Tribeless Digest – March 2021

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March-ing forward into Q2: with our work catapulted onto a global platform in the midst of so many internal shifts, the team doubled down on our commitment to this company ... and each other. 💛

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On my birthday weekend, I woke up to amazing news:

My TEDx talk has been featured on TED!

I was, for lack of a better word, shookt. It was TOTALLY unexpected, and to be honest, completely nerve-wracking. I immediately started cyber-stalking TED's posts, as any good millennial would, and the results were shocking: there were actual detractors in the comments section! (Or 'haters', as the kids would say.)

That's when I realized – we're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. Our work has spread. We're officially out of our filter bubble. And man, that's terrifying

It actually sent me into a bit of a tailspin, questioning the validity of the work we do at Tribeless. Are we actually qualified to teach empathy to people? (Idk.) Do we need fancy certifications? (Right now we just have a bunch of testimonials.) What gives us the right to talk about any of this??? (Nothing. Which is oddly empowering, all things considered.)

Tribeless was borne of my own lived experience – of loneliness, disconnection, and wanting to heal my relationships. We started as a series of dinner parties, but over the last 4.5 years, we've evolved to become so much more: a training company with a global portfolio and the most wonderful community.

Our evolution was made possible by the people who engage with our work – who talk to us, collaborate with us, and send us emails asking to learn & grow.

They are the kindest, brightest, best people we know. (I count you, dear reader, among them.) Thank you for being in our inner circle. In this sea of madness, I'm genuinely grateful to be anchored by your support. 🌻

This weekend, I ran an intimate workshop on Empathy 101 – our first attempt at teaching and delivering an experience of empathy in just one hour (spoiler alert: it worked!!!). At the end of the session, one participant shared this insight:

"People usually associate empathy with doom & gloom and being sad together. I didn't know that we could use empathy for positive things too, like connecting over stories about our mothers' love."

They're so right. It's not about black or white, or red vs blue, or any other kind of dichotomy – but about embracing all the colors. All the emotions. The full, wild, dizzying spectrum of the human experience.

To empathize with another is to develop a richer understanding of the other ... and what it means to be human. ❤️
Did this resonate with you?

In other news...

The team finally got together for a much-needed Empathy Box sesh – and we got to meet Syuen & Nicole for the first time! 🤗 It felt so good to connect as friends (& human beings) after a really, really crazy month. 💫
We ran an Empathy 101 session for The Playground Fitness, and we talked about growing our 'empathy muscles' 💪 What a fun analogy! We're so excited to do more 1-hour talks like this. Curious? Let's explore!
And... that's it for March's issue of Tribeless Digest! We have a SUPER exciting announcement coming up in our next email (hint hint: Empathy Box workshop), so stay tuned ... you might be hearing from us more than once in the coming month ;)

Hugs, and I hope you are staying safe + sane, wherever you are!


Gwen Yi
Founder, Tribeless

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