Tribeless Digest – July 2021

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Mid year check-in! How are you doing?

If you had to sum up the past few months in just 3 emojis, what would they be? For us, it would be:
🤯 →  🤩 → 😵

This past June and July were the busiest months in Tribeless's history. For the first time ever, we had back-to-back-to-back client trainings... so much so that we found ourselves conducting SEVEN sessions in the span of SEVEN weeks! (All different, for different clients and different audiences.)

It was an exercise of agility, multi-tasking, code-switching, emergency self-care, and practicing patience and empathy with each other when all we wanted to do is scream and/or cry. I'm so proud to say that we got through it in one piece... and have the battle scars (and smiles) to show for it!
7 sessions in 7 weeks. Wowza! © The Tribeless Team

In reflecting on these 7 sessions in the past 7 weeks, the team and I have come up with a list of 7 (oddly specific) lessons that we'll be keeping in mind from now on. Here they are:

  1. The attrition rate for most "free" events is 70%. It drops down to 30% with the right pre-event messaging (that includes a video or two). 😉
  2. Notion is the most underrated project management tool of all time.
  3. Always check a country's import laws before bulk-shipping 60 Empathy Boxes over, lest they get stuck in customs for 42 days...
  4. When in doubt, don't text – call. Several misunderstandings were avoided (and friendships strengthened) through this heuristic. 🙃
  5. Never re-design a workshop the night before ... unless you have a crazy, amazing, dedicated team that's willing to do it with you. Even then, don't.
  6. Celebrate the small wins. Send each other cake. Make gratitude a fixture in your weekly Retrospectives. I don't think the Client Team could've gotten through this mad time without knowing we were loved and supported every step of the way. 🥺
  7. Space out your sessions so you never need to make a list like this again.

We're so grateful we took the time to bid goodbye to our past in May, so that we could fully step into the crazy, uncertain, but incredibly fulfilling challenge of growing a virtual empathy training company.

From teaching Empathy skills to 15–17 year old changemakers from five continents, to building stronger bonds as a cohort for the YSEALI ASEAN Women's Leadership Academy, it's been a wild ride... 🐎

... but we're finally taking some time off! The whole team will be taking a well-deserved break from 23 July – 2 August — giving us the space and time to recuperate, rejuvenate and prepare ourselves for the next half of the year. (Also, half of us are getting vaccinated this week!)

That's it from us! What about you? 💛

Do you have an opportunity to reflect on the first half of the year, take stock of what's been going on in your life so far, or maybe even take a break?

Everybody's journey is unique. Here's a simple reflection template that we use to guide us as a team (we just did it yesterday). If you try it out, let us know!

Do you usually make time for rest & reflection halfway through the year?

This is long enough already, so here are a couple of celebrations to wrap things up...

Our dear Sim recently stepped up to become our Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), using her vision & foresight to steer the ship that is Tribeless. She's already done a ton of work behind the scenes, and we're so lucky to have her on our team! 💛
We were so shocked (and excited) to find out our TEDx talk has surpassed 10,000+ views on! It's not a huge deal by any standards but it's still a win we want to celebrate. If you haven't watched the talk, you can check it out here :)
And... that's it for July's issue of Tribeless Digest! Since we'll be on a break until 2nd August with nowhere to go (Malaysia's still on full lockdown), do send us your recommendations for books, movies and games to pass the time.

Here's to the second half of 2021 – may it be as surprising, enriching and love-filled as the first. 🌼

Big virtual hugs,

Gwen Yi
Founder, Tribeless

Special thanks to Shawn for putting together the original draft of this edition.
Copyright © 2021 Tribeless, All rights reserved.

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