Hello, friends – happy 2021!

This year has been off to a crazy start for the Tribeless Team. We came back from our year-end break to an intense 3-day visioning/strategy sesh, a mountain of client work, and a national lockdown. But I couldn't be more grateful that the team has clarity, and things are finally coming together! Check out our past newsletter issues here

First week of 2021: Strategy, strategy, strategy

Our first day back at work was spent in a guided strategy / visioning session with the incredible Chainz Consulting (dear friends & mentors of Sim's).

Marz and Swee held space for us as we worked through four years of gunk – "why does Tribeless exist? who are we now, and who do we want to serve?"

As facilitators ourselves, I can't tell you how gratifying it was to just participate in the process for once! That session was enough to kickstart our appetite for "clarity" – and we spent the next few days arguing and brainstorming on Miro.
At the end of the week, it all became abundantly clear why our community and offerings were so fragmented: even though we had moved ahead into the 'B2B training and consulting space', our heart – my heart – was still stuck on the 'good old days' when we were still a community nonprofit, hosting dinner parties for strangers. I'd wanted to keep Tribeless open & accessible to all.

It was only through this strategy exercise that I realized just how harmful this belief was for our company: we were attracting the 'wrong clients', which kept us demotivated and underpaid; and we were bringing the 'wrong expectations' into the handful of community members we did still serve, making everyone (including us) even more frustrated and confused! 

Taking the time to work through our dreams, hopes and expectations as a team was the best thing we've ever done. We don't have a perfect, concise vision yet – but we know enough to start moving ahead, and that's good enough for us!

Don't worry ... you will be the first to know once we are ready to share anything with the world :) In the meantime, if you work in branding & communications and would like to lend a hand in our 'transformation' process, please reach out!!
I can help with Branding & Comms!

In other news...

We just wanted to share this happy news with you... A few days after our strategy session, we closed our first big training client of the year – and within one week, too (!!!)  😍 Clarity really does lead to decisive action!
Remember the national anti-bullying campaign we were a part of in 2020? Our Kindness Workshop is going regional! If you work with young leaders aged 14–19 in ASEAN who might like to participate, email us :)
Riiiiight before we left for our year-end break, my Purposeful Empathy episode came out! It was such a fun chat with my dear friend Anita Nowak on practicing the 'micro-skills' of empathy – something we focus a lot on in our trainings. Watch it here
Some of you might know that I got my start as a facilitator at Kiwanis Youth Camp. Well, it all came full circle last Tuesday when I was invited to share at Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur's monthly chapter meeting! 'Twas such a pleasure :')

Come hang out at my first ever 'business talk'!

Saturday 30th January, 10AM SGT / 9PM EST (29th)

in collaboration with Dell Women Entrepreneurship Network

I've given a lot of talks... but this is probably the FIRST time I'm going *so* far out of my comfort zone, joining a panel of whip-smart, ambitious entrepreneurs to talk candidly about Tribeless as a business.

Y'all know that I've come right out and said that "I'm not cut-out to be CEO"... but one of the limiting beliefs I'm working on this year is the belief that "I can't do business". I'm actively applying more of myself to sales, partnerships, and yes, even finance... So this wonderful opportunity came at the right time!

If you're available on that time & day, I'd really love to see you there :)
RSVP HERE (for free!)
Woot! What an exciting edition. Oh, a quick note on the name of this newsletter:

I'll be honest – the name "Empathy Digest" doesn't really do it for me anymore. This newsletter started in July 2020 as a round-up of the best empathy thought articles we've been reading, but as the months passed, it became more about 'Tribeless' – our updates, our hopes, our dreams – and y'all seem to like it!

So whaddaya say... does "Tribeless Digest" have a better ring to it? Or maybe you have a suggestion? We're open to any and all ideas! Drop a vote down below, or hit 'reply' and let us know your thoughts :D


Gwen Yi
Founder, Tribeless
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