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Farewell, 2022!

It's time to say farewell to 2022.  In many ways, it has been a difficult year.  There were so many setbacks, mishaps, changed plans, and roadblocks.  There were times that we were frustrated. There were times that we were discouraged.  And, through it all, God is faithful.  He is patient and always working on our behalf... even when it's hard for us to see.  We have learned SO much this year- about building, about septic systems, about security, about community, and about trusting God's heart and knowing with certainty that He is busy at work with a good plan at the same time realizing that we may not see evidence of that work until we can look back and see how the seemingly unrelated pieces have fit perfectly together.  

As we look back over the year, one of the things that so clearly demonstrates God's hand working on our behalf is the emergence of a strong local network.  We have prayed for strong reciprocal relationships here.   When we first moved here to Rustenburg, our close friendships were born from relationships with other American missionaries.  Over the years, God has moved people around, and there have been fewer and fewer American families living in Rustenburg.  Over the past 2 years, and especially this year, as we walked through the building process, we met some people who have not only been incredibly helpful in the work of the ministry, but they have also become good friends.

There have been many other ways that God has shown His faithfulness as we have faithfully followed Him.  However, I also have other things I want to share with you... like pictures!  (Pictures of our Hope Church Christmas give-away will come at the end.)

As you close out 2022, I hope that you are also able to look back and see some of the ways that God went before you- preparing your way or preparing you for the challenge!

We have an official name for the children's home!  Our official name is Bridge of Hope.

Check out this short walk-through of the Bridge of Hope Children's Home.  This is a quick video we caught just before our trip to the States in August.
Thanks for keeping us in mind as you pray each day.  As you pray, Holy Spirit intervenes and atmospheres shift in the supernatural!  Please agree with us on these points.
  • Hope Church:
    • Most of our people travel away from Freedom Park during December.  Please pray for health and safety as everyone travels back and we gather again for services.  
  • Bridge of Hope Children's Home:
    • Final approval expected in January- please pray for favour!
    • Hoping to begin hiring staff in February- please pray for wisdom, discernment, and people of integrity to care for the children
    • Hoping to begin receiving children in Feb/March- please pray for the children coming in and the social workers assigned to them
    • Please pray that families in Rustenburg will be open to becoming forever families with our little ones.
We love you!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your answer to the Great Commission!
It is an honor to serve God together with you.

Now check out some photos from our Hope Church Christmas Party!

In HIs Grip,
Jeff, Abby, Beth, and Jordan
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Hope Church Christmas 2022
December is the heat of our summer here.  So, these little ones found a spot by the water bucket to hang out since it was so crowded inside!
We gave away 200 Happy Meals.  When we ask some of the older kids, who are now Jr. Leaders, they tell us that "nice hamburgers" are their favorite things about Christmas.
Many of the children eat part of the meal and take some home so their mom can have nice food too.
Before receiving gifts, the children have a Talent Share to remind each other that we all have gifts to share.  These children are sharing artwork.  There were also several singers, dancers, and poets who shared.  There were so many children present, we were nearly packed wall-to-wall.
Each child receives a gift of small toys and sweets as well as school supplies, soap, facecloth, toothbrush, and toothpaste
This year, a very sweet local lady got a group of volunteers together and made 1,000 teddy bears to give away to children in need in Rustenburg.  She gave us 200 to include with our Christmas presents.  The children were SO delighted with the special treasures!
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