only untrue, and the first time ever that a major party presidential candidate refused to concede, but it served to undermine the legitimacy of our democracy. Then in January, a majority of Republican House members voted to throw out the presidential electoral votes. You heard that right. A MAJORITY of the Republican U.S. House members voted to throw out the votes! What if they had succeeded? American democracy would have been destroyed.
And each time the Trump Republicans took a sledgehammer to a cherished democratic norm, they had some phony excuse that all of us could see right through. In this case, emails among the League, the Republican Chair, and me (the Democratic Chair) establish that there was agreement that the debates would be held on Sunday October 17th. There was AGREEMENT!!  Yet today, 6th Ward Republican Jake Abel issued a statement that insults the intelligence of every voter. His statement claims, among other things, “all sides were not able to reach an agreement on the time, location and format for an event.” There WAS an agreement on the time, location (Zoom) and the format. I am the Chair of the Democratic Party. I was never informed that there was a disagreement on any issues! Never! It’s infuriating when someone just flat out lies like this, and he is seeking public office. I challenge Jake Abel to provide me with one piece of evidence, one email, one text – ANYTHING – where I, the Chair of the Democratic Party, was informed of what he claims. It is a lie!
If the Radnor Republicans’ last minute refusal to participate in tonight’s Radnor League of Women Voters forum cancellation wasn’t Trump informed enough, they also held their annual fall fundraiser on Friday night with Sean Parnell as their headliner -  the official Trump-endorsed PA U.S. Senate candidate. Other PA Republicans are running for U.S. Senate, but the Radnor Republicans chose to have Parnell - Trump’s candidate - as their headliner AND despite the fact that he is facing serious legal trouble with allegations of domestic abuse.  According to The Inquirer, “Butler County officials served temporary protection-from-abuse orders against Sean Parnell on July 5, 2017, and June 8, 2018, according to call records from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. In both instances, Parnell was ordered to give up his guns, and he was ordered to leave his home in the 2017 incident.” 
According to the Radnor GOP invitation, the money raised from this past Friday night’s event with the Trump headliner was to benefit the local Radnor GOP candidates.  So it was not surprising to see that there were several Radnor Republican candidates smiling and posing with Trump’s chosen candidate Parnell on social media after the event.
Radnor friends and neighbors - you have critical choices to make on November 2nd.  And we urge you to make these choices carefully.  As we have been describing to you, there is a fierce battle - a civil war - going on for the soul of the Republican Party, pitting the old-school, rational wing of the GOP against the Trump Republicans at every level of government.  Sadly, that battle is raging right here in Radnor.  Do you want to elect candidates who don’t respect you enough to show up and share their views and policy positions with you? If they don’t have the courage to face the electorate as candidates, how can they be trusted with your vote?
After marking your calendar for Wednesday’s (Oct. 20) 7:00 p.m. RDC meeting on Zoom and reading the remaining portions of our newsletter, especially the item about Second Ward Democrat Maggy Myers, please click on this below link discussing how “Rational Republicans are losing the GOP civil war” and as former New Jersey GOP Christine Todd Whitman explained, “…the only near-term way to battle pro-Trump extremists is for all of us to team up…. with our longtime political opponent: the Democratic Party.”
I never dreamed I would ever say this, but I miss the GOP – the old, now beaten down “rational” Republican Party. We disagreed on issues, but never on our deep respect for American democracy. The survival of our nation now hangs in the balance.
Democratically yours, 
George Badey
Chair Radnor Democratic Committee

2nd WARD CANDIDATE: Maggy Myers



Maggy Myers is the endorsed Democratic candidate for the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners to represent Ward 2. If elected, she would be the first Democratic Ward 2 Commissioner in the history of Radnor Township.


Dr. Maggy Myers grew up in western Pennsylvania in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. She received a B.S. from Duke University and an M.D. from Duke Medical School. She completed her training in pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital and worked for Harvard’s Joint Program in Neonatology. After being recruited to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Maggy was promoted to be the Associate Clinical Director of Newborn & Infant Intensive Care Unit. She retired in 2006 when her husband, Jon Epstein, was diagnosed with colon cancer and pivoted her career to care for her family who are all doing well. Maggy has lived in Radnor 25 years and her 2 sons, Max and Jake, went through the Radnor School system.


Maggy is a member of the Radnor Democrats and Radnor League of Women Voters. She works for the Friends of Radnor Memorial Library and was recently elected to the Board. She also volunteers at the Alley Door thrift shop in Wayne. She serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Salisbury Cove, Maine and is Chair of the Real Estate and Facilities Committee. She’s an avid hiker, sailor, Pilates enthusiast, and amateur naturalist.


 If elected as Township Commissioner Maggy will:

  1. Listen to the concerns of the constituents of Radnor Township, especially those residents of Ward 2. 

  1. Communicate with Ward 2 residents consistently and reliably. There has been a dearth of information coming from the current Ward 2 Commissioner. Maggy strongly believes that an informed citizen is a better citizen.

  1. Work with the other Township Commissioners in an informed and civil way.

  1. Work to protect and improve our local infrastructure, including roads, bridges, sidewalks and sewers.


  1. Preserve and protect our trees and green spaces and promote a healthy environment in Radnor Township. Specifically, in Ward 2 she will actively work with the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Fenimore Woods Coalition to preserve the high canopy trees and assure ADA accessibility to Fenimore Woods Park.

  1. Ensure that our first responders are adequately funded, staffed, and equipped.

  1. Work to solve our evolving stormwater crisis due to climate change and increasing population.


As a lifelong Democrat and long-term resident of Radnor, Maggy cares deeply about issues the township faces. She’s a good listener, a critical thinker and has time and energy to devote to public service as a Commissioner for Radnor Township. She will promote truth, equity, and democracy in our great corner of southeastern Pennsylvania. Throughout her career she has encountered many different kinds of people from various backgrounds and looks forward to working on behalf of Ward 2 residents to sustain Radnor’s unique and wonderful community. Her proven leadership skills will turn advocacy into action.



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