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Healing Energy  |   Weekly Newsletter   |   2018.10.10 Vol. I, #17

"How many things do you do in a day that make you feel good?

Now, of those "feel good" things, how many are also good for you?

Think about it.

Your morning smoothie.

Those positive affirmations you make while dressing.

That daily intention you set.

Take Inventory

This is a call to take inventory of the daily activities that don't just feel good but also do good. For example, take the less than 4-minute high impact interval training recommended by our dear friend Dr. Zach Bush, or how just a few minutes in an  infrared sauna every morning can positively impact your whole day, physically and emotionally !!

Listen to what one of our clients recently shared, which fits perfectly in the context of this post:

"I can't tell you how much I love my Therasage portable sauna. I feel so good after my morning session, and I can't think of a better way to start my day. Plus, the discipline of a daily sauna routine has helped me stick with other good habits, like waking up early, doing my morning exercises, and, enjoying my healthy coffee post sauna and cleanup. Thanks so much for making this great sauna available!"

We love receiving product testimonials like this one. Specifically, we really appreciate what this client said about how one good habit has a way of leading to many more. In your own experience, have you ever started a new diet and decided as well to take a daily walk or do some weekly fitness training? Have you ever wondered why that is?"

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Special Discount on our Thera360 Sauna

As we begin October, and change our daily schedule, we want to encourage healthy habits! Use promo code "Healthy Habits" for a special 10% discount on the price of our flagship Thera360 portable sauna.
We hope this promotion makes it possible for more of our readers to experience the profound benefits of full spectrum infrared energy for themselves.

Let's Go Shopping!

Wake Up

Our good friend Steven E. Schmidt has done it again! His latest book Wake Up: A Woman's Guide to Transformation, Prosperity, and Health was published earlier this month and is now available on Amazon. And, Melody is one of the contributing authors!

The book is a collection of articles written by women who have overcome obstacles in order to awaken to life's purpose, transforming themselves as they successfully adapt to -- and learn to thrive in -- new circumstances

This weekend, from October 12-14, we will be attending the annual Quantum Health Science Summit in Markham, Ontario, Canada.Robby will be presenting on the importance of water purity and showcasing our TheraH2O Water Pitcher, which makes available the many benefits of pure and structured water.

The Summit will be held at the Markham Hilton Suites and Convention Centre. For more information click below.

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Therasage will then be attending the first Annual Biohack Conference  with other innovators and health and happiness experts.  Join us in Toronto Canada Oct 14 & 15!!

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