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Happy holidays, and happy new year! This year, I got you a brand-new newsletter, chock-full of the latest happenings in inequality, poverty, and the planet.

This week, we've had some journalistic #realness on the GOP tax bill (which is about to pass the House), the plight of Millennials, and climate change.

For good measure, add to that the year's top tweets (including Obama's plea for racial equity) and be sure to throw in some 2018 resolution inspiration. Allons-y!


The US is the "world champion of extreme inequality".

After a two-week tour, a UN investigator into extreme poverty says that the "American Dream is rapidly becoming the American Illusion," citing the lowest social mobility rates of any rich country. Not helping at all is a GOP-proposed tax bill that would increase the deficit by a trillion or so, cut social security and Medicare, provide billions in tax cuts for the wealthy, and cause even more inequality. Why? Because while the bill cuts taxes for most income levels, it cuts a higher percentage for the most affluent. So things aren't looking great for inequality in the US. Or wait, did inequality cause the tax bill in the first place?

Millennials are screwed.

One in five Millennials is living in poverty. If current trends hold, many of us won't be able to retire until we're 75. The cost of education, housing, and health care has skyrocketed. Inequality is ballooning. Read this accomplishment of digital journalism from the Highline to get a sense of how wage inequality, the housing crisis, and a shredded safety net collide to produce a generation that's profoundly scared for the future.

Wildfires are a dangerous effect of a warming climate.

Scientists have been warning that climate change would lead to more wildfires for 20 years. Now, as the climate warms and record-breaking wildfires erupt on every continent, communities everywhere need to learn to manage fires better. 

A major coal company breaks with other coal companies on climate change.

It's quit an industry group over the issue, and says it wants to "enhance the global response to climate change" by lowering its greenhouse gas emissions. Lowering the emissions of coal? Not sure that's how coal works.

What's standing between us and the electric car revolution?

The cost of motors has to go down, battery ingredients need to be cheaper and more secure, more charging stations need to be built, drivers have to give up the feel of gas-powered motors, and the car industry has to change many of its production methods. Piece of cake!


Set better New Year's resolutions.

More than half of all resolutions fail, but they don't have to. See this compendium of tips on how to make one that sticks, and maybe even look to Mark Zuckerberg for inspiration.


Dr. Tony Reames, Assistant Prof and Director of the Urban Energy Justice Lab

He's an assistant professor at the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan and directs the Urban Energy Justice Lab, which researches topics at the intersection of energy and equity.


A new World Inequality Report.

From the World Inequality Lab, it's packed with stats on the state of income and wealth inequality globally. If that's what you're into. ;)


The Green World: The workforce of the future

A consulting firm has just put out a color-coded report on what they think the future of the labor market will look like. They predict that companies will care a lot more about social and environmental issues -- and even that by 2025, international accounting standards will require a "Natural Capital and Social Capital impact" balance sheet from all public companies. This is exciting if you, like me, have found yourself weirdly into this new side of accounting.

I love you. Thanks for reading. :)

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