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It's not you, it's me. I missed a week! There's been a lot going on -- something is starting that I'll share more about in a future post. ;) But we're back on track this week, and what an eventful fortnight it's been. Mugabe is out in Zimbabwe, Trump is escalating tensions with North Korea, Germany is in political crisis, Australia OKed same sex marriage, and as more men are finally facing repercussions for sexual harassment and assault, more people are finally talking about the patriarchy. What else happened that matters but fell through the cracks? Send it or tweet it.

Mugabe is out but the selfie lives on. From the Huffington Post.
Mugabe, out
You've probably seen Mugabe in the news this week. He's been making headlines as he finally stepped down after a 37 year stint (he's been in power since Zimbabwe started). But why is Zimbabwe mad at Mugabe (or at least, at his squad)? Economic mismanagement + corruption. Estimates show that up to 95 percent of Zimbabweans are jobless. Hyperinflation hit its peak at 500 billion percent in 2008 in a crisis that caused the country to abandon its currency, going instead for a combination of dollars, euros, and South African rands. Those are insane numbers! And now, people are crying with joy as they hope for a new era to start.
World leaders having altogether too good a time. From the New Scientist.
Did we bomb it?
As the climate conference ended in Bonn, it's still a bit unclear whether we should be frustrated with how little got done or happy that anything got done at all given the US's antics. However, it's useful to put things in perspective: The low-lying island nation of Kiribati already has climate refugees, and has begun planning to either raise tons of money to build up its islands or move its entire population somewhere else. 
Millennials will be the most unequal generation
of all timeeeee. That's right, in a world where the top 1% owns 50% of the world's wealth, a new analysis shows it getting worse before it gets better, even in the most socially conscious generation.
~ It's electric ~
In case you missed it, Tesla announced a new truck and a new, very fast car. Just the latest step in Musk's plan to make transport electric.
A 30-second story to remember when you feel inadequate
Just 30 seconds, if you need a reset.
Deanna van Buren, co-founder of Designing Justice + Designing Spaces (DJDS)
DJDS believes that the built environment embodies many of our society's gross inequities. It therefore seeks to transform the lives of black men, boys, and their communities of care through innovations in architecture and real estate development.
Brexit, explained by physics
A new study applies lessons from physics to Brexit. It concludes that, in a dynamic system (like the UK's political system), quicker feedback loops lead to greater stability. The flip side of this is that long feedback loops, such as the years between Brexit's vote and its eventual execution, are not great for stability. Does this help make the case for more frequent votes by smartphone? Or is it really that governments should move faster?
From my cousin! John has had an incredible journey through South America, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere. His book is an exploration of nationalism, borders, and how they affect real lives.
I hope you have another fantastic week. Please send all Zimbabwean selfies, puns relating to German cities, and 30-second stories to me at
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