Welcome to the One Seventeen.

And welcome to August. It is hot (unless you're in the southern hemisphere), and it's only getting hotter.

With heat waves and wildfires hitting many of us hard, you might be wondering when we'll really wake up to the urgency of climate change. The alarm is getting louder, but we still seem to be hitting snooze. Or maybe it’s just too hot to move.

Christian desperately wants to connect with you on LinkedIn. A couple of us are starting a LinkedIn group called Save the Humans. You should join if you're interested in meeting other people doing our best to put our professional lives to good use around poverty, inequality and the planet (and other SDGs). I think you're a pretty extraordinary group of humans, so let's find ways to talk more. :)


⛽️ Mexico's new president wants to reduce inequality, protect the environment, and... revitalize the oil industry?

AMLO has promised to fight corruption, violence and inequality, and strengthen climate change action. But pressure to secure energy has his party focusing on strengthening the petroleum industry, too. Some are pushing clean energy alternatives to achieve the same goal.

💡 African governments' quest for cheap electricity has kept millions in the dark.

A World Bank study showed that the majority of African power utilities are effectively bankrupt. This is partially because they can't reach economies of scale, because smaller alternatives allow consumers to go off the grid. 

🚗 Trump stops fuel-efficiency requirements for cars.

California's Attorney General vowed that the state would "use every legal tool at its disposal to defend today's national standards and reaffirm the facts and science behind them."


💸 Why cashless payments failed in Nairobi.

Cashless payments for commuting via matatus (taxi buses) were the next big thing, spearheaded by Google and endorsed by the President. But the scheme failed miserably. Why? Because they didn't listen to a kinda important perspective: That of the drivers.


💪 Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, fighting recidivism with tech.

Her company, Promise, aims to support just & equitable alternatives to incarceration and help people navigate the criminal justice system. Jay-Z is an investor.


🔥 China could face deadly heat waves due to climate change.

A new study from MIT shows that the North China Plain, China's breadbasket, faces the greatest risks to human life from rising temperatures of any location on Earth.


🤑 Jeff Bezos's huge fortune is a failure of public policy.

Is it bad that Amazon paid no corporate income tax last year? Or that Amazon's median wage is a dollar below the national living wage? No... well, yeah. Yeah. That's pretty bad.

I love you. Thanks for reading. :)

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