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Infrared therapy is seen as a powerful means of complementing conventional medicine and treatment, not as competing with either of them. In this harmonious spirit, Robby and Dr. Strait explored both the science of light therapy and the application of the infrared light spectrum to human healing, recalling that healing is a process that always involves a certain amount of detoxification. They didn't hesitate, moreover, to affirm that infrared therapy provides the best possible natural detox."
Healing Energy  |   Weekly Newsletter   |   Boca Raton 04/30/18   |    Vol. I, #09
From This Week’s Blog Post:

“'Air is actually a delicately balanced composition of mainly nitrogen (over 70%), oxygen, and argon, with trace amounts of other elements, such as carbon dioxide, helium, and hydrogen. Even though we breathe air, we preferentially use mostly oxygen. This finely-tuned process is known as alveolar gas exchange, which is powered by diffusion, where higher concentrations of certain gases yield to lower ones. Furthermore, although we need to breathe oxygen for survival, too much oxygen can harm and even kill us!'

That's how we ended our last post.

Now, it's time to discuss precisely why oxygen is so necessary for our survival. We'll leave 'the right dosage' question for a future post.


Omega 3 and leucine: what do they have in common? Answer: they're both essential to human life and wellness. "Essential" here means two things at once.
  1. We positively need them; that is, we'll die without them.
  2. We can't make them on our own: they must come from outside ourselves.
Omega 3 is an example of an essential fatty acid; leucine, meanwhile, is an essential amino acid. (Whether we can speak rightly of an essential carbohydrate is a matter the medical and nutritional juries are still deliberating.)

Well, oxygen could be thought of as an 'essential gas or element.' We absolutely need it for survival, and – unlike plants – we can't synthesize it on our own. This calls to mind the famous 'oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle.' Animals, including humans, ingest oxygen and release carbon dioxide; plants ingest carbon dioxide and release oxygen. It's a perfectly balanced gas exchange that keeps everyone alive and well, and more or less happy!”
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Chronic Lyme Disease Summit

So many of us have been affected by Lyme Disease. Some of us have been sick ourselves; others have watched family and friends suffer the devastating effects of this illness.
Well, this May is “Lyme Disease Awareness Month.” So, beginning on April 30, Dr. Jay Davidson will be hosting the third annual Chronic Lyme Disease Summit, featuring over 35 top-notch speakers.
The Summit will be held online, and it is free to attend. You can read more about it and register at the following link:
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Bioregenesis Conference
This year’s Bioregenesis Conference takes place from May 4-6, at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA. The exposition is open to the public.
The Conference covers the topics of regeneration, rejuvenation, neuroplasticity, and aging reversal at the cellular level, as well as expanding consciousness.
Robby Besner, Therasage founder, will be presenting on Friday after lunch. The title of his presentation is “Harnessing the Healing Powers of Nature’s Infrared Sun Energy.”
50% of all proceeds from the conference go to the GC Rivera Foundation to fund the annual medical-surgical-integrative autism mission in the Philippines.
For more information, visit the following link:
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