SHared knowledge for Energy Renovation in buildings by
Public Administrations
SHERPA’s main objective is to reinforce the capacities of public administrations, at regional and sub-regional level, to improve energy efficiency in public buildings. To do so, a transnational, holistic and peer-to-peer model is being developed in order to work on the main barriers related to Energy Efficiency Buildings (EEB) strategies in public buildings.
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Over the past 6 months, SHERPA has moved on from the Transferring to the Capitalisation phase. Regional Capitalisation Workshops are now on-going with the aim to involve municipalities within the partners’ regions and regional or local governments in the Associated Partners Forum for the replication of SHERPA’s methodology. SHERPA’s Joint Action Plan (JAP) is under preparation, a hired expert already presented it to SHERPA partners during the last 2 Steering Committees. 
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Over the past 6 months, SHERPA has completed the transfer of its testing results. The Joint Transferring Seminar (JTS), held in Marseille 18 July 2018 back-to-back with the CPMR-IMC Task Force on Energy renovation in Mediterranean buildings (Working Group Water and Energy),  was the starting point for transferring activities. The main aim of the JTS was to discuss the key conclusions of the testing Work Package and agree on the main messages to transfer and how to share them. 

Since then, all the national seminars (Italian, Maltese, Greek, Spanish, Croatian, French) have been organised, aiming to share the results and conclusions of the Testing WP to the other regions and municipalities within SHERPA territories and further across the MED area. More regions, municipalities, and experts registered as observers.  The observers' status gave them, among others, the chance of becoming Implementers through the development of an EEB project in one of their public buildings.

Regional Capitalisation Workshops have already been organised (Spain, Greece, Italy) in order to provide the observers with the tools and results used by SHERPA and thus allow them to test it on their own buildings. Future implementers, observers, regions or municipalities interested in becoming observers and implementing SHERPA methodology in the future are invited to participate in these Regional Capitalisation Workshops!
SHERPA Spanish National Seminar & 6th Steering Committee - Valencia, 28/29 January 2019

SHERPA’s 6th Steering Committee was held in Valencia (ES) on 28 January back-to-back with SHERPA’s Spanish National Seminar organised in the framework of the CEVISAMA trade. During this meeting the last results of the testing phase were discussed and validated; the project partners presented the conclusions of their Energy Renovation Buildings (ERB) projects and explained the work carried out on their regional ERB roadmaps.

It was also a good opportunity to present the conclusions of the first National Seminars already organised (Italy, Greece, Malta, Spain) and discuss the next ones.

Last but not least, the content of the Joint Transferring Plan was presented and validated and the draft structure of the capitalisation plan was outlined.

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SHERPA French National Seminar
- Lyon, 2 April 2019

During this Seminar, which gathered more than 30 participants, the company INDIGGO in charge of the energy audits, particularly those carried out under SHERPA, presented them and explained how they can feed into a fleet-wide energy retrofit strategy.

The funding module of SHERPA was presented by AMORCE, and other cities and departments explained their renovation strategy as well as their strategies underway to accelerate energy renovation (renovation in prefabrication and interacting).

Two consumption monitoring tools were presented.

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SHERPA Greek Regional Capitalisation Workshop
- Heraklion, 5 April 2019

The event was titled "Dissemination and Capitalisation Event of the European Projects REBUS and SHERPA for Energy Renovation of Public Buildings", it was co-organised by the SHERPA and REBUS Projects and was attended by approx. 75 people representing Cretan Municipalities, Public Services, Universities of Crete and Professionals.

The objective of the Regional Workshop was to present to the Municipalities and other Public Authorities of Crete the results of the SHERPA project and enable their active participation in it. For the implementation of the workshop, experts were invited as speakers.

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SHERPA Valencian Regional Capitalisation Workshops
Alicante - 9 April 2019 / Valencia - 16 April 2019

Two sessions were held, one in Alicante and other in Valencia, two major capital cities within the Valencia Region. The events presented both IMPULSE and SHERPA tools, since both address the renovation of public buildings as part of the Interreg MED programme.

The attendees showed great interest in the different tools, useful for the energy diagnosis and management of the building stock. The participants, 34 in Alicante and 17 in Valencia, represented the wide variety of stakeholders linked to the renovation of public buildings; local and regional authorities, energy consultancies and property administrators, among others.


SHERPA Catalonian Regional Workshops and IMC Task Force on Energy Renovation in MED buildings 
- Barcelona, 29 May 2019 - Lleida, 27 June

Two Capitalisations Workshops have been organised by the Government of Catalonia, Lead Partner of SHERPA. The first one took place on the 29 May in Barcelona, whereas the second one was carried out in Lleida, on the 27 June.

With the main aim of disseminating SHERPA’s tools and results among Catalan municipalities and other local administrations, both workshops had a very practical approach. The attendees were asked to bring information and the main consumption data of one of their buildings so that they could test the SHERPA tools.

A total of 24 people attended the seminars, from 18 different local administrations. The attendees were also offered the possibility to participate in SHERPA as implementers, that is, take part in the capitalisation phase of the project with one of their local buildings.

During the first workshop, held in Barcelona, the CPMR-IMC organised a meeting of its Task Force (TF) on Energy Renovation in MED Buildings. SHERPA Joint Action Plan (JAP), common framework, process and hub to streamline the policies of regions and match the needs of other stakeholders in the field of energy renovation,  was presented to its members in order to start its capitalisation. 

More information on the CPMR-IMC TF's meeting here


Emilia-Romagna SHERPA 1st Regional Capitalisation Workshop
- Bologna, 29 May 2019

About 20 people, Regional Managers, officers and technicians representing the different competent departments and structures of the administration, attended the meeting.

Ms Claudia Mazzoli, the Project Coordinator for the Emilia-Romagna Region introduced SHERPA, results of the testing phases as well as the objectives and the tasks of the capitalisation phase over the next few months, including the preparation of the roadmap for the renovation of the stock or regional buildings. 

Mr Francesco Raphael Frieri, General Director for Resources, Europe, Innovation and Institutional Affairs, and Mr Leonardo Draghetti, General Director of the Regional Council started the discussion about outcomes and perspectives for energy renovation of building, evaluation and bankability of projects.

The discussion focused on scenarios, resources and opportunities as well as on operational details such as financial indicators, organisation of a regional working group for energy renovation of buildings, public procurement and project financing schemes, executive plans for assuring continuity of operations of the regional government and the regional board.

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back-to-back with the Croatian National Seminar
- Dubrovnik, 18/19 June 2019

The working day was devoted to taking stock of the progress made so far in all the work packages that the project is made up of (Management, Capitalisation, Testing, Communication and Transferring) with a special focus on consolidating the Capitalisation phase, preparing the project’s close and reviewing the last activities of the testing and transferring module.

Flora Leroy, CPMR-IMC and Xavier Arola, hired expert for Joint Action Plan development, presented an outline of the JAP which will be the main capitalising tool for the perspectives of the Energy Renovation in Buildings (ERB). It will draw on the results of the SHERPA project together with other EU, national, regional and local programmes and initiatives on ERB in public and private buildings throughout the Mediterranean area. It aims also to establish a common framework to streamline EU, national and regional policies in the field of Energy Renovation.

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Regional Workshop of the COMPOSE project - Rethymnon, 15 January 2019

The SHERPA project was presented by the Region of Crete at the Regional Workshop of the COMPOSE Project - Rural Communities engaged with positive energy (INTERREG MED) on 15 January in Rethymnon with approx. 20 participants.

3rd Observatory meeting of "Greening the Islands", 28 February and 1st March 2019 in Heraklion (Greece)

The SHERPA project was presented by the Region of Crete in the 3rd Observatory meeting of the Organisation “Greening the Islands” that was held on 28 February and 1st March 2019 in Heraklion with approx. 40 participants. 

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Capitalisation event of the MED programme - 7/8 March in Thessaloniki (Greece)


110 partners and participating States gathered to attend the launch of the Interreg MED capitalisation plan, which will guide the Programme on the transferring of its results to the territories. Furthermore, participants discussed their capitalisation events and state of play and exchanged on the upcoming Programme capitalisation conference, to be held in Athens next October.

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General Assembly of the CPMR-IMC, 20-21 June 2019 in Marseille (France)

On the occasion of the CPMR-IMC General Assembly, which took place in Marseille on June 20-21 back-to-back with the "Summit of the two shores" organised by the French government, the focus was on challenges and opportunities for youth, including mobility, training and research, transport and the blue economy, but also and above all, on the main threats and actions to be implemented in relation to climate change among others.

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SHERPA Steering Committees and Final Event

  • 8th Steering Committee - Barcelona - back-to-back with SHERPA's final event - 20/21 November 2019, the CPMR-IMC Task Force on Energy Renovation in MED Buildings and the Smart City Expo World Congress
  • 9th and last Steering Committee- L'Aquila (IT) - 9 January


Interreg MED Capitalisation event, 24 October in Athens

The Interreg MED Programme projects’ communities will present their results and demonstrate how the Programme architecture became operational and efficient.

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Final event of the Efficient Buildings Community 

SHERPA's partners have to organise at least one Regional Capitalisation Workshop in each region of the partnership. These workshops intend to capitalise the results of the project to a maximum number of regions and municipalities within the involved regions and their surrounding MED areas.As described, above, some of the workshops have already taken place, but there are some more to come. SAVE THE DATE!

AMORCE Regional Capitalisation Workshop - 3 July in Paris

This event will be organised in Paris with the participation of the Secretary of State to the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, Emmanuelle WARGON. 

The discussions will focus on:
- the energy renovation sector and sources of financing available for regional governments and households;
- the future of the Public Service for the energy performance of buildings and territorial energy renovation platforms.

More information and registration here.

Other Regional Capitalisation Workshops (Regions of Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Abruzzo, Dubrovnik-Neretva, Gozo) will be held around September/October this year. More information will be available soon on the events' session of our website.
These fact sheets are informative documents intended to provide information on SHERPA's methodology, experience, and results. 

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Now reaching more than 162 observers, we will be happy to spread the Observer status to other regions and municipalities interested in SHERPA and allow them to have direct access to all the project’s information and be part of the APF.

Advantages of becoming a SHERPA Observer:
  • SHERPA’s observers will have a direct access to the virtual classroom and the materials developed as part of its Training Working Group.
  • Preferencial access to the regional workshops organised in the frame of SHERPA’s capitalisation module
  • SHERPA will provide you with access to a relevant database including a large number of buildings of different typology and at different stages of progress allowing you to benchmark your local strategy on Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Municipalities with a SHERPA’s building will have tools such as technical and financial analysis platform that can be used for other cases and to improve the planning tools of the municipalities (SEAPs)
  • SHERPA’s municipalities will benefit from a special and differentiated publicity within the framework of the communication and the transfer of the results of SHERPA
  • Municipalities will have the opportunity of being in contact with a large network of actors / actors of the EEPB in MED through the Interreg MED Efficient Buildings Thematic Community.
If you are stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the field of energy efficiency in public buildings and wish to become observer of this Forum and take advantage of its benefits on Energy Renovation of Public Buildings, please express your interest by filling in this form
The SHERPA project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Interreg MED Programme
Lead partner: Department of Territory and Sustainability (Government of Catalonia).
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