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October is a month of abundant observances.  A month of falls' ending, of winters start, a month when the harvest is gathered in, the silos and grain bins are full, the root cellar is filled, the livestock gathered in and the smokehouse is filled.  October is "national mushroom month" coincident with peak gathering of shaggy manes and Lions Mane  Apples are pressed for National Apple and National Applejack month  Smoke from wildfires has cleared and controlled burns are afoot, this month.  Many nimble nimrods retreat to the deep woods in pursuit of deer and elk, of trophies and hides, or simply a last seasonal fling before the "long dark" sets in.  Sandhill cranes, waterfowl and raptors are on the move to southern climes.  Bird dogs, falconers and wing-shooters pursue doves and grouse, partridge, pheasant and quail, and ducks and geese  Samhain marks All Hallow's Eve, the thinning of the margins between the living and dead worlds and many short seekers of sweets.

Ralph Anderson, having retired from a career with the U.S. Forest Service and as a consulting Wildlife Biologist, continues to offer his perspectives, insights and perusal of the current flow of science discoveries and its implications via postings on the Wallowology facebook page. The range of links he posts runs from hard science of physics, mathematics, geo-spatial, archaeological and natural sciences to applications in education, fun and play.  He tries to dodge the politics of most issues though they are implicit in many of the articles. A common denominator he seeks in his postings is information, a widening perspective, appreciation for all that is around us and fun.

Reflection of the Month

"Come, little leaves," said the Wind one day, "Come to the meadows with me and play. Put on your dresses of red and gold; For Summer is past, and the days grow cold.” 
― George Cooper

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