Welcome back to the One Seventeen.

It's great to see you again! After literal months and more than a few very justified complaints from my lovely readers, this lil' newsletter is picking back up where we left off. 

Bit of a format change to make it less daunting for me, hope you like it. ;)

And wow, a lot has happened... even just in the last two weeks. Big (bad) news from the US Supreme Court, a super-inspiring victory for Ocasio-Cortez, and infinitely not-inspiring baby jails. Also, happy Pride!!! 🌈🌈🌈

Plus, a new project for me (more down at the end).


😳 Travel ban is cool with SCOTUS, and Kennedy is out.

In a feat of nose-holding, the US Supreme Court upheld Trump's travel ban. Then, the chief justice announced his retirement. A pretty terrifying prospect, potentially giving Trump the power to sway the court for years to come.

🔥 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez upset a 10-term democrat.

In the democratic primary for Congress in the Bronx. Watch her story, and read one side of the backstory. I am v. inspired.


🤑 Facebook fundraisers reach a new high.

After the "reunite migrant children with their parents" fundraiser (you might have seen) raised $25 million, Facebook added some new bells and whistles. It's a good option to raise some dinero for what you care about.


🤩 No seriously, watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's story.

Watch her on Colbert, or this longer interview with NowThis.


👶 Early development impacts life outcomes, so Brazil takes a stand.

It's fighting poverty before birth with an ambitious new program based on decades of development research.


🚨 Tips for staying civil while debating baby jails.

"Realize that every pressing social issue is solved through civil discourse if you ignore virtually all of human history." From the Onion.

🎁 Oh, and tell me what you think of this new thing.

In the past 9 months, I happened to make a couple of good friends from Sri Lanka. We began talking about global inequalities of opportunity between where they grew up and where I did (New York). Then we decided to do something about it. We’ve started an app/web/tech development agency designed to offer more people in underserved markets a pathway to economic self-sufficiency. It's early days, so take a look and tell me what you think. Tell me, too, if you know someone who's looking to develop a shiny new app, website, game, or other tech while making a social impact.

I love you. Thanks for reading. :)

Please send all justified complaints, travel ban-dannas, tips for staying civil, and your own new things to me at

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