Tribeless Digest – Feb 2021

O, where did February go? This month marked a lot of change for us at Tribeless: letting go, leveling up, and learning to take care of ourselves + each other. 💛 Check out our past newsletter issues here

What kind of Leadership does the world need today?

February marked an increase of speaking opportunities for us – I think in total we spoke to nearly 400 people across the board, from high school students to social activists to corporate professionals.

Surprisingly, all of the talks revolved around the idea of Leadership, exploring questions like: "In a post-truth world, how can we look past our differences to restore social cohesion?" and "What role does servant leadership play in a competitive corporate culture?".

It got us thinking long and hard about what our stance on Leadership is. I think it all boils down to this: Gone are the days where leaders inherit power from their predecessors. These days, power is earned, and it is earned through the everyday practice of empathy and authenticity.
What does empathy and authenticity in leadership look like? For us at Tribeless, it's choosing to show up as our whole selves. It's acknowledging when things aren't OK as a leader – and creating a space for your team to support you (and each other!) through that.

The team's mental health was running at an all-time low this month. Instead of sweeping it under the rug (or letting each other off the hook), we spent more time checking in with each other. Having conversations. Hanging out online. 

With so much change and chaos on the horizon, I can't deny that it worries me that we invest so much of ourselves into taking care of each other, instead of "working on the bottom line".

But I've come to learn that at Tribeless, work IS personal. We invest so much of ourselves into our clients, our programs, heck, everything we do, that lines inevitably get blurred and emotions run high. So it only makes sense that we take that into account when coming back into equilibrium as a team :)
Does this resonate with you?

In other news...

Khema officially ended her 3-month internship with us, and we bade her goodbye with a virtual sushi lunch~ 🍣 “Empathy is just non-judgment. And working with Tribeless has had that impact on my life.” ~ Khema :')
Kindness Leaders Conference was a huge hit! We worked with UNICEF to train 350 student leaders from 10 ASEAN countries in 'Empathy' as an antidote to bullying. Read about it on Medium | Watch the recap video
Speaking of GL, you might've seen lil videos of me + Anita popping up on our socials – that's because she has been diligently turning my past talks into bite-sized educational videos! This is our most popular one so far – and if you know any B2B marketers, send them our way. We're hiring :D
A shoutout to Rosni from Pathways! We just completed a two-day team building program for her global team, and she fought for us every step of the way. She is the epitome of a HR leader – caring, empathetic & willing to go the distance. Thank you 💛✨

One last thing...

Are you on Clubhouse?

We've been experimenting with the new audio-only platform for the past month and will be rolling out content there soon. Expect conversations around teams, empathy, psychological safety & emotions in the workplace! (iOS-only for now)

Follow me on Clubhouse @gwenyi to get notified whenever we go live 💥
What are your thoughts on Clubhouse?
And... that's it for this issue of Tribeless Digest! Thanks for voting on this last month, BTW – 80% voted for TD over ED, so we'll be sticking with this. :)

Lots of crazy changes on the horizon (Shawn and I are moving in together – eeek!), so I'll fill you in on whatever happens then.

See you next month,

Gwen Yi
Founder, Tribeless
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