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Northern Flicker
Colaptes auratus

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August Events & Outings!

Thank you Jim Zacharias!

Jim Zacharias, owner of JayZee Lumber, has brought our Discovery Center everything from the ordinary to the unusual. He has hauled in wood for signage stands, exhibit pieces, bookshelves, parking lot stops and so much more. He has donated a petrified log and tree cookies of every shape and size. But it doesn’t stop at all things wood—Jim has enhanced our exhibits with taxidermy deer, bighorn sheep and a bear. “It’s like Christmas every time Jim shows up!” says Joan Gilbert, Director of Art & Exhibits, “But better because our Santa drives a forklift!”
Jim has been bringing Wallowology interesting things since our first season and says the idea of kids learning about nature keeps him on the lookout for more. “So many kids grow up not learning about the outdoors.” Jim says “I’m impressed with the kid programs and field trips that Wallowology provides.” Wallowology is not the only organization that benefits from Jim’s generosity. He has provided interesting and educational items for the new Joseph City Playground, the annual Watershed Festival and the Wallowa Resources Wren program, among others.

Jim grew up in Wallowa County and started logging his sophomore year as a summer job. He started his own company and logged until the mid-90s when the local mills started shutting down. Jim did some other work in Alaska, Colorado and Utah but came back to Wallowa County with a dream to build a log house. He had a small portable sawmill and his sons had some logging equipment. He crafted his house, and then some other houses, and his little sawmill morphed over the last 20 years into JayZee Lumber, which has just recently moved to a new location.

He has always been active in the community and sits on the board of Wallowa Resources, Natural Resources Advisory Committee, and Wallowa-Union Railroad Board. He has worked with the Divide Camp, and provided youth hunts for Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. He has served on the Joseph School Board and Joseph City Council. It is not a surprise that in his spare time Jim enjoys all things out of doors: being a hunting guide, hiking, riding horses, building rustic furniture, playing with his grandkids and relaxing by his pond.

Thanks for the cool stuff Jim, we appreciate all that you do for us!

Ralph's Links

The cycle of seasons we now enter is characterized by the frequent sighting and sometimes gathering of smoke in Wallowa country  Huckleberries come ripe in the mountains, saskatoons can still be found in the shady and cool places where starlings have not found them, currants and gooseberries abound as they recover from the Ribes Goon Squads of the 1940's and both red and black hawthorn berries with their heart-healthy effects come ripe  All were treasured by "first peoples" and th euro-settlers that followed.

Wallowology continues to evolve with increasing visitor numbers, old growth exhibits, a reach back to snaggle-toothed salmon and memories of the abundant returns of crimson sockeye and eels suitable for smoking  for winter stores.  Hunters plot those early bow hunts and the shorebirds trickle through on their southward migration.  Sharp-shinned hawks, ospreys and other raptors follow as the month wanes.
Ralph Anderson, having retired from a career with the U.S. Forest Service and as a consulting Wildlife Biologist, continues to offer his perspectives, insights and perusal of the current flow of science discoveries and its implications via postings on the Wallowology facebook page. The range of links he posts runs from hard science of physics, mathematics, geo-spatial, archaeological and natural sciences to applications in education, fun and play.  He tries to dodge the politics of most issues though they are implicit in many of the articles. A common denominator he seeks in his postings is information, a widening perspective, appreciation for all that is around us and fun.

Reflection of the Month

When there was air, when you could
breathe any day if you liked, and if you
wanted to you could run. I used to
climb those hills back of town and
follow a gully so my eyes were at ground
level and could look out through grass as the
bent in their tensile way, and see snow
mountains follow along, the way distance goes.

Now I carry those days in a tiny box
wherever I go, I open the lid like this
and let the light glimpse and then glance away.
There is a sigh like my breath when I do this.
Some days I do this again and again.           

--William Stafford, from The Darkness Around Us Is Deep

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