Welcome to the One Seventeen.

It's Halloween! I'm assuming you've seen enough scary stuff in the past week, so I won't put any more scary stuff in this email. Or will I...

The Google burger emoji puts the cheese below the burger. Dah!
Apparently this was frightening for some people, enough to prompt Google's CEO Sundar Pichai to say that the tech giant "will drop everything" to address the emoji that puts the cheese beneath the burger.

And now, to the real issues. Allons-y!
Big companies not being ambitious enough on climate
Almost all big companies have plans to deal with climate change, a new report says, but only a fifth have 2030 targets. Do better, big companies!, the report concludes.
New lines for poverty
The World Bank has released new lines to define what poverty is across countries. This isn't huge news unless you're a poverty data wonk, but it can be interesting to look into the details of how poverty gets assessed. Mostly, the World Bank just wants to make sure no one is confused or scared by this announcement. So yes, don't panic. But it's also useful to remember the difference between plain-old poverty and extreme poverty. Plain-old poverty in rich countries is defined at $21.70 per day, whereas extreme poverty across the world is set at $1.90 per day. 
Why isn't the financial system responding to the threat of climate change?
The neighborhoods decimated by hurricane Sandy still have perfect credit scores. How could that be? One: FEMA money. Two: People still like the beach. Three: Most neighborhoods are big, and only parts of them are exposed to the most risk.
Take a course in social change
The +Acumen online courses, on topics ranging from Adaptive Leadership to Human-Centered Design, are a great way to learn & connect with people on the topics we talk about in the One Seventeen. If anyone is thinking of taking one, let me know! ;)
Gavin Armstrong, Founder of Lucky Iron Fish
This guy is focused on the 30 percent of the world's population that is anemic, mostly due to iron deficiency. He puts his iron supplement in the shape of a fish.
The science of getting your friends to be more environmentally friendly
Looking for a framework for all the different kinds of behaviors out there that could conceivably relate to the environment? Look no further. This new paper classifies behaviors in terms of their cost, effort, and how often you do them, so it can be easier to target interventions.
Inequality is yuge
Last week, the billionaire Ray Dalio published a piece on how the US is better thought of as consisting of two economies, not one: The top 40 percent and the bottom 60 percent of income earners. He says it's the biggest political and economic issue facing the US. He's not alone: Other top economists believe the same. 
I wish you a very pleasant and not-scary week. Please send all burger puns, online courses, and poverty lines to me at
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