Vladimir Putin: With all my heart, I greet you on Victory Day.
This day is our most important and most cherished holiday, which we celebrate solemnly across our nation, all together.
Victory Day will always have a tremendous spiritual and moral significance and be a sacred date for us.
It is our memory and pride, the history of our country and of every family. It is a part of our souls, passed on to us by our parents and grandparents.
Today we strongly feel the magnitude of their fates as we remember those who are no longer with us and look lovingly at their photographs of different years. We wish our veterans a long life and bow to the glorious generation of victors.
They did so much for our Motherland that it is impossible to measure or repay. They saved our country and the future generations; they liberated Europe, protected peace, restored cities and villages and achieved enormous success.
We pay tribute and endlessly honour the monumental and selfless heroism of the Soviet people, people of different ethnicities who stood shoulder to shoulder with each other in combat and on the home front. Their courage, unity, nobility and truly unfaltering willpower are timeless.
The Immortal Regiment nationwide event is held on Victory Day in Russia and abroad. During the march, people carry photos of their family members who took part in the Great Patriotic War. The first march was held in Tomsk in 2012.
On the 75th anniversary of Victory, the Immortal Regiment event is held remotely, online.
President of Russia Vladimir Putin:
I would like to address those of you who answer the call of your heart and regularly take part in the Immortal Regiment march with photos and portraits of your family members and loved ones who took part in the Great Patriotic War. Whether we march in a single formation or stay indoors like today, our heroes are always with us in our hearts. And this will always be so; they will remain with us forever. Meanwhile, we will have another chance to walk the cobblestones of Red Square to pay tribute to our heroes.


  Vladimir Putin sent congratulatory messages to the leaders and citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Abkhazia, South Ossetia as well as the peoples of Georgia and Ukraine, on the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
The President of Russia underscored the sacred reverence felt in our countries for the memory of the heroes whose courage at the front and selfless labour in the rear helped secure the Victory over Nazism – our great shared heritage. “It is the sacred duty of today’s generations to preserve forever the memory of those who defended the freedom of their native land at the cost of innumerable sacrifices and hardships, and to surround our dear veterans with care and attention,” noted Vladimir Putin.
The Russian President again called for resolute opposition to any attempts to rewrite the results of the Great Patriotic War, to whitewash or consign to oblivion the inhuman crimes committed by the Nazis and their accomplices.
Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that the shared memory of the heroic deeds of our fathers and grandfathers would have a constructive impact on bilateral cooperation in a variety of areas and on partnering to confront modern threats and challenges like the coronavirus pandemic.
Vladimir Putin offered words of sincere gratitude and wishes of good health, long life, happiness and wellbeing to all veterans of the Great Patriotic War, partisans and homefront workers.
The President of Russia also sent greetings to the leaders and people of Great Britain, the United States of America and France.
In his message to President of the United States of America Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin stressed that people in Russia remember with gratitude the contribution of the anti-Hitler coalition allies to our common Victory and will never forget about the Soviet-American wartime comradeship.
The President of Russia added: “The decades since WWII have brought new threats – from terrorism and regional conflicts to large-scale natural disasters, man-made catastrophes and epidemics. Russia and the United States are now at the forefront of the response to global challenges. Following the traditions of cooperation established in war time and acting in the ‘spirit of the Elbe’, our countries could do a great deal for the sake of international security and stability.”
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The two presidents exchanged greetings in connection with the 75th anniversary of Victory over Nazism. They emphasised the historical importance of the allied relations that linked the two nations during World War II and allowed both countries to end a common threat. The leaders emphasised that based on these traditions, Russia and the United States can achieve much in resolving the urgent problems of our time, including maintaining strategic stability, the anti-terrorist struggle, settlement of regional conflicts, and gaining control of the epidemic.
Discussing the coronavirus pandemic, the presidents were positive about bilateral cooperation and agreed to continue enhancing coordination in this area. In particular, the US President offered to send a consignment of medical equipment to Russia.
The leaders mentioned the situation in the world oil market, noting the timely adoption of a new OPEC+ agreement, which was largely achieved with their cooperation. It entered into force on May 1 and has already helped stabilise oil prices.
The two leaders reaffirmed the importance of maintaining a dialogue and contact between Russia and the US in various areas.
They expressed satisfaction with their constructive and meaningful conversation.
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According to Russia Beyond ‘We need one victory’ is one of 10 most important Russian songs of all time
The immense cultural legacy from World War II is greatly respected by all Russians. When celebrating Victory Day on May 9, people remember their deceased relatives, watch war movies and cry as they listen to war songs.
“We need one victory” was composed in 1970 by the famous Soviet singer and songwriter, Bulat Okudzhava, for the iconic war movie, Belorussian Station.
Stay Safe  and Enjoy Okudzhava's "Musical Battalion" project.
And remember it was the  Red Army soldier who saved the world.



Press release on Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

On May 6, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the US request.
The two officials discussed the interaction between the two countries against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic with regard to the need to combine efforts of all members of the international community in accordance with the calls by the UN leadership and other multilateral organisations.
Mr Lavrov and Mr Pompeo also exchanged opinions on global security. The Russian Foreign Minister again spoke in favour of extending the New START Treaty, which is to expire in February 2021. They also discussed ways to boost the Russia-US dialogue on arms limitations and non-proliferation with regard to the factors that affect strategic stability.
The officials also touched upon other current issues on the global agenda, including the activity of the UN Security Council and the prospects for the development of interaction in the economy, counter-terrorism and cybersecurity.
The Foreign Minister and the Secretary of State confirmed the importance of the upcoming 75th anniversary of Victory in the Second World War in preserving the historical memory of the heroism of the anti-Hitler coalition countries.
Press release on Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s telephone conversation with UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Dominic Raab

Sergey Lavrov’s greetings at the opening:

We won the Great Victory 75 years ago. The passage of time has only emphasised the significance of that momentous event. Crushing Nazism has become a milestone in modern history that determined the present international order to a great extent.
Looking back on the tumultuous war years, we can confidently state the great significance of the lessons we all learned from the past. One of these lessons is that only united can we efficiently deal with the challenges and threats that are common for the entire humankind.
This was vividly demonstrated by the anti-Hitler coalition that was formed during WWII and whose concerted efforts brought the victory over our enemy ever closer. I will not stretch the truth if I say that building the coalition, which was an apparent achievement of Soviet diplomacy, was a unique accomplishment in its own way. The Big Three states managed to overcome a whole range of disagreements, including ideological discord, and unite in order to save civilisation from the horrors of the brown plague. Russia has always remembered the allies’ contribution to the common cause.


We were appalled by the reports on an attempt by a group of mercenaries to land on Venezuelan territory to perpetrate terror attacks against the representatives of this country’s legitimate government and its leaders. The terrorists, among whom, according to law enforcement agencies, there were people linked to foreign secret services (US services, to be more precise) were neutralised on time.
The masterminds of this operation did nothing to conceal their undertaking, giving a detailed account of it to journalists. An article on these developments appeared on May 3 in The New York Times, which is known to have little sympathy for the current Venezuelan government.
The actions by these mercenaries have to be condemned in an unconditional and resolute manner, especially now that all countries, including Venezuela, face the global and merciless threat of the coronavirus pandemic that requires everyone to work together. Only those who are indifferent to the fate of the people of Venezuela and the future of this country can ignore this challenge.
It is no longer surprising that some countries are unable to have a clear-eyed perspective on the new global landscape due to their political narrow-mindedness, obsession with removing the legitimate president of Venezuela from power and the “all options on the table” approach. Therefore, Washington’s statement claiming that the US Government was not involved in the developments that unfolded in Venezuela over the past several days, is unconvincing.
Russia has clearly stated its position according to which using force to resolve political differences is unacceptable. We need direct dialogue between the people of Venezuela who have to take ownership of their destiny and reach an agreement. What Venezuela needs right now is solidarity, trust and dialogue. We support the proposal by President Nicolas Maduro to have all the political forces in Venezuela, including those siding with Juan Guaido, conclude a “far-reaching humanitarian agreement” for the sake of “health and peace.” The country’s leader called for “action to be taken to help the people of Venezuela fight the coronavirus pandemic.” We support this call, and have no doubt that all patriotic Venezuelans understand and identify with it.
We remain committed to doing everything to ensure that the people of Venezuela can resolve the problems they are facing by peaceful means, through an inclusive national dialogue, free from pressure, ultimatums or sanctions. Of course, there is no place for mercenaries sent from abroad onto Venezuelan soil.
This US government-commissioned film explores the need for a Soviet-American alliance to defeat the Nazis. A must-see for all staffers in Washington DC preparing public statements about WWII.
Creators: U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Department of the Army. Office of the Chief Signal Officer. Frank Capra's film was shown in theaters throughout the U.S. and nominated for The Academy for Best Documentary.
Attempts to distort the results of the defeat of Nazism and the decisive contribution our country made, which are continuing in Washington even during these days of universal celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory, cause utter indignation.
In this context we cannot neglect the commentary posted on the White House pages in social networks where the victory over Nazi Germany is credited exclusively to “America and Great Britain.” On the eve of this sacred holiday US officials could not garner the courage and will to even in passing pay tribute to the indisputable role and incomparable colossal losses suffered back then by the Red Army and the Soviet people for the sake of the humankind. Remarks by US official representatives turned out to be extremely restrained.
Regretfully, such an attitude is in apparent contrast with the statement made Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on April 25 on the occasion of the historic meeting of Soviet and US soldiers on the Elbe in 1945. 
The document stresses the joint efforts of our nations in the fight against a common enemy. 
We proceed from the assumption that real historical facts may not be ignored, regardless of feelings towards both the Soviet Union, which liberated the world from the brown plague, and our country of today. This is evidenced not only by the numerous grounded responses to the White House tweets from Russians and also from Americans who know their history and people from around the world. It is indicative that their reasonable and fact-based comments are being regularly deleted. And this is being done in the “most democratic country,” which tirelessly proclaims its “adherence to freedom of speech”!
The topic of the scared deeds of the older generation in that war must not turn into another problem in bilateral relations, which are going through hard times as it is. Russia and the US, despite disagreements, can counter ever-increasing present-day challenges on the basis of trust, mutual respect and while taking into account each other’s interests.
We intend to have a serious conversation on this issue with US officials.
We feel outraged by the armed attack on the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Washington, DC on April 30.
It is obvious that this criminal act has taken place amidst the US's consistently cultivated atmosphere of threats against the Cuban government, which are ongoing even during the current COVID-19 pandemic. It is no wonder that the US media portray the attacker as almost a victim of the “Cuban regime,” although it is clear he has committed a criminal act.  
We expect that the US authorities will make a prompt and comprehensive investigation. We believe it should be mandatory for the receiving party to ensure security of other countries' diplomatic missions on its territory in accordance with the US' corresponding international obligations.  
We would like to stress the following in connection with Prague’s media campaign against Russia following the district authorities’ arbitrary move to dismantle the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev. 
The allegations to the effect that by emphasising the importance for the other contracting party to perform its commitments under the interstate Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation of August 26, 1993, Russia is interfering in the Czech Republic’s internal affairs are untenable and groundless. The independence of local governments is not something that can relieve states of the duty to implement their international legal obligations.
We insist that the Czech side must observe the provisions of Article 21 of the said Treaty, which provide for the maintenance of, among other things, military monuments, one of which is certainly the monument to Ivan Konev, as well as for its preservation and accessibility.  All these clauses of the said Article in the Treaty have been violated by the Czech side.
We suggest that our Czech partners use the mechanisms of bilateral dialogue (including based on Article 5 of the Treaty) to ensure the implementation the official obligations to protect monuments. Prague’s refusal to comply will only aggravate our already strained bilateral relations.  

Chipley Bugle: Victory in Europe Day 2020 submitted by Gweneth Collins
Had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic, Friday, May 8, 2020 would have been a very special day at Washington County Historical Society. Throughout February and March, society members had been scurrying around planning a celebration in honor of the 75th Anniversary of World War II Victory in Europe Day and a memorial service for one of Chipley’s own war heroes.
Are you asking yourself, “Which war hero?” In fact, Chipley is the former residence and now final resting place of Captain Marcel Albert, World War II Ace Fighter Pilot. Born in Paris, France in 1917, Captain Albert became a hero in several countries – France, Great Britain, and Russia – during World War II. He joined the French Air Force in 1938 and flew over 200 combat missions under the flags of three countries! He earned countless awards and honors for his service including the French Legion of Honor. After leaving the military in 1948, Captain Albert and his wife came to the United States where he managed a chain of hotels and restaurants until his retirement. Although the Alberts lived the last years of their lives in Texas, today they lay side by side in their “hometown” – Chipley.
In a Special Edition of Russia Beyond: Commemorating the Victory in World War II – 75th Anniversary, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov stated, “In what was a fateful period for all of humanity, the USSR and the United States fought the aggressor shoulder to shoulder. In honor of this, commemorative ceremonies are being held across the U.S…” He also remarked, “This year we will immortalize the memory of Hero of the Soviet Union, French pilot Marcel Albert…”
It will be quiet at the museum this year on May 8th, however, the plans are still in the works and will include a reception honoring our WWII veterans and Captain Albert, placing memorial wreaths, special visitors, and the installation of a bronze bust by Russian sculptor Mikhail Serdykov at the museum’s Veterans Memorial.
Right now, Captain Albert’s bust remains in storage at the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C., however, we’re looking forward to receiving it and being able to recognize the contributions by him and our other veterans in the new future.
Compatriots from the Russian-American Public Center of Florida presented to 21 Soviet WWII veterans the anniversary medals "75 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" provided by the Russian Embassy in Washington.

Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, and other Russian embassy staffers on Saturday took part in a video conference of the international grass-roots movement Immortal Regiment in the United States.
Since 2012 each year on Victory Day, millions of people both inside and outside Russia parade with portraits of relatives who fought in World War II. Called the Immortal Regiment, the tradition — which recognizes those who took part in what Russia calls the Great Patriotic War — has grown every year. The Soviet Union faced some of the worst losses during the war, with an estimated 27 million casualties.
This time the Immortal Regiment events had to be held in the video conference mode amid the restrictive measures taken due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Ambassador Antonov said no force majeure circumstances were able "to break the regiment’s tight ranks", to upset celebrations on the occasion of the Great Victory’s anniversary and to prevent participants from remembering the ancestors’ heroism.
"That victory was won at the cost of colossal sacrifices. The best of the best died a heroic death," Antonov said and asked everybody to observe a moment of silence.
The Russian diplomat praised the role of the allies in the anti-Hitler coalition, who supported the Soviet Union by providing medical supplies, food and weapons.
"Also, we remember the historic link-up of the Soviet and US troops on the Elbe, which set an example of how peoples can unite for the sake of peace and stability," Antonov said. "That brotherhood in arms is something we miss so much in today’s struggle with the new challenges and threats."
Antonov regretted the attempts at rewriting the history of World War II.
"We shall not let anybody forget those epoch-making, historical days and distort the truth about the Soviet Union’s victory," he said.
The Immortal Regiment videoconference in the United States brought together participants in more than 20 US cities, including New York, Washington, D.C., Albany (New York), San-Francisco and Los Angeles (California), Chicago (Illinois), Dallas and Austin (Texas), Denver (Colorado), Seattle (Washington), Cincinnati (Ohio), Detroit (Michigan), Eugene (Oregon), Charleston (South Carolina), and Boston (Massachusetts). Honolulu (Hawaii) and Melbourne (Florida), joined the tradition for the first time.


To commemorate the Victory Day, the “Garden of Remembrance” was set out at the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC. Ambassador Anatoly Antonov and diplomatic staff planted lilac shrubs, which became a symbol of the victorious spring of the 45th.

Joint statement by the Ambassadors of CIS countries commemorating the 75th anniversary of Voctory over Nazism


Ambassador Anatoly Antonov specially for Friends of the National World War II Memorial on the occasion of Victory Day  

Dear Friends,

This spring we all celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism.

The memory of the fight against Nazi Germany and its accomplices is sacred to Russia. The Great Patriotic War cost the USSR around 27 million lives.

The Soviet people managed not only to defend independence of their Motherland, but also saved many European nations from annihilation by Nazis, making the decisive contribution to the Victory. The Red Army liberated hundreds of thousands prisoners from concentration camps and stopped the Holocaust.

Russia preserves memory of the allied relations with the anti-Hitler coalition countries. The meeting between the Soviet and U.S. soldiers at the Elbe river on April 25, 1945, became a symbol of our brotherhood-in-arms. The event was immortalized at the National World War II Memorial. I am confident that this cooperation experience should be used to counter modern global threats.

Happy Victory Day!

Candle of Memory

On the eve of the Victory Day the Candle of Victory commemorative event was held in the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC.
Ambassador Anatoly Antonov, diplomats and Embassy schoolchildren honored the memory of the dead and those who we owe the Great Victory in WWII.



Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's Open Letter

The U.S. authorities demand to release the American citizens jailed abroad. They are promising to impose sanctions against “guilty governments”, should their compatriots die due to the coronavirus.
Meanwhile, the situation with COVID-19 in the American correctional facilities keeps deteriorating rapidly.
Many inmates are infected, some of them have deceased. There is hardly any medical assistance for the convicted, neither there is coronavirus testing. The prisoners are preponderantly left without individual sanitary equipment and facial masks due to a shortage in them.
The most notable human rights organizations in the U.S. are alarming the critical situation in jails. They call on the release for the vulnerable categories of inmates. On March 24 Sergey Lavrov delivered a message to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. The Minister urged to consider the possibility of return to the home country for all the Russian citizens incarcerated in the U.S. In addition, I personally addressed to Attorney-General W.Barr and head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons M.Carvajal on the destiny of my compatriots. I drew their attention to those individuals, who have serious diseases, who were convicted of non-violent crimes and to those who have already served the substantive part of their jail sentences.
We are again calling upon the U.S. authorities to demonstrate mercy and good will. Free the Russian citizens. Their life and health are under the threat.


Wreath-laying ceremony in Los-Angeles

Volunteers of The Congress of Russian Americans and activists of the Immortal Regiment movement paid tribute to those killed in combat and passed away defenders of the Motherland by laying flowers at the only monument in the United States to Soviet WWII veterans, West Hollywood Plummer Park.

Tribute to the Soviet pilots in Anchorage

 The head of Russian Cultural Center in Alaska together with Russian compatriots laid flowers at the graves of Soviet pilots as well as to their allies resting nearby, who died on the ALSIB  Air Route during the Great Patriotic War.

Anchorage Mayor sends his greetings on the 75th Anniversary of Vitory to Magadanians

A monument commemorating the 75th anniversary of Victory over Nazism and brotherhood-in-arms of the Soviet and American ALSIB pilots was unveiled on May 9th in Magadan, Russia.
Thank you Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and former Lt. Gov. Loren Leman for your congratulations!

"Alaska-Siberia Air Route in WWII"


Soviet and US ALSIB pilots commemorated in Fairbanks, Alaska


On the eve of Victory Day and in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 Russain compatriots living in Alaska laid flowers at the Memorial to Soviet and American pilots of the Alaska-Siberia Air Route in Fairbanks. Embassy’s wreath was also layed to the monument.

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Russian compatriots layed Embassy’s wreath to the WWII memorial  in Olympia, WA



Songs of Victory with Turetsky Choir & Soprano



Happy 180th birthday, Pyotr Ilyich 
Did you know that Petr Tchaikovsky visited America in May 1891 in a triumphant tour to conduct performances of his works.
What’s your choice: "1812 Overture" or "Nutcracker"?

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