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Healing Energy  |   Weekly Newsletter   |   Boca Raton 05/18/18   |    Vol. I, #12
Infrared therapy is seen as a powerful means of complementing conventional medicine and treatment, not as competing with either of them. In this harmonious spirit, Robby and Dr. Strait explored both the science of light therapy and the application of the infrared light spectrum to human healing, recalling that healing is a process that always involves a certain amount of detoxification. They didn't hesitate, moreover, to affirm that infrared therapy provides the best possible natural detox."
From This Week’s Blog Post:

“Did you know that eight out of ten persons are misdiagnosed? Let’s face it: if your doctor barely has time to talk with you – to hear what you have to say about your situation – then it’s no surprise that the wrong questions get asked. And, if your doctor doesn’t ask the right question, then how does he or she expect to give you the right solution to your problem?
There is tragic truth here. People become defined by their diagnoses, whether or not they are accurate. And, misdiagnosis leads to mistreatment.
So, how do we solve this problem?
The Therasage Mission
As we explained in our last post, our goal at Therasage is to educate, to elevate awareness, to give tools, and to define variables within each one’s criteria.
Let’s look more closely at the first pair we just mentioned: education and awareness.
Awareness is more intuitive than reasoned. It’s about seeing – and, especially, feeling – things  without necessarily being able to define them. It’s about learning to listen to your body and really hear what it’s saying.”
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Lyme Disease Awareness Month
Again, we reminder our readers that May is Lyme Awareness Month. Staying aware requires getting informed! So, we encourage you to visit the excellent Lyme Advise website. There, you can find abundant information on all things Lyme.
The Best Answer for Cancer Foundation
The Best Answer for Cancer Foundation will be holding its 16th International Integrative Oncology Conference “Cancer, Cannabis, and Keto” for health practitioners from May 17-19 at The Rosen Center in Orlando, Florida.
Concurrently, they are offering members of the general public an “Answers for Cancer Summit,” also in Orlando, from May 18-19.
Therasage CEO Robby Besner will be coordinating a breakout session discussing the therapeutic benefits of infrared heat.
For more information, visit the Foundation’s website
Institute for Functional Medicine
The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) will be holding its Annual International Conference later this month at the Le Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. The conference, entitled “Solving the Puzzle of Autoimmunity: The Interplay of Gut, Genes, and Environment,” runs from May 31 through June 2.
Visit the following link to learn more:
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