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Healing Energy  |   Weekly Newsletter   |   2018.10.30 Vol. I, #19

Dear friends of Therasage,

From This Week’s Blog Post

Our last post mentioned the importance of mindfulness. In fact, healing is never complete without taking care of your mental and emotional states. That’s why we mentioned mindfulness meditation and the importance of keeping calm. So, we thought this was a good time to talk more about mindfulness, what mindfulness meditation is, and why it’s such a powerful exercise.


Being mindful is making yourself aware of what’s going on, both in and around you. Sometimes, it’s the subtle difference between looking at something and really seeing it as it is. Immersed as so many of us are in digital information overload, we’ve become accustomed to scanning text instead of genuinely reading it, word for word. But, words have meaning, and, the more important the subject discussed, the more meaningful is each word of the discussion.

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditating mindfully is surprisingly simple. It can be done while walking, by being aware of each step you take and how it feels to make contact with the ground. Or, it can be done while either sitting or lying down, by breathing rythmically and just following each inhalation and exhalation. And, whether sitting or lying down, why not in one of our saunas or on one of our heating pads? They promote the relaxation so necessary for calming both mind and body.

In both examples, the important thing is that you are concentrating on what is going on at the present moment. And, that’s the essence of this type of meditation: thinking of – and living in – the moment. But, how can such a simple thing be so beneficial?”

But, is stress something to be eliminated altogether? Or, is it rather something to be managed?

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Cold and Flu Season

With November upon us, we’re fast approaching cold and flu season. And, as the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Most of us have confirmed that truth in our own lives, seeing how much more effective prevention is than mere reaction.

So, we’d like to remind our readers that there are many modalities that support and build natural immunity, making it possible to avoid contracting a cold or flu altogether. Some of these immune-building practices even work synergistically with all other preventative protocols.

In particular, there’s infrared therapy and its potential to enhance our immune systems and kill pathogens before they get a chance to start a full-fledged infection. We’ll explain more about this in future posts. Meanwhile, see our earlier discussion of this topic.

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ACIM Connect Brain Regeneration Conference

Next weekend, from November 8-10, the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM) will be holding its annual practitioners conference at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando, Florida, on the timely topic of brain regeneration. Spearheaded by our dear friend Dr. Lee Cowden and the professionals at the Health Resource Center in Flower Mound, Texas, this year’s conference promises to be a great meeting of minds and hearts, as the assembled healthcare practitioners explore together the important topic of brain regeneration.

As the ACIM website explains,

“The United States is in the midst of a neurologic disease epidemic with conditions from Autism to Alzheimer’s, and from Parkinson’s to MS and ALS. Since allopathic medicine has very little to offer patients with neurologic diseases in the United States, attendees at this conference will gain the evaluative and therapeutic tools which will help them to help patients in their communities that are given little or no help or hope otherwise.”

And, for those able to attend, be sure to visit the Therasage table in the vendor’s area and check out the latest additions to our product line, including our Heart Scientific HRV (heart rate variabililty) monitor, which offers the most robust and affordable HRV evaluation available on the market. In fact, you can get a free HRV scan while you’re there, to reveal your true biological age! And, be sure to check out the new TheraO3 Ozone module and enjoy a free sample of our new probiotic snack, WOW Kraut!!
Hope to see you there!!

Learn more about this exciting event!

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