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A weekly email that presents the latest in how the world is doing on ending poverty, protecting the planet, and reducing inequality, delivered in plain English. Each email has 5 parts: Recent developments; a resource; a profile of someone to watch; a summary of recent research; and commentary from around the web. (Why the One Seventeen? It's a reference to each one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).)

This week, we've got nosy AI, intersectionality, doom, gloom, and some very pretty data. I wish you an inspired and productive week. Thanks for reading and forwarding, friends. :)

Child poverty in the US hits record low because the government gave out money
Start your day off right with this economics deep dive on what causes poverty alleviation in the first place. Apparently this time it's due to government policies, not economic expansion, according to some recent research. A tighter labor market means more parents are getting back to work. But even as income overall has increased, the gains haven't gone to poorer families. Instead, researchers point to programs like the Earned Income Tax Credit as responsible for improvements.
To fight climate change, protect indigenous peoples
World leaders are getting ready for some more talking about climate change in Bonn, Germany next month, and you know what that means: Time for everyone to make their statements. One statement in particular makes the connection between indigenous land rights and deforestation. Indigenous peoples have a better track record of taking care of forests than anyone else, so making sure they keep their land could be an important way to tackle climate change. Looking for other ways to tackle climate change? Try kelp jerky.
AI that reads government documents
The UN now has a tool that allows them to read through the meeting minutes of governments around the world and see how their priorities stack up against our shared goals. It's a very nosy robot, but with good intentions. The US populace is not so buddy-buddy with AI, according to a recent Pew study showing that 72% of Americans are more worried than enthusiastic about the rise of the machines. How do we defend against the robots taking all the jobs (especially for vulnerable workers)? Bill Gates says taxes are the answer. Short of that, a new report shares the top 5 skills you'll need to set yourself apart in an AI future.
Show me the moneyyy
Salesforce just announced a $50 million fund for "social change startups". Plus, the UN now has an "Accelerator" for the SDGs. It's good to see some more money rolling in, but it's still unclear how big a dent it will make.
Speaking of Bill Gates
Did somebody say data??? That's right, the world finally has what you've been waiting for: Cold, hard projections on how we're doing compared to the 2030 goals we all know and love. The Gates Foundation has put together some fairly spectacular visualizations for certain indicators of poverty, health, etc. They even made a nice video to go with it. Hashtag sweet, thanks.
Leila Janah, Founder of Samasource
She's on a mission to eradicate poverty, and thinks you should be, too. 
Microentrepreneurs (no, not tiny entrepreneurs)
Entrepreneurs of small businesses. Supporting them is often seen as a key to alleviating poverty, and there's a new study out in Science that compares different ways of training them. The best result? A training that focuses on psychological factors rather than traditional business stuff. 
Existential threats and where to find them
Ever wonder what happens inside people's heads when faced with a mind-bending existential threat? A piece in Scientific American goes in depth to make connections between the threat of nuclear annihilation and climate change. The result is some profound insight about how people deal with being confronted with just how fragile we are on our little blue dot. It's easy to give in to doom and gloom, sometimes. However, it can be useful to remember that there's a solid case for stubborn optimism.
Best wishes for an inspired and productive week. Please send all nosy robots, pretty data, and existential threats to me at See you next time. :)
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