A BLAST of Recovery
(Vol. 21  No. 02)

STEP Two - "Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity."
          Spiritual Principal - Hope

TRADITION Two - "For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority - a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern."
         Spiritual Principal - Trust

CONCEPT Two - "The OA groups have delegated to the World Service Business Conference the active maintenance of our world services; thus, the World Service Business Conference is the voice, authority and effective conscience of OA as a whole."
         Spiritual Principal - Conscience
   Chair's Corner

SANITY & HOPE. Step Two and the OA program bring both into our lives. As I’ve hunkered in my increasingly shrinking dome during COVID, I value more and more our inter-relatedness, our stories. My awareness of the importance of an expanded kinship and the networks that surround us in OA is much greater.

But as I value humans, I’m also so much more aware of the little beings in nature and enjoy observing their lives as I pause more in mine. I see a larger flow in the air, the water, the earth. As the acceptance prayer tells us:

“Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s world by mistake.”


Our InterGroup is still busy out there. You will see information throughout the BLAST. Mike is doing a great service for the InterGroup.

Mary Frances, Carol G., and Laura W. are making progress on the website. Their many hours are greatly appreciated.

Liz H. And Bob B. gave a wonderful presentation to dieticians/nutritionists at Chester County Hospital via ZOOM. The group was very interested in the OA program.

   - Irene

Meeting of the Month

Every month the BLAST will highlight contributions from member meetings of the Brandywine InterGroup. Stories, poems, art work or anything which helped in your recovery or adds to our experience, strength and hope are welcome.


Tuesday - Royersford - 7:30 pm

This meeting usually takes place at:Royersford Baptist Church
For now it is a ZOOM meeting:

Mtg. ID#: 843 5099 7778
Passcode: 236368
Dial-in:+1 646 5588656
Mtg. ID#:843 5099 7778

For more information on the Royersford meeting,
please contact: Anne @ (610) 469 9316

Here are Royersford's submissions:
Why Do I Love OA?
Let Me Count the Ways:

1)  For every single member coming through the door.
2)  For too many times the pain we tried to just ignored.

3) Represents the three sturdy legs for our stool.
4) Stop stalling on this step, don’t be a fool.

5) For all the high-fives's in the air slapping to celebrate.
6) The chapter in our Big Book that leads us through the gate.

7) The tradition we depend on so there will always be a room.
8) We learn to stop the shame over what we ate or still want to consume.

9) For the promises we get when we really, really try.
10) For the promises we get by keeping our spirit flying high.

11) I leave it blank because perfection is not our goal.
12) For those beautiful 12 Steps we learn and use to heal our soul!


- Harriet G

Why I Love OA
I came to OA to lose weight and hopefully keep it off. This was probably my 50th "diet." (No exaggeration). That's what I thought when I walked in. I was on another diet.
WOW! Did I get a big surprise - there was so much more to OA than losing weight. In fact, I was told to follow my food plan, use the Tools and "work the Steps" and the weight would take care of itself.
I didn't know I had so much "fat between my ears." I used the 12 Steps for that which was the beginning of my emotional recovery which is still a work in progress one day at a time. It was also the beginning of my spiritual recovery, which is also a work in progress.
I came to OA with Religion but I had no Spirituality - I had no personal relationship and no real trust in a Higher Power. That took time, too. Believing is one thing. Trusting and relying was another matter. Over the course of a number of 24 hours my concept of this Higher Power - the God of my Understanding - has changed. I have a relationship today. What a relief to finally not be running the show - at least not for today.
Speaking of Spirituality, this program gave me "God with skin" and what a gift you all have been to me. The WE part of the program - the Fellowship - has been my lifesaver through good times and not so good times.
So, why do I love OA? It gave me a new body, a new way to think and feel (I actually can feel my feelings now instead of stuffing them down), and a Higher Power I can rely on - One Day at a Time. And it gave me all of you. What a gift!
I am full of gratitude today and that's another reason I love OA.
- Carolyn M

Betty's Story

I have been in OA for 40 years. I am now 91 years old and I am still working the program one day at a time, with my Higher Power’s help. Before I came into OA, I  spent many years with diets etc., trying to figure out how to lose weight. My first years in OA I was still trying to find out how people lost their weight and I had no peace or serenity. Today my focus is on working the tools, the steps and traditions, one day at a time with God's help. Discipline and helping others is how I work the program now and I have hope that God will give me the ability to continue to do that one day at a time.

- Betty W

Stronger in Love

I walked into the rooms almost 5 years ago, desperately seeking a solution to my compulsive overeating problem.  Full of fear, shame, misery, and depression, I heard the words of acceptance and gratitude.  I thought the invitation to you being read out loud was written just for me.  Growing up in a large family of 9, 7 children and 2 parents, I heard about God sometimes 4 or 5 days or nights a week.  Reading and memorizing bible verses, faith, and prayer were all spiritually based.  But I needed to fill the empty hole in my soul.  It wasn't until i started working the steps with a sponsor during that first year, i was blessed with abstinence.  My higher power was no longer food.  I prayed for willingness and was granted serenity.  I have learned using the tools helps me live each day full of hope and joyfulness.  I am so grateful my sponsor helps me persevere in the o.a. program.  I am truly blessed living one day at a time. And my abstinence makes my lonely heart grow stronger in love.     


   - Anonymous


I ♥️OA

Because I now have the awareness that I am powerless over food, that there is a power greater than myself who can help and that if I let go and let god, miracles will happen.

Because I now know that diets, promises, resolutions, pills, exercise, books, magazines, doctors and church will not cure me.

Because I have a fellowship and a sponsor to remind me of what I am.

Because I have a program to work, steps to follow, actions to take and a life of sane and happy usefulness, one day at a time.

Because I have a HP that is always there.

Because I have hope.

- Anne A.

Next Month's Meeting: North Coventry
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February Intergroup Meeting & Speaker Meeting

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Saturday, February 13th @ 10:00am

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Sunday, February 28th is OA UNITY Day. To mark this occasion, the Brandywine InterGroup will be holding a virtual workshop from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. This workshop will be sponsored by the Havertown meeting. For more details:

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“Any form of service — no matter how small — that helps reach a fellow sufferer adds to the quality of our own recovery.”
- “The Tools of Recovery”, p. 5
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