December, 2018     Volume 2, Issue 5.

Here's to a Yearful of Cheerful!

Whatever holiday you're observing this season, it's time to celebrate those who mean the most to you, and what better way to spread the love than to give them something made by a local artist?

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Watercolours by Dwayne

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In Progress...

I have always wanted to paint a wolf, but I just didn't know how to do it in a way that hadn't already been done a hundred times over. Then, about a month ago, it occurred to me that I could make it into some kind of family theme.

My wife and I have twin sons who are nine. When they were born, they were a handful and didn't much like to sleep, so my wife and I had to grab our rest whenever and wherever we could. Even so, that rest was often fleeting, and easily and frequently interrupted.

This painting is meant as a tribute to my wife who fought hardest to get the sleep she needed because the boys, to this day, go right to Mommy whenever they need anything.

In the scene that I've created in the painting, Momma wolf is trying to have a nap with the pups, but that nap has been interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a chipmunk, who clearly wants to be anywhere else. Wearily, Momma is opening one eye to see what's going on.

Progress is going well with the painting. As you can see, I've got all of the main characters in place, and have begun painting the rocks all around them. For an idea of the size of this painting (the paper measures 22" by 30"), I've included a picture below of me holding it.

I'm tentatively calling this painting "Naptime Intruder." Naturally though, if you have a better suggestion for a name, send it my way. If I use it, I'll give you a print of the finished product!

A Gift of Art...

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About Dwayne...

Watercolour artist Dwayne James lives near Lakefield, Ontario where he paints as often as he can, that is when he’s not spending time with his daughter, twin boys, and his very forgiving wife.

Dwayne studied archaeology in University, and as a result learned how to write creatively. “The most important skill I learned in University,” he says, “was the ability to pretentiously write about myself in the third person.”

With no formal art training, Dwayne has always preferred the self-guided, experimental approach. In fact, he taught himself how to illustrate archaeological artifacts while completing his Master’s degree at Trent University. Said his thesis supervisor at the time: “There might not be much in the way of coherent theoretical content in Dwayne’s thesis, but damn, it looks pretty!”

After working for close to a decade as a technical communicator, Dwayne chose to look at being downsized in January 2009 as an opportunity to become a stay@home Dad for his newborn twins and pursue his painting and creative writing. It is a decision that continues to make him giggle with wild abandon to this very day.

A self-taught painter, Dwayne’s  highly-detailed watercolour paintings have been described as “unconventional” yet “absolutely authentic.”

Fascinated by both texture and dimension, Dwayne channels nature to create personalised images that are not easily captured with conventional photography.

Dwayne seizes a moment in his paintings that shifts every time you view them. You may have seen watercolours before but, chances are, you have never seen watercolours like Dwayne’s.

Copyright © 2018 Watercolours by Dwayne, All rights reserved.

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