SSLP Street Photography
The judges have announced the results of round 1 of 5 (November 2018) in the three competition categories - SSLP Student, SSLP Staff and Junior.
Read what they had to say...
CASPER - 1st place Student
St Michael's Catholic College
A well composed and impacting photograph. Good depth of field draws the viewer into the scene and beyond that into the human story. The contrast of light and dark gives dramatic emphasis to the poignancy of the situation for the wheelchair user. It speaks a thousand words in one single photographic statement. A very deserving winning entry.
JESSICA - Joint 2nd place Student
The Charter School North Dulwich
A well framed photo with a good choice of viewpoint. The angle of the image suggests movement and an invitation to journey down the winding stairway. This is a very pleasing artistic photograph which effectively captures the warmly lit curves and reflections in the scene.
RIYA - Winner of Junior category
James Allen's Prep School
The fudging effect of the vertical railings make this a very interesting and arty image. The applied use of colour brings an extra dimension to the scene and the luminous chairs are effective in helping to focus the eye on the centre of interest. The stairway behind.
A very worthy 'Best of Bunch'.
GRACE - Joint 2nd place Student
James Allen's Girls' School
This image is a visual feast of colour in an urban setting. It's an engaging image with interesting detail. The girl in black, moving down the stairway against the upward movement of the vivid geometric lines brings the eye back to the theme of the photograph; the stairway itself. Very effective.
CHRISTOPHER - Winning Staff
St Michael's Catholic College
This is a striking image. By its composition it poses a geometric puzzle. It's visual design draws you in and evokes a sense of vulnerability suggesting the viewer is leaning over, looking down and has the potential to fall through the stairwell.
A highly deserving 'Best of Bunch'.
Congratulations to all the students who will receive an Amazon voucher in due course.  Very well done. All the photographs can be viewed on Flickr.
Thank you to our judges.
We are now looking for entries for December, send to
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