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Issue 0016, May 2018

Sovryn Tech Newsletter


Greetings, programs (okay, really, you should have watched the Tron movies by now to get that opening)! Welcome to Issue 0016 of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter! This is a very special issue for one particular reason: this is the first issue that is being reviewed and edited by our brand-spanking-new Sovryn Tech Newsletter Editor-in-Chief...the immensely talented and wildly brilliant Ellen Stallone! You probably know her from her remarkable podcast series--The Illumination Hour--and her continued appearance as a regular Sovryn Tech co-host (she’s the “E” in “B.E.ST.”), as well as her performing role as the voice of Dr. Miriam Goldblossom in the greater Sovryn Universe! Who knew she was such a talented editor? I didn’t...until she said to me during dinner, “Hey Stallion, if you need an editor…”, and the rest--as everyone besides Carlo Rovelli would say--is history.

I love the people I get to work with on Sovryn Tech. Having an editor onboard for the Sovryn Tech Newsletter is going to help take this all to the next level, and take a load off of me so that I can concentrate on the more creative side of things. So Ellen deserves a gigantic...thank you...for her tireless work with Sovryn Tech. Seriously, she’s incredible.

But speaking of creative! WOO! Have I got a story for you in this one! Part II of Another Side of Paradise from my upcoming Star Trek: Forbidden Frontiers erotic audio theater episode is here for you--which the storyline itself is a sequel to the classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode This Side of Paradise--and what do those Omicron pod plants and their mind-altering spores have “in mind” this time? You’ll have to read the erotic short fiction at the end of this newsletter to find out! Oh, and don’t skip the video section in this one. There are some doozies this time around! 

And you know, just as an odd side note...Winter used to always be my favorite season. Bring on the twelve inches of snow, I’d say. But suddenly...I really find myself loving the Spring. The flowers, the clouds, the breeze...I don’t know...I think I’m feeling the magic. And a little randy, I might add. But I always go into heat this time of year, so that’s nothing new. But yeah...Spring...who knew? Cue the Vivaldi!






Ever hear of the concept of genetic memory? It used to be (and might still be) just science fiction. The idea is simple: memories and knowledge can be transferred genetically from parent to child in a species, giving the child effectively all of the knowledge and experiences of its entire race/species. Wild shit that I used to laugh at as just a very clever plot concept in the vein of the works of good ol’ Alfred Bester (if you haven’t read his works yet, get your goddamned ass in gear, already).
But apparently it’s not so crazy after all, at least in snails (a far cry from the powerful alien species with that ability in various sci-fi works). The key lies in RNA, according to research done by David Glanzman and his team. As The Scientist explains:
Glanzman turned his attention to RNA because of those earlier hints it was related to memory, and also because of recent experiments suggesting long-term memory was stored in the cell bodies of neurons, not synapses. He picked Aplysia because it has been a longtime model organism for memory studies. Like all mollusks, these snails have groups of neurons called ganglia, rather than brains. Their nervous systems comprise about 20,000 neurons, and the cells are some of the biggest and easily identifiable among nerve cells in all animals. In the snail’s gut, for example, are specific sensory and motor neurons that control the withdrawal of a fleshy, spout-like organ on the snail’s back called a siphon and the contraction of a caterpillar-looking gill, which the animal uses to breathe.
When touched lightly on the siphon, the neurons fire, retract the tissue, and contract the gill within the body cavity for a few seconds to protect it against attack. Sticking electrodes in the snail’s tail and shocking it makes this defensive response last longer, tens of seconds, and sometimes up to almost a minute. By repeatedly shocking the snail’s tail, the animal learns to stay in that defensive position when touched on the siphon, even weeks after the shocks end.
In his team’s latest experiments, Glanzman and his colleagues zapped snails’ tails, then pulled the abdominal neurons from the shocked snails, extracted their RNA, dissolved the RNA into deionized water, and injected the solution into the necks of snails that had never been shocked. (For a control, the team also took RNA from non-shocked snails and injected into naive snails.) When tapped on the siphon 24 hours later, snails that got RNA from shocked snails withdrew their siphon and gill for significantly longer (almost 40 seconds) than did snails that got RNA from non-shocked animals (less than 10 seconds).
The short version? The RNA transferred from snails that got zapped to snails that weren’t zapped...caused them to behave like they had been zapped. They acted as if the memory from the RNA donor was their own. Crazy town, but interesting. And sure, these are snails we’re talking about, and to make these claims of RNA memory transfer conclusive, Glanzman & Co. are going to have to perform the same experiment on other species. Personally, I can’t wait until the human trials. Inject some RNA from a woman into some schlub of a guy and let’s see how he feels about cat calling now. WoooOOOoooo…

Read more about the research at the link below. 


What does that title say?! But Stallion, you said Amazon would never accept blockchain technology!
Okay, back your horse up, slapnuts. I never said that Amazon wouldn’t integrate or use blockchain technology, I just said they’d never accept Bitcoin. I firmly believe that they would eventually use blockchain for something, particularly supply chain matters (an important thing for an up-and-coming monopsony to have under efficient control).
No, Amazon is not accepting Bitcoin. So guess what? I’m still right (cue the music…
GLORIOUS!!). But sure, they’ve taken up with a start-up--called Kaleido--that hadn’t even launched as of the announcement of the deal (which pretty much makes it an Amazon company for all intents and purposes), which will allow AWS users to implement blockchains in their tech stack. People want blockchain for their services and products? Amazon will offer you your own blockchain. Not Bitcoin. Your own blockchain.
Again, Amazon is not accepting Bitcoin. Get over it, and yourself. Read more about the deal at the link below.


Whoa...speaking of blockchain. Now this is, ironically, something I theorized that would eventually need to be created. Actually HTC isn’t the first to do a blockchain-powered smartphone (the affectionately named “Finney” smartphone from Sirin Labs has that distinction). Why did I theorize blockchain-centric smartphones would have to be made on Sovryn Tech? Because the smartphone today can’t handle the storage needs and other intricacies of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to make them useful on a mobile platform.
For example, say you want to use ZenCash’s zk-Snarks-encrypted messaging system on mobile. Well, you pretty much have to have a full ZenCash node in your pocket to do that properly. Thus, smartphones that can specifically handle blockchain tech need to be brought to market. And HTC is doing just that (if it gets to market) with the Exodus phone.
Exodus is initially claimed to be operable with Bitcoin (what?! No Bitcoin Cash?! Don’t they know that’s the real Bitcoin?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK HTC?!?!?!...ahem...just kidding, not that I have a problem with Bcash) and Ethereum, with other networks to sign up in the future. Well, Ethereum is a colossal waste of time, and I don’t know that the Exodus will be able to handle anything with serious anonymity baked in (Zcash, ZenCash, etc.), or if they’d even want to. In my opinion however, this is a step in the right direction for the P2P future.
Considering the problems that HTC as a company has been having as of late, I’m not really confident in their efforts to actually make the Exodus phone a thing. But hey, maybe it will inspire a company that can deliver the goods.
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This is the section of the Sovryn Tech Newsletter where I share various videos from all kinds of sources: videos of things that I've found either entertaining, informative, or trailers of things to come...maybe even documentaries of the strange and unknown!
Star Trek: A Captain's Log Documentary (1994)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this documentary since I was a kid, and I’m in awe that I was able to find it again online. I remember recording it the Friday night that it originally aired on CBS--with a VCR, no less--and just kept watching it over and over again. You have to understand that in 1994, the Star Trek franchise was white hot, and there was pretty much (“pretty much”) no internet. Point being, people were hungry for behind-the-scenes info about Star Trek, and Google wasn’t there to provide it for them. So we had the rare documentaries, and I watched the living shit out of them. Star Trek: A Captain’s Log was one such documentary, hosted by William Shatner, and just loaded with great stories from The Original Series cast, as well as an overall fun performance from Shatner himself throughout. You may have heard some of these stories by now, but this documentary is still just as fun and well-compiled today as it was in 1994. Check it, if you’re a Star Trek fan (and if you’re not a Star Trek fan...what the Hell are you doing with this newsletter?

Earthbound (SNES) Angry Video Game Nerd: Episode 156

A game that I’ve purchased for any system I happen to own (from the Virtual Consoles on the Nintendo Wii, the New Nintendo 3DS...and Hell, I even have it on the SNES Classic...WOO!), this game is brilliant. Easily one of the greatest RPGs of all-time, very unique in some its gameplay mechanics, but also...a complete and total mindfuck. And that’s why I love that James at AVGN--who normally only takes on bad games from the past--took this baby on: because Earthbound is fucking strange. Brilliant, again, but weird as fuck. From odd philosophical concepts, hidden messages, and other bizarre matters, the Angry Video Game Nerd delivers a funny, yet insightful episode on this classic Nintendo game. Trust me, even though I have the bias of being a huge fan of AVGN, this is worth the watch for anyone.

The Superiority of Relationship Triads with Dr. Stephanie Murphy and MK Lords

WOO! As mentioned in Episode 278 of Sovryn the Golden Stallion above releasing one of his own videos in the Sovryn Tech Newsletter? Not at all! This instant classic, 30-odd-minute conversation is a must-hear...and it's all about relationship triads. I was joined by Dr. Stephanie Murphy of Sovryn Tech and MK Lords of Iconosass for what was originally a Patreon-only Relationship Rhombus episode, but the conversation has been deemed so important that the Sovryn Tech Patrons have asked for it to be released to the general public! Why does Brian think that romantic triads are the best form of human romantic relationships? Do Stephanie and MK agree? Do they have research to back up any of these claims? You’ll have to listen to find out!


It's the Sovryn Tech First University Book Club! Wait...doesn't everybody have a fucking book club? Yeah, it seems like it. I find most of them annoying, but since so many Sovryn Tech Patrons asked for this, you're getting one from me too (by demand of the listeners), as a new feature in the Sovryn Tech Newsletter!
But understand, I don't expect you to follow along and read (or listen to) all of this at the same speed I do. I and the other members of the Sovryn Tech Cabal (my lovely co-hosts) may never talk about these books on air, but if you want to see what we're taking in on our leisure (or not-so-leisure) time, below, every month, will be the books that myself, Stephanie, and Ellen had read for that month, or are in the middle of reading. Most likely though, we'll have completely gone through it if we're going to even mention a book here.
So enjoy, turn your screens off, and flex your mental muscles for a journey in the literary world!
And don't forget you can download wild and free out-of-print eBooks from!
Guilty Pleasures -- Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series, Book 1 by Laurell K. Hamilton
The Vixen by Aleister Crowley
The Violinist by Aleister Crowley
The Drug by Aleister Crowley
The Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley
The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov
Solaris: The Definitive Edition by Stanislaw Lem
Star Wars: Most Wanted by Rae Carson
The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli
Bloodline of the Gods by Nick Redfern
The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin
I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong
Technology of the Gods by David Hatcher Childress



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"Another Side of Paradise, Part II"
by Brian Sovryn

The branch of a nearby bush pulled at the miniskirt of Commander Varese Jenn's black Section 31 uniform, giving anyone nearby a look at her voluptuous backside. The miniskirt of the uniform never hid the power and thickness of her thighs, but Cmdr. Jenn realized just how amazingly rare it was that the miniskirt did reveal her buttocks--covered by the built-in underwear of the uniform--as she pulled the miniskirt away from the branch and smoothed out her uniform. She looked around, reassured that no one was around to see the wardrobe accident. Though when she thought about it, she realized she wouldn't have minded if the only other two people on the planet Sappho III with her had seen what lay beneath her uniform. Captain Damien Ivanov had already seen so much more, and she made her attraction to Lt. T'Lana as known as possible without being overt. Playful motions with her dark, curly hair, a wink or a lustful stare with her black-iris eyes--anything to give the Vulcan lieutenant the hint that Varese's intentions were more than professional.
Varese didn't enjoy being alone right now, or ever. The danger of their current mission to find the Omicron pod plants could come at the cost of their minds, she knew, and Capt. Ivanov telling her and T'Lana to split-up only tripled the danger in her mind. As a Betazoid, she had telepathic abilities that allowed to her sense and feel the presence of her fellow Section 31 agents, which mitigated the fear and loneliness. The further away she walked however, the less she could feel them, until she couldn't feel either of them any longer. Where other species without psionic abilities may have felt perfectly comfortable while alone, Varese considered being alone a special kind of Hell for those that did have psionic abilities.
And before she could concentrate on that Hell, she felt a presence. Telepathically reaching out to detect if it was Capt. Ivanov or T'Lana, Varese quickly realized it was neither, but she couldn't figure out who or what it was. Betazoids couldn't use their mental powers like a compass, and so she reached for the tricorder that she had long ago holstered away--which was against the direct orders from Damien, she now realized--to try and sense which direction the lifeform was.
But before Cmdr. Jenn could even open the tricorder, a strong, sweet savor stopped her, causing her to pause and smell it.
She had never smelled anything like it. Other than a hint of what she could only think of as vanilla, Varese registered that she was standing completely still as she continued to take in the indescribable scent. But her awareness soon became cloudy, and in moments she realized she was no longer standing still, but walking in a direction, and had no idea why.
As the scent drew her near-uncontrollably deeper into the vegetation, she had to avoid running into trees with all of her willpower. Every other part of her felt as if it were persuasively pushing  her to just continue walking forward. The powerful savor increased, and Varese realized the mind she had sensed was also increasing in strength. And as the Betazoid commander walked out of the tree line and deep into the open heart of the forest, she discovered the origin of both.
Pod plants. Hundreds of them.
Cmdr. Jenn didn't need her tricorder. Cmdr. Spock's own report made it clear that the Omicron spores which these pod plants housed were self-aware, and had their own telepathic abilities. Her psionic senses quickly recognized the almost hive-mind of the spores residing in the opening of the forest where she now stood.
The pod plants themselves looked different than she remembered from the ones the USS Enterprise had described. These were flowering more bulbous and purple, and the stem of the flowers reached anywhere from two to three meters in height. Vines capped with tendrils reached out from the stems and leaves. For a moment she was frightened, snapping her cloudy awareness back from the effect of the scent which was obviously coming from the pod plants. But the smell quickly regained control of her senses, and all she wanted was to be consumed by its euphoric feeling.
“No!” Cmdr. Jenn screamed in her own mind, “This is why you're here. To fight this. To not let the spores take over!”
The thought shook her out of her trance as she saw a stem of one pod plant lower. The flower opened up, ready to spray what she was sure were the spores, waiting to inhabit her.
The spores blasted out like a cloud of dust from the plant.
Varese lifted her hands, now openly yelling out, "No!"
The spores stopped, frozen in mid-air.
Thousands of years ago on Betazed, the Betazoid people--not so technologically advanced at the time--spent much of their time enhancing and experimenting with psionic abilities. While all Betazoids had a level of telepathy and empathic detection, some were born with greater mental strength than others. Even those with lesser psionic prowess found that they could improve their mental abilities, just as they could workout a muscle and make it stronger. Eventually, some of these ancient Betazoids discovered that they could move beyond simple telepathy to the use of telekinesis, moving objects with their minds, and even creating psionic fields around themselves.
Though rarely taught or even known about on Betazed, Varese Jenn was one such Betazoid that was aware of and learned those telekinetic abilities. The psionic field she put around herself at that moment was the only thing keeping the spores from inhabiting her.
The pod plant blasted another cloud of spores towards her, with no effect, falling to the forest floor away from her psionic shield.
Varese stood there, terrified, with little sense of relief from her own defensive abilities. She knew she couldn't keep the protective field up for long. Convinced that it was protecting her for now, she began walking back towards the treeline. Cmdr. Jenn realized that her psionic shield must have also been blocking the mood-altering scent that led her there. Once past the treeline, she planned to contact Capt. Damien Ivanov and run away as fast as she could.
But she then felt something like a rope wind around her leg, holding it in a tight grip. She looked down to see one of the tendrils from a pod plant wrapped around her calf and thigh, then saw another tendril envelop her other leg. While the psionic shield could stop objects that exerted little force or pressure, the vines of the pod plants were incredibly strong, and were easily pushing through to access her body. To no avail, she motioned her hands to try and make the field stronger, pushing outward with her mind's telekinetic ability.
More vines simply moved in and encased the Betazoid's arms in their fibrous green tendrils.
The vines stretched her legs and arms out wide, holding her in the position of an "X" mid-air. Varese was still able to keep up the psionic shield, but trying to free herself from the hold of the pod plants distracted her mental resolve. Grimacing and grunting to break free, she closed her eyes, fighting with all of her physical and psionic strength against the clutches of the vines.
When Cmdr. Jenn opened her eyes to rest for a moment before attempting freedom again, her jaw dropped. She was now surrounded by seven of the pod plants; all of their flowers poised to expel more Omicron spores.
The plants blasted out their spores.
She couldn't see anything from the cloud of spores surrounding her. Her psionic shield kept them from hitting her, but she could tell that the plants were continuing to launch spores upon her. “How many are surrounding and blasting at me now?” she wondered. The cloud of spores only became thicker with each passing second. The tendrils around her arms and legs started to tighten down, squeezing and clasping her. She felt another vine wrapping around her neck. The commander screamed for help, but her psionic shield wouldn't let the soundwaves through without giving in to the onslaught of spores.
As the vine around her neck tightened, oxygen barely creeped to her brain. She knew she would pass out in seconds if she didn't do something, but first, her telekinetic field would fall. She saw the spores continue to build around her, the pod plants still relentless in their barrage. Even if someone were near to hear her, the vine around her throat kept anything audible from escaping her mouth.
And then they landed on her.
Varese's psionic shield dropped, the lack of oxygen to her brain causing her mental abilities to diminish. Thousands of spores fell upon and covered her body. The spores began their invasive process, entering her body and releasing their effect on her mind. Her dark, long, curly hair was awash with white from the spores trapped in it. “So many spores,” she thought. The vine pulled away from her throat, and she began to breathe normally again after a few coughs. Coughs that only let in more spores.
In her last spore-less thought, she wondered what the effect of so many spores on her would be. Reports from the crew of the USS Enterprise stated that they only ever came in contact with a few spores that would inhabit them, but she was being invaded by thousands, perhaps more. Varese tried using her enhanced Betazoid mental abilities to fight off the new thoughts and emotions coming to her, but the voices from the massive amount of spores were too much for her.
Commander Varese Jenn gave in to the spores.
Harmony. Peace. Pleasure. Love. Love for everything, even the Omicron pod plants and the spores. Her mind became filled with those emotions and only those emotions, in such an extreme way that her body reacted. Still being held up in the air, legs and arms spread by the pod plant vines, she orgasmed uncontrollably in their grip. Her body shook. She felt as if every cell in her body was orgasming. She moaned, filling the enclave of trees and pod plants with her cries of pleasure, her eyes practically rolling back in her head from the overwhelming bliss.
And as her orgasmic shaking subsided, the plants gently lowered her to the ground. Her eyes now looked forward and her senses returned. She smelled the sweet savor from the pod plants again and breathed it in deeply, causing another flood of endorphins within her. Varese stretched and smiled in the grass she laid upon, letting out a small sound of satisfaction. She then ran her hands along her sides: from her thighs, up her belly, and stopping at her large breasts, squeezing them gently. She then continued up to her cheeks, stroking her own face and enjoying its softness.
She heard the sound of crunching grass.
Not feeling at all alarmed by the sound, Varese reached out with her mind trying to sense what was around her. When she realized who the sound of footsteps in grass was coming from, she let out another sound of bliss, then looked up and to her side to see a Vulcan woman now standing above her.
Lt. T'Lana's black Section 31 uniform was barely still on her. The top had been completely torn and removed, leaving her impressive breasts standing free. The miniskirt of the uniform remained, but it was the only thing covering her besides the torn stockings of her uniform and knee-high boots.
Cmdr. Jenn stared, at first surprised by the Vulcan's unusually unkempt appearance--she loved it, she thought to herself--but then even more surprised by the lustful grin on T'Lana's face.
“She has the most beautiful smile in the galaxy,” Varese thought.
The Vulcan lowered herself down onto all fours, to the side and then on top of the Betazoid. The two women stared into each other's eyes.
Varese spoke first, "You...the to you, too. They...I feel soooooo good." Her eyes went up and down T'Lana's toned, lithe, almost entirely nude body. "T' are so beautiful...I've wanted you for...but you shouldn't..."
T'Lana's now sultry voice broke in, "There are..." The Vulcan's breathing was heavy. "...No regulations against romance, Commander Jenn. I...feel...I can feel now. The spores have...set me free." And with that, the lieutenant lowered her mouth to the commander's soft lips, kissing her deeply, passionately. Varese's hands caressed and held T'Lana's face, deepening the kiss more, and causing her to notice the surprising tenderness of the Vulcan's skin. T'Lana then lowered herself down completely on top of Varese, their legs intertwining, and their breasts pressing against each other, causing both of them to gasp mid-kiss.
Varese lifted her thigh slowly and gently between T'Lana's legs, and firmly pressed it against T'Lana's pussy, putting pressure and slowly rocking her thigh. The sounds of T'Lana's low moans let the commander know that her unorthodox motion had the desired effect.
The two continued to kiss until T'Lana's hands moved up to Varese's chest, hefting the Betazoid's large, soft bosom, caressing, and then bringing her Vulcan tongue down to Varese's nipples, licking and suckling lightly. It was Cmdr. Jenn's turn to moan, and her fingers went to the Vulcan's shoulder length, straight hair until they found the tips of the woman's pointed ears, caressing the tips in turn.
The breathy sounds and moans from the two women now lost in pure lust and love for each other--brought on by the Omicron spores--deafened them to the rustling of the grass and fallen leaves near them; a rustling caused by two of the nearby pod plants’ vines. As the women continued to explore each other's bodies, the vines began sliding up their legs--one vine sliding up the Vulcan's leg, the other along the Betazoid's leg. The thick vines finally reached their destination and slowly inserted themselves into each woman's already wet vagina.
T'Lana and Varese moaned in surprise and pure pleasure at the feeling of the warm vines entering them. The surprise only lasted a moment, as the spores caused a connection with and a love for the spores and their pod plants; a love that extended in every way to the strange, plant-based alien life. The two women felt full with the thickness and hardness of the spore-controlled vines, and began pushing their hips back against them as the vines slowly thrust in and out of their pussies. The wetness running down both of their legs only seemed to excite the spore-vines, and they started thrusting a little faster and deeper.
The spore-infected Section 31 agents found themselves kissing each other again, but could barely control themselves as they rubbed each other's clits in time with the thrusting of the spore-vines. Still writhing on top of each other, their excited moans filled the surrounding forest.
T'Lana was the first to raise herself up, the vine plunging into her as she did so. Getting on all fours next to Varese, she hoped to give her spore-vine the ability to go even more deeply and fully inside of her. It worked. The vine now having the Vulcan’s pussy completely exposed, it caused the Vulcan to make sounds Varese was sure she had never made before.
Varese then adjusted herself until she could get on all fours as well, letting her spore-vine continue to have its way with her. The two women pressed their sides together, both on all fours next to each other, getting fucked by the alien plants. Varese turned to T'Lana, kissing her face until T'Lana turned towards her, the two then locking lips lustfully between their moans caused by the vines thrusting into them.  
The Betazoid finally uttered out something other than a moan. "T'Lana...I...I love you...I love..." Just as she was about to say the next word, she orgasmed again, repeating the words, "I loooovve yooouuuuuu...ohhhh...fuuuuccckk!"
Varese collapsed to the ground, and her spore-vine slowly continued to thrust in and out of her almost in time with her heavy breaths. She was conscious but lied still, trying to catch her breath from another powerful orgasm. The spore-vine finally slid out of Varese and rubbed itself against T'Lana's leg while the Vulcan's own spore-vine continued to press into her. The Vulcan lifted her torso, letting the one vine continue to fuck her while she stayed on her knees, her breasts heaving from the thrusts. She gently grasped the spore-vine that had just been in Cmdr. Jenn, lifting it to her face, letting the wetness that was still on the vine from Varese cover her cheek. She then brought the vine to her parted lips, sucking on it lovingly while the other vine continued pumping her pussy.
All T'Lana could feel was love; a feeling she hadn't thought possible. But it was possible here, on this planet, with these plants, and the spores, and the vine inside of her cunt, and the vine inside her mouth, and Cmdr. Jenn beside her, that she suddenly realized she considered Varese the most beautiful woman she had ever known.
The thoughts, sensations, and emotions that ran through her welled up like the eminent bursting of a volcano. She lowered herself onto the vine in her pussy, sucked hungrily on the vine in her mouth, and raise a hand to her left breast, groping it and pulling at her own nipple.
The orgasm was even more intense than the first one she experienced.
But this time she didn't pass out...she revelled in it. She felt it and let it run through her. For five minutes. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. Then twenty minutes. It didn't seem that it would ever stop until she collapsed next to Varese Jenn, her new lover, panting and breathing heavily into Varese's breasts. The Betazoid woman put her arms around the Vulcan and held her tightly to her chest, caressing her pointed ears again and singing a wordless tune to her.
T'Lana had never experienced beauty, yet now she felt it completely surrounded her. For a moment she thought back to her time with Starfleet and Section 31. Her time on Vulcan. Barren planets and cold starships, and even colder relationships. She didn't want any of that anymore. She wanted to be in that forest, with Varese, with the plants, for all time. The spores were love. Varese was love. T'Lana then thought to herself, “I am love.”

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~H.G. Wells

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