Happy July, friends!

We recently concluded #30DaysOfEmpathy – a social media campaign we ran throughout June. Here's a compilation of the most-loved content from the month. We're calling it... Empathy Digest.

Our most shared article:

Why we should all stop saying “I know exactly how you feel”


Shared over 20+ times in a day, this TED piece by Celeste Headlee has been making the rounds on FB – and for good reason: How many of us have made that exact same faux pas?! But here's the thing... You don’t need to know how the other person is feeling to empathize with them!
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What is empathy to you?

At Tribeless, we define empathy as: "The capacity to see parts of yourself in everybody else." Our tagline is #SeeTheHumanFirst because we believe that, deep down inside, we're more similar than we are different as human beings.

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Brené's take on empathy

In this oldie but goodie RSA short, Brené Brown takes us through her explanation: "Empathy is a choice, and it's a vulnerable choice, because in order to connect with you, I have to connect with something in myself that knows that feeling."

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Empathy at work

Hehe we just had to throw this in! We were featured on The Edge Markets (Malaysia's No.1 business paper) recently. "Empathy creates a space for people to really share what they feel, and whatever information or insights we get will help employers come up with better plans."

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Empathy: Trait or skill?

We ended the month with this myth-buster... Turns out, it's both! Cue Jamil Zaki, Stanford psychologist: "Empathy is something like a muscle – left unused, it atrophies; put to work, it grows. Through the right practices, we can grow our empathy on purpose!"

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That's it for our first edition of Empathy Digest!
We're still working out the kinks, so we'd love your feedback:
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