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The Department of Human Resources is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new talent acquisition platform: Taleo.

Today’s newsletter will provide an answer to the following questions:
  • Why is there a need for a new system
  • What are some of the key features and benefits of Taleo
  • How and when will Taleo be launched
  • What do I need to know in order to prepare
You will find below five informative videos, which outline the main advantages of Taleo for various stakeholders including applicants, hiring managers, OSCE staff, recruiters and participating States. We encourage you to watch them all. 

We have been designing, testing and preparing the Taleo implementation since July 2020. The project is now transitioning into its final stages. In the coming months, we will continue to stay in touch regarding the transition through upcoming newsletters, materials and announcements. 


Talent Acquisition has changed dramatically over the course of the past decade. Like other international organizations the OSCE aims at attracting, identifying and hiring the best talents across participating States to support the comprehensive approach to security. Taleo will consolidate the Organization's transition from reactive recruitment to proactive talent acquisition.
The Department of Human Resources is heavily invested in modernizing our recruitment practices. With the new platform, the OSCE is better able to meet the needs of applicants, hiring managers, recruiters and participating States.
To help you understand the key features and benefits we have created the targeted videos below. Over 45 HR practitioners across executive structures have been working on designing and testing Taleo over the last months. The ultimate goal is to provide best in class services to all stakeholders and modernize talent acquisition at the Organization. 

Get a first look at how Taleo will change your OSCE talent acquisition experience!
What do I need to know as an applicant looking for OSCE jobs via Taleo? 
You will have the opportunity to create a brand new profile to compete for new opportunities to make a difference.
What do I need to know as a hiring manager seeking the best talents on Taleo? 
Please liaise with your HR representative
 to plan your vacancies for Taleo release starting June 1, 2021. Taleo also offers great features such as enhanced searching ability, talent pipelines and roster management.
What do I need to know as a recruiter to leverage Taleo to its full potential? 
It is critical to update the system as processes happen to allow KPIs to be captured across executive structures. 
What do I need to know regarding nominations for international secondment vacancies? 
There will be a new dashboard and better reporting services available, but the same rules and regulations still apply.
What do I need to know as an OSCE employee? 
Training opportunities will become available soon to all relevant users. Taleo also offers great features such as enhanced searching ability, talent pipelines and roster management. 

There are two dimensions to be considered in the implementation of Taleo. A technical dimension which focuses on the system solution and an organizational dimension which focuses on the organizational readiness.

With the technical activities close to completed we will now focus on the organizational readiness. The below graphic outlines the two dimensions and the main activities for each dimensions.

Overview of Main Activities:

To best prepare everybody we will soon be launching training modules with detailed and helpful information. 

Should you have any questions concerning Taleo, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We are looking forward to getting back to you with more information and the latest developments soon.

Kindest regards,

Jean-Claude Villemonteix
Director for Human Resources

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