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I hope you had a great weekend. It's getting hot in Paris as summer sets in, and the football/soccer fever certainly doesn't help.

Yes, sports are nice, but to answer the question I know you're asking: Which country would win the World Cup of climate change? For the feverishly conscious fan, you can actually sign up on the FIFA website to offset the carbon emissions from your trip to Russia. And finally, inequality between sports teams looks eerily similar to societal inequality.


💸 Yep, just give them cash.

Simply transferring cash to young women in Malawi is shown to have powerful effects, including more than halving the incidence of HIV and herpes and decreasing domestic violence, which can impact women's job prospects.

⚡️ The billionaires announce investments in 2 energy storage startups.

The $1B energy fund created by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, and others has finally invested in two companies focused on large-scale energy storage. This is one of the big bottlenecks on our way to zero carbon emissions. But it's just one of a set of promising technologies.

💩 Pruitt was the worst, but the next guy's not great either.

Trump's former head of the EPA, Scott "The Worst" Pruitt, stepped down and his replacement, Andrew Wheeler, is a former coal lobbyist. Are they different? Not where it matters.


🤓 How are we doing on the Sustainable Development Goals?

Not sure if you've heard, but we have these massive goals to achieve by 2030. Zero hunger, zero poverty, etc. How do we find out how we're doing? There's a forum for that, and it's happening in July. Here's what to expect.


👩‍🔧 New evidence says that unions decrease inequality.

A new paper from a gaggle of economists finds that unions actually do constrain inequality, even outside the industries where they're active. It's still not clear precisely why.


🍫 40 to 50 million people make a living on chocolate, and many of them are close to the poverty line.

The average American eats 9 pounds (4 kg) per year. A new Fairtrade study shows that only 12 percent of cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast make a living income. No better way to celebrate World Chocolate Day (last Friday) than with an ethical bar of the good stuff.

I love you. Thanks for reading. :)

Please send all unconditional cash transfers, football fever medication, and Fairtrade chocolate to me at

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